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When Is The Best Time To Sell My House

The number one question I am asked as an experienced real estate agent is “When is the best time to sell my house?” and a lot of realtors will answer your question with a smile “Any time is the best time!” . That is a true statement, although there are two main reasons for it. The first one is because they want your listing and the second is simple, every house can sell no matter what season we are experiencing. However, there is a magical moment when you have higher odds of selling your home at a rate of...

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Our Family Winter Getaway To Duluth

It’s now the middle of January, you know the month when all the ideas for enjoying winter are no longer enticing. There isn’t a real good holiday like Christmas coming up to give your spirit a lift. All you can feel is the cold hitting against your window panes. The sun peeks in every third day or so reminding all of us there will be a day when you walk outside and all you can feel is heat. That sounds so nice right now, but for now cabin fever starts to set in. Yes, perhaps the winter days are beginning to seem bleak...

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The Best Date Night Ideas

  Dating is good for a relationship because it gives each person a chance to connect with the other and normal distractions are set aside for the time being. However, it can become very easy to fall into the same date night routine. We looked around the whole state for the best date night ideas to help spice up date night for anyone in Minnesota. Spring Date Ideas Paint Pub, Maple Grove: Artist can enjoy a lesson in painting while sipping on a cold beer! Nina’s Coffee Cafe, St. Paul: Consumer ratings are through the roof for this coffee...

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Unique Places To Buy Christmas Gifts In MN

I should start with telling you I love Target. It’s one of my happy places I like to visit on a regular basis. It seems as though I forget to look beyond the red bullseye. That can leads me to missing out on the opportunities of getting a gift for a loved one that can’t be found in the big box stores. This Christmas I am stretching my limits and buying special gifts for my family from some of Minnesota’s most unique places to buy Christmas gifts. Here are a few locations I am visiting. The Woods is a store known for...

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20 Best Places To See Fall Colors In Minnesota

Yes, the perfect season is upon us! Not only is it sweater weather, Sundays filled with football games, crock pot chili dinners and all things pumpkin, it’s also the best backdrop for family photos, right?! Without a moments notice you’ve packed a light weight checkered blanket, filled the red thermos with hot cocoa and a few picnic friendly snacks. The camera is charged, smiles are wide and the vehicle is loaded. Your plan is to take a short road trip, or perhaps you packed for the whole weekend, either you are ready to embrace the changing fall colors. If you are...

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