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19 Of The Best Beaches in Minnesota To Enjoy A Summers Day

Minnesota is known for its fierce winters and record breaking snowfalls. However, during the spring and summer months, it’s one of the most exciting places to be. There are numerous beaches and lakes to bask in the summer sun. There’s no need to travel to the ocean for a dip in the tranquil waters, you can have the same experience right here in Minnesota. Here are the top 20 beaches for you to explore. Lake Itasca Photo Image / Lake Itasca is one of the coolest lakes, state parks and campgrounds in Minnesota. But the coolest thing about...

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Photos From Our Fans – March #LifeInMN

Each month we receive a bunch of wonderful photos from our readers. Below are Life In Minnesota’s reader photos for the month of March. If you have a great photo that you would like to share with us send it to or feel free to post it to our Facebook page....

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St. Patrick’s Day Secrets Revealed By Kids

March 17th marks the day when many people will be celebrating the most commonly-recognised patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. If you can’t trace a drop of Irish in your family line it doesn’t matter because the spirit of the day floods across the world giving everyone a taste of good luck. Minnesotans will dress in hues of green, spend the day discussing the best ways to find the end of a rainbow and what they would do if they found a lucky leprechaun, but how does one catch the breaded little man? We went to a group of kid experts to find the answers to what types of treasures lay at the end...

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Small City Big Heart – Braham, MN

Have you been searching for the place that takes you back to the wonders of small-town America? We found it!  Just off Minnesota State Highways 65 and 107 is a community of people who are proud to call Braham their home. Braham began in 1889, like most towns in the 19th century, alongside the railroad tracks. Since then it has grown to over 1,700 residents. Although the neighborhood seems to be on the small spectrum, together they accomplished one of the largest projects a town can acquire. Joining one another in a team spirit they brought forth Braham’s beautiful...

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Minnesota Photos December 2014

Each month we receive lots of wonderful photos from our readers. This month we decided that it was time to start sharing these photos on the site. Below are some of our favorite reader photos from the month of December. If you have a great photo that you would like to share, send it to Life In Minnesota at or share it on our Facebook...

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