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homemade cupcake cones

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They are extra cute – RIGHT?

I was watching TLC’s DC Cupcakes also known as Georgetown Cupcake one afternoon and I watched them make this yummy cupcake in an ice cream cone. It is super easy and the kiddos LOVE them.

You will need this to make that:

Ice cream cones

Easy chocolate cupcake mix

A tin pan (really any size)

Tin foil

Ice Cream Scoop

Vanilla frosting

Pipping bag

Size 12 Tip



How to make those super cute Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes:

Preheat your oven to 350*

You will want to cover your tin with the tin foil. Next, make small slits in the tin foil and place your cones through the slits you made in your foil.

How to make ice cream cone cupcakes

To get the chocolate cupcake batter into the cones I used an ice cream scooper. It makes it super easy to get the batter into the cone and not everywhere else. If you are having the little ones help you I would make sure to do this step on my own. Fill the cones about 3/4th of the way to the top.

dc cupcakes georgetown tlc cones

Bake for 20 mintues in your preheated oven. When done let them cool to the touch.

While those are baking I whipped up some homemade vanilla  buttercream frosting.

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes homemade

Yep, I made the chocoloate Mix for the cupcakes by scracth, too. To make life easier you don’t have too – a box of mix and tub of frosting work just as well. Once the cupcakes are cooled down I put my frosting into a pipping bag. You can get a huge box of them from Michaels Craft Store. I use a size 12 Tip to make the “ice cream look” ontop of the cupcake.

Wiltons size 12 tip for frosting pipping

To pipe it so it looks as though you scooped out some ice cream onto the cupcake place your tip in the middle of the cupcake top squeeze lightly for a few seconds to get a nice portion, than slowly move your pipping bag counter clockwise in a circle around the top of the cupcake. Gentely pull up off the top of the cupcake for a nice finsihed ice cream scoop.

Fun cupcake idea for kids party

Lastly, add some sprinkles and a cherry to the Cupcake Cones. I really enjoyed making these fun cupcakes. I think I will make them for the next kid party. Jadis really liked eating them!

Party idea cake cupcakes for kids easy

Do you have a favorite kid friendly cupcake design? Share it here; us Moms love new ideas –

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