This was my backyard before I dug it all up and added Chickens.

Home Valuation
Nice Grass

Nice Grass

We were trying to sell the house at that point in time. It is the only time my house and yard have looked that way. Glad I have photos to remind myself it can look half way normal around here. I mean really; check this one out:

Super clean basement

Super clean basement

and this one…

Once Upon a Time I had a Clean House

Once Upon a Time I had a Clean House

Back to real life. Trust me it doesn’t look like this now. Once we figured we couldn’t move to my dream farm; let alone any farm. I set out to digging up my backyard. Bring the farm to the city project.

The garden spot

The garden spot

Ryan and I broke down the old fort, removed all the rocks and replanted my plants along the front of the house. Little did I know that wasn’t the hard part. Digging was! We got help with that part –

The Help

The Help

Seriously, it was a very sweaty job and I hate sweaty. Lucky for me I have a hard working husband who helped with most of it. We cut up the grass into squaraes, flipped them over and let them sit there for a few days. This broke down the natural elements and made it easier to pull apart. I wanted to save money by not buying a bunch of dirt. We have cheap dirt under our own feet.

Dirt spot


It took a few times going through the dirt to make it ready for plants. We also added a couple of bags of fresh organic fertalizer to give everything a big jump start. Ruthie found a new favorie place to play in the backyard. In fact, all the kids loved playing in the fresh dirt.

Fresh organic garden dirt

It’s ok – it’s Organic Dirt

Urban farm garden dirt

Urban Farm in the making

Last year we did not lay down any garden weed sheets. Not doing so was a huge draw back. This year we invested $10.00 and purchased Weedblocker. It made a HUGE diffrence! It takes me 20 mintues to weed out the garden this year. Last year it could take a whole afternoon.

Once the seeds were ready we planted them into the ground and waited. As we waited God surpised us with random snow fall. It was beautiful.

Snow filled yard

Snow in March

backyard snow

The Garden with Snow

Mpls. Victory Parkway snow

Beautiful Parkway after the snow

The snow melted pretty fast. We had a warm winter last year with more rain than snow. I am hoping this winter will be the same. I like snow, but I can’t stand the cold ice. So far, this summer has been pretty nice. You never know what you will get in MN!

Backyard Garden MN

Urban Farm Garden last year

We had a ok garden last year. I learned a lot about what food I wanted and what ones we could skip this year. The garden is still a fun project to mess around with. The other night we had our homegrowen corn on the cob. It was the best corn I have had all year! Next year I plan on having the best garden ever –