A new trend in gardening is the ‘vertical garden’. At first sight, the very idea of one might seem strange, but they can be done. Pioneered by designers like Patrick Blanc, what they involve is growing plants on a vertical platform, and the results are amazing. If you’ve seen one and want to try and have one of your own, it’s easier to do than you might have realised, and all it involves is using a humble wooden pallet, some seeds, soil and a few extra bits to hold it all in place.

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The instructions supplied by garden furniture retailers Bridgman show that, in seven steps, you can have a brilliant vertical garden which can add an extra dimension to your front or back garden. The best thing about having a vertical garden is that you can experiment by seeing how it will look in different areas of your garden and also with the plants you grow on it.

The Vertical Garden Instructographic was brought to you by UK gardening experts Bridgman.

Verticle Garden Instructographic