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10 Ways I Could Probably Be A Better Mom

Being a Mom is hard work!


There are days I don’t want to do my job. I don’t get any time off from being Mom and I sure don’t make a ton of cash. I am not writing this with hopes to receive pats on my back for doing a great job or anything close to it, but this post is to open my eyes to doing what I love even better. I am sharing my thoughts with you in case you could use a list of ideas, too.

1) Mommy & Kid Dates

I would love to schedule time to take each child out one by one and treat them to something as simple as a movie or grab an ice cream cone together . I think it would be fun to start running with my oldest daughter. She won a blue ribbon in an all district school race this past Spring. My oldest son loves to beat me in video games which isn’t too hard to do. Jadis is all about crafts and Ruth is really into playing Polly Pockets. These are things I can do to show them their interests are something I care about. Now with the freedom from the school calendar we can plan for such things as Mommy & Kid Date time.

2) Pray everyday for each child

There is nothing as powerful as prayer. I know there are people praying for my family everyday, but I find myself losing time in the day faster than it moves around the clock. Where does it all go, well I am not sure. God hears me when the children are all tucked in at night and my eyes can’t stand being open for another minute. Right before I am falling asleep I lift up my requests for my children. I ask God to guide them and make them strong in his word. I ask that they will be known as warriors for Christ. I know if God is not in their lives they will miss out on all that is good. I don’t want them to live without God because that just isn’t living!

3) Make Healthier Meals

The Golden Arches are not where you find gold instead you find yourself with a bloated feeling and wishing you could go back and return your hamburger patty that looked more like a flat dark rubber pancake. I will get on a kick where we need to eat better, but it doesn’t ever stick for long. I need to keep at it even though driving in a line of cars and grabbing my meal to go is fast and easy it doesn’t do anyone of us any good. More green, bright, fresh foods are the ones that make happy kids – for real life!

4) Read more Stories

There have been times when we have sat around to read stories as a family before bedtime. I love it when Ryan tries to read Dr. Seuss’ Fox and Socks as fast as he can. It’s quite the tongue twister! We named Jadis while we were reading the chapter books of Narnia before she was born. Turns out the Queen Jadis is the White Witch, but it’s OK our Jadis is not a witch. Reading to kids actually makes them better readers, so I need to read more to them. If you have a favorite book let me know I would love to hear your recommendations.

5) Listen to them Talk

There is a ton of noise in our surroundings most of the time! Also, some of my children talk just to hear their own voices. I need to by more attention to what they are saying because listening to them makes them feel as though their words matter to me. They do matter and I need to make them aware of it better. This really came to light when Ryan was sitting next to me as we were busy on the computers and Jadis came running into the room. I didn’t pay attention to her words and as she ended her babbling I replied with an “Yeah, OK sure.” to her. Shortly after Ryan poked me and told me to check my Facebook page. He had posted something along the lines of this…

Kelly is paying no attention as Jadis runs into the room asking Kelly if Ruthie and her could go play outside in the snow in just their boots and underwear. Kelly said “Yeah, Ok sure.” – Jadis went running off yelling to Ruth “She said YES!! Let’s do it!!”.

I looked over at him and said “Did that really just happen?”. Yep, it sure did!

6) Don’t Worry about what Other People Think

It might surprise you to know that not everyone loves my family as much as I do. Crazy – right! I need to remind myself not to waste my time with such lame people, so moving on…

7) Fold more Socks

Yes, it has become normal for my family to have to search in a couple sock baskets for a pair. At this point it is also normal for them to be wearing non-matching socks. It isn’t just socks, but there is laundry everywhere in my house! I need to take a day or three or four and wrap up the daunting clothes task. If I don’t get to it soon all the clean clothes are going to get mixed in with the dirty clothes and then I will not know what is what. Making it an even bigger mess.

8) Schedule regular Doctor/Dentist Visits

Did you know that if you have a family of 7 most Doctors and Dentists don’t allow you to make back to back appointments? I have been told it is because if we need to cancel our appointments that would free up half the day for them. So, instead they ask that I make multiple trips to their clinics to have everyone get checked. I can’t stand it. I would rather take one afternoon and knock everyone out at the same time instead of wasting my time sitting around on different dates to make sure the Doctors aren’t inconvenienced. Who’s paying who??

9) Be consistent in our Rules

I am a true cheerleader at heart. When one of my kids gets into trouble I am the one in the background encouraging or giving them excuses free of charge. Ryan has made me more aware of this since we have been raising kids together. I am thankful for his leadership and for helping me recognize the benefits to being consistent in keeping our rules and following through with discipling our children. I can’t let my feelings of – I don’t want to deal with this right now or oh they are so cute get in the way of teaching them the lessons they need to learn to be successful in life. Plus, the funny thing is when I am consistent I see them respecting me more and when I am not consistent I notice them pushing me over the line. Rules are good for everyone.

10) Remember my Love is Enough

Everywhere we look the world is telling us what we need. However, in most cases the world is wrong. I never see my children running for their DS, Barbie, Call of Duty game (you get my point) when they are hurt, sad, scared or just needing a hug. Nope, what they need is Mama. My family is what matters most to me in this whole world. I would do anything and everything for them and they know it. I have been teaching them that it doesn’t matter what other people think of us because God loves us just as we are and I love them, too just the way they are. My job as their Mom is hard work, but it is the most gratifying job in the whole world. I love their smiles, giggles, kisses, hugs and most of all I love being their Mama.

xoxo Kelly