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9 Fun Things To Do In Shoreview, Minnesota

Even though it’s only been an official city since 1974, Shoreview, Minnesota has been voted amongst the top 10 places to have a family by Family Circle! If you’ve spent any time in the town, you’re probably not surprised. There are lakes, parks, indoor adventures to be had, and even an orchard to visit. Weather also doesn’t stop the fun things to do in Shoreview, Minnesota. There are plenty of activities to enjoy in the summer, in the winter, and throughout the entire year.

Read on to discover 9 of the best things to do in Shoreview, Minnesota!

1. Lake Judy Park

If you’ve got a kid that you’re constantly reminding to keep their feet on the ground instead of climbing up the walls and you’re looking for something to do in Shoreview, Minnesota, you’re going to love Lake Judy Park!

Not only do they have a pavilion for shade to beat the summer sun and a regular playground, but there’s also an entire section of the playground devoted to climbing! There are even boards with some climbing information for any kids looking to get better.

If you’ve got little ones who aren’t quite ready to climb, there’s also a little path that circles the playground where they can ride a bike or scooter “alone” and feel like a big kid!

Visit Lake Judy Park.

2. Island Lake Golf Course

Golfers of all ages looking for things to do in Shoreview, Minnesota can have fun at Island Lake Golf Course!

They offer lessons and groups for younger golfers as well as a tee time and clubs specifically for the over 55 years old crowd. They have professional trainers, a driving range, and a clubhouse with drinks and snacks.

If all of that golfing makes you work up a serious appetite, you can go and grab a delicious sandwich at Slicer’s Deli in the clubhouse!

Discover Island Lake Golf Course.

3. Tropics Indoor Waterpark

Whether you’re looking for things to do in Shoreview, Minnesota to beat the summer heat or to get out of the house in the freezing winter, Tropics Indoor Waterpark is definitely something you and your family should check out!

Not so with Tropics Indoor Waterpark! This waterpark offers an entire water playground for children, with small slides, sprayers, and buckets to dump water. There’s also a zero-entry pool, floating animals to play and climb on, and a whirlpool that can be enjoyed by anyone over 18 years of age.

Visit Tropics Indoor Waterpark.

4. Tropical Adventure Indoor Playground

If you live in Minnesota or are planning on visiting in the winter, you know finding something to do indoors that will actually get your children’s energy out is like winning the lottery.

Well, here’s you’re winning ticket for anyone finding things to do in Shoreview, Minnesota, because the Tropical Adventure Indoor Playground is sure to be nice, warm fun in below-freezing temperatures outside.

Including a spiral slide that’s five stories tall, this jungle-themed playground has plenty of things for anyone 10 years old and younger to slide, spin, climb, and crawl on. There’s even a space dedicated entirely to toddlers!

Visit Tropical Adventure Indoor Playground.

5. Turtle Lake County Park

Turtle Lake County Park offers plenty of things to do in Shoreview, Minnesota! It’s a great place to have a party or reunion if you’ve got something to celebrate in the summer.

There’s a large, covered pavilion that’s available for rental by the day. It’s got twelve picnic tables and can hold up to 75 people! There are also two big grills, so you can grill up some hot dogs and hamburgers to share with your friends and family.

Nearby in the park, there’s also a playground and a big playfield with a backstop. Adult kickball league, anyone?!

The thing that sets this park apart is the small beach that’s right on Turtle Lake. Bring your towel and sand toys and spend the day catching some rays!

Check out Turtle Lake Country Park.

6. Victoria Valley Orchard

An apple orchard - one of the things to do in Shoreview, Minnesota.

What started in the 1960s as a family with only ten apple trees has now grown to what’s known as Victoria Valley Orchard! Visit here if you’re looking for things to do in Shoreview, Minnesota that are fun and tasty!

Victoria Valley Orchard grows and sells 19 different varieties of apples, including the delicious Honeycrisp variety! Each of the varieties is fully ripened and ready to be harvested at different times of the year, so make sure to check their chart before visiting if you want to know what to expect.

There are apples ready to be enjoyed from mid-August all the way through late October.

While you’re there, you can pick up some local, unpasteurized honey or a frozen apple pie to take home and bake to enjoy.

Visit Victoria Valley Orchard.

7. Island Lake County Park

Whether you’re looking for things to do in Shoreview, Minnesota in the summer or the winter, Island Lake County Park needs to be on your list to check out because it can be fully enjoyed year round!

In the summer, the park is a great place to go to spend time outdoors doing what you love. There’s a great playground that families can visit. Three different park shelters offer a place to gather with loved ones or hold a meeting or training event.

Fishing is also available at Island Lake County Park! There’s a boat slip where you can go out on the water to fish, but if you don’t have a boat or you’re looking for a little less of a time commitment, you can also fish right off the shoreline. There’s also a pier available for fishing if that’s more your style.

In the winter, the park can still be enjoyed! There are several trails that can be used as snowshoeing or cross-country skiing trails. These are purposefully left unplowed so that there will be plenty of snow for you to have an adventure in!

Check out the summer map and winter map to get your bearings before heading there!

Learn more about Island Lake County Park.

8. Lake Owasso County Park

Picnic basket on a table in nature.

If you’re looking for things to do in Shoreview, Minnesota that will get your kids connected with nature, look no further than the playground at Lake Owasso County Park!

While there are a couple of plastic, green slides, the majority of this park is created with things found in nature! Your child can build their own shelter from a huge pile of branches and twigs. They can test their speed, agility, and balance by racing across a line of stumps in the ground. They could also climb steps made out of tree trunks.

In addition to the creative and exciting nature playground, there’s also a swimming beach at the park that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Grab a spot at a nearby picnic table for a packed lunch and you can spend an entire day enjoying everything Lake Owasso County Park has to offer.

Visit Lake Owasso County Park.

9. Shoreview Commons

Saving possibly the best of the things to do in Shoreview, Minnesota for last, Shoreview Commons is going to be a park you don’t want to miss!

In addition to an outdoor ice skating rink in the winter, pickleball courts, basketball courts, a hockey rink, and being right next to the indoor waterpark and park mentioned above, Shoreview Commons is home to a brand-spankin’-new playground that is hard to beat!

What’s been described as “six playgrounds in one” is a destination playground that is fun for kids of all ages and even the young at heart. The bright green and blue astroturf will keep this playground looking fresh year-round. There’s space dedicated solely to kids preschool and under, but the whole thing can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Along with the new playground, there’s a brand new skate park for anyone who loves to skateboard, roller blade, or even scooter around!

Learn more about Shoreview Commons.

Now You Know 9 Fun Things to do in Shoreview, Minnesota

Now that you’ve read about all the things to do in Shoreview, Minnesota, which one do you think you may do first? Will it be enjoying the outdoors at one of the parks or taking advantage of air conditioning at one of the inside attractions? There are so many things to do in Shoreview, Minnesota, there really is something for everyone!

Now that you know so much about Shoreview, check out other amazing cities you can visit in Minnesota!