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The 6 Best Backyard Playsets for 2023

Are you trying to amp up the fun in your outdoor space? Then check out this list of the best backyard playsets.

Whether you’re looking for a small addition to your backyard or a gargantuan castle-inspired set designed for endless play, you’ll find the right choice below.

Read on if you want to turn your outdoor space into a wonderland for the imagination.

Best Backyard Playsets

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
FITNESS REALITY KIDS ‘The Ultimate’ Swing Set

Best Budget:
Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids

Best for Small Spaces:
YACOOL Swing Set for Backyard

Best Overall

FITNESS REALITY KIDS ‘The Ultimate’ Swing Set

The FITNESS REALITY KIDS ‘The Ultimate’ Swing Set is a one-stop destination for kid-approved fun.

The little ones will discover eight stations to fill an afternoon full of energetic activities. Whether it’s bouncing on the trampoline, shooting some hoops, going down the slide, or playing on the monkey bar, the kiddos will be entertained for hours.

FITNESS REALITY KIDS ‘The Ultimate’ 8 Station Sports Series Metal Swing Set, Blue, One Size

This playset is designed with durability in mind and uses a combination of metal and steel construction. The material is weather-proof and UV-treated with added antifreeze protection to combat the elements.

Each station has an 80lbs weight limit, making this playset ideal for young kids but not the older kids at heart.

The FITNESS REALITY KIDS is among the best backyard playsets because it’s affordable, well-designed, and fits great in small outdoor spaces.


  • Affordable
  • Includes eight unique stations for various activities
  • Weather-proof construction


  • 80lb weight limit

Best Budget

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids

Do you want to find the best backyard playset without breaking the budget? Then you’ll appreciate the Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course.

It’s among the cheapest and best backyard playsets but still provides endless activities to get the young ones outside.

sportstrail Slackline Swing Set, Outdoor Playset, Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids Outdoor Toys, Disc Rope Swing, Trapeze Swing Bar, Obstacle Net, Wheel, Playground Set for Backyard

You’ll find a trapeze swing, a climbing net with ground attachments, and a hanging wheel. All of these obstacles accomplish double duty by providing superb fun as well as healthy cardio.

As long as you have two mature trees or pillars that are 40ft apart, you can assemble this playset. It uses durable slackline webbing that can hold up to 440 lbs. This is one backyard playset that kids and adults can both enjoy.


  • Very affordable
  • Hold up to 440 lbs
  • Includes many different activities


  • Not weatherproof or winterized

Best for Small Spaces

YACOOL Swing Set for Backyard

Just because you have a small outdoor space doesn’t mean you can’t find the best backyard playset.

The YACOOL Swing Set might be the perfect playset for your tiny yard. While slight in size, this heavy-duty swing set can hold up to 440 lbs.

Swing Set for Backyard, 440lbs Swing Set with Heavy-Duty A-Frame Metal Outdoor Swing Stand, 1 Saucer Swing Seat & 1 Swings Seat

It’s crafted from durable A-frame steel pipe reinforced by inner tube joints. The material has wear resistance and is non-fading, so the colors will stay bright over time without rust.

There are two swing options: one wide-base saucer and one traditional-style swing. Both hang by a galvanized chain for extra strength.

You can have this playset assembled in under an hour, making it ideal for the DIY adverse.


  • Small size makes it great for tiny backyards
  • Affordable
  • 440lb weight capacity


  • Only two swings

Backyard Discovery Bay Pointe Wooden Swing Set

If you’re looking for the best backyard playset that keeps aesthetics in mind, you’ll appreciate the Backyard Discovery Bay Point option.

Crafted from high-quality cedar, this backyard playset will blend in well with the natural scenery in your outdoor space.

Another perk of the cedar material is that it thrives in damp climates, enabling it to withstand many types of weather. It’s rot-resistant and holds its own against harsh winters.

Backyard Discovery Bay Pointe All Cedar Wooden Swing Set, Large Upper Deck with Canopy, Sandbox, Rock Wall, Slide, Two Swings, Chalkboard

This backyard playset features a spacious swing set, a small rock climbing wall, and a 6-foot slide. On the upper deck, you’ll find a chalkboard to help boost your child’s creative imagination.

You may think that all this comes at an expensive cost, but this backyard playset is easy on the wallet. You can include this beautiful addition in your backyard for an affordable price.


  • Beautiful cedar structure
  • Comes with 5 year warranty
  • Well-designed structure with thoughtful safety details


  • Only recommended for ages 3-6

Kiriner Swing Sets for Backyard

If you want to capitalize on activities per square foot, the Kiriner Swing Set is your best bet.

In just 8 feet, you’ll find a basketball hoop, platform swing, belt swing, and two different climbing ladders.

This set was built with double reinforcement on top, allowing for a 440 lbs load-bearing capacity. Both swings include heavy-duty steel anchors and fabric-wrapped iron chains for extra security.

Kiriner Swing Sets for Backyard, 5 in 1 Swing Sets with Heavy Duty Double Reinforced, 440lbs Saucer Swing, Belt Swing, Climbing Rope, Climbing Ladder, Basketball Hoop

This backyard playset is straightforward to assemble, and you can have it ready in an afternoon. Once it’s constructed, the kiddos will have a field day enjoying the varied activities.


  • Durable triangular design
  • Packed with five different activities
  • 440 lbs weight capacity
  • Small size makes it great for tiny backyards


  • Takes longer to assemble than other backyard playlets

Lifetime Adventure Tower Swing Set

The Lifetime Adventure Tower might be the priciest addition to our best backyard playsets guide, but the whimsical design gives it a well-earned spot.

The young ones can let their imagination run wild while galavanting up the castle-like structure. The covered turret makes the perfect meeting spot for secret clubs, and the enclosed spot underneath is a great area for hide-and-seek.

Lifetime Adventure Tower Swing Set - Earthtone (290633)

There are fun features for the adrenaline junkies, too, including a 3-D climbing wall, trapeze bar, and 9 ft wavy slide.

This backyard playset is constructed using a combination of high-density polyethylene and powder-coated steel. Both materials are UV-protected and weather resistant, allowing this set to last long without fading or warping.

Assembling this playset is not for the faint of heart, but the Lifetime Adventure Tower is a well-worth investment that stands the test of time.


  • Incredible design that stimulates the imagination
  • Built with weatherproof and UV-resistant materials
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Includes fun activities like a climbing wall and slide


  • Expensive
  • Long assembly time

Best Backyard Playsets: Buying Guide

Now that you’ve read all about the best backyard playsets take a look at our buying guide to help determine which option is best for you.

Amount of Activities

One important factor when deciding on the best backyard playset is the number of activities built in. Gone are the days when playsets were reduced to a swing and a slide.

Today you can find affordable backyard sets loaded with activities to provide ample fun in the sun. Even if your backyard is minuscule, you can still find choices that provide more playing options for the young ones.

We have to hand it to the Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course and the Kiriner Swing Set for building multiple activities into the playset. Both of these choices provide endless fuel for the imagination as well as tactile fun.

Assembly Time

Assembly time is very crucial when pondering the best backyard playset to buy. All the choices listed above have varying degrees of assembly time and difficulty, so decide what you’re looking for ahead of time.

If you want something that comes together in an hour tops, the YACOOL Swing Set or the Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course might be the best backyard playset for you.

Assembling a Playset

Both choices require minimal handiwork, so you can spend less time on assembly and more time catching up on some R&R while the kids entertain themselves.

If you consider yourself a DIY-er at heart and don’t shy away from a challenge, we recommend the Lifetime Adventure Tower Swing Set or the Kiriner Swing Set. These options take more time and effort to set up, but the results might serve you better in the long run.

Age of Child

Before buying the best backyard playset for your outdoor space, check the age recommendations on your potential purchase. All the listings on our guide have different age limits, so acquaint yourself with this info before buying.

While the FITNESS REALITY KIDS stole our top spot on this list of best backyard playsets, the manufacturer only recommends ages between 36 months to 8 years to play on the set.

This option casts a wider net compared to the Backyard Discovery Bay Pointe Swing Set, which is only recommended for children between 3-6 years old.

If you’re looking for a backyard playset with the most longevity, we suggest the Lifetime Adventure Tower Swing Set, which is ideal for children ages 3-12. It’s a one-time investment that will last through the whole childhood years.

Size of Yard

If you think having a small backyard means you can’t install a playset, think again! We listed a few options that are on the smaller side and can fit in any tiny space.

The YACOOL Swing Set is our smallest option and can be placed in snuggest backyard spaces. The only downside is that you’re limiting your kids to two swings.

Big Backyard

If you have a little more space, we would recommend the Kiriner Swing Set, which takes advantage of every nook and cranny to install more activities. This option gives you more bang for your buck if you can afford the extra space.

Weight Limit

Last but not least, be sure to review the weight limit before buying the best backyard playset for you. Not all playsets are built equally, and purchasing an option with the right weight limit is imperative for the safety of the little ones.

Most listings here offer a 440lb weight limit. Not only does this provide extra peace of mind to parents, but it also ensures that your kids can grow alongside the equipment.

Plus, if you’re the type of parent who wants to play in the trenches with the kiddos, a higher weight limit can offer you that opportunity without worrying about structural safety.

Purchasing an option like the FITNESS REALITY KIDS Swing Set constrains you to an 80lb weight limit, meaning your kids will eventually outgrow the equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about backyard playsets.

Is it cheaper to build your own playset?

If you’re considering the financial impact of buying a backyard playset, you wonder if it’s cheaper to build one yourself. While you can cut costs by building a homemade playset, it might not serve you well in the long run.

A skilled carpenter or experienced DIY-er can build a long-lasting playset that stands the test of time. If you’re testing the waters in construction, you may be met with an onslaught of considerations like structural integrity, safety, weatherproofing, and building codes.

Purchasing a pre-made playset can help you avoid these problems and make your life a little easier.

Do playsets lower property value?

If you build a permanent playset in your backyard with all the frills (think Lifetime Adventure Tower Swing Set), you can increase your home’s property value. It depends a lot on the condition of the playset and whether or not the buyer sees value in it.

The Best Backyard Playsets Increase Property Value

If you have a decrepit playset rusting away in your backyard, consider removing it before listing your home. Buyers may see this eyesore and be deterred.

How do you winterize a playset?

You can easily winterize a backyard playset in a few simple steps.

Start by giving it a good cleaning, then remove plastic accessories. If your backyard playset is wooden, consider applying a non-toxic wood preservative to provide extra protection against the elements.

If your playset is metal, you may want to take it down and store it indoors over the winter, or you’re putting it at risk for rust.

Wrapping up the Best Backyard Playsets

We hope our best backyard playsets guide helped you find the right kid-approved addition to your outdoor space.

No matter the age of your beloved, the size of your backyard, or your price point, a playset can provide the young ones with healthy outdoor exercise and imaginative growth.

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