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Top 10 Best Bass Fishing Lures for All Seasons

You’re stocking up your lure box for the pending fishing season and want to buy the best bass fishing lures for all seasons. With so many bass fishing lures to choose from, you might not know where to start. You’ve come to the right place!

Bass lures come in all shapes and sizes, and some just work better in certain water conditions or depths. The best bass fishing lures work all year long, though.

Keep reading for our top picks for bass lures based on versability, water condition performance, and depth success. Don’t forget to keep scrolling to read our comprehensive buyer’s guide and frequently asked questions we see from bass fishing lure buyers.

A fishing reel and a green and yellow plastic fishing lure. Best bass fishing lures.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Heddon Zara Walk-the-Dog Topwater Fishing Lure

Best for Shallow Water:
13 Fishing Lipless Crankbait

Best for Rocky Water:
Reaction Tackle Football Jig

Best Overall

Heddon Zara Walk-the-Dog Topwater Fishing Lure

Heddon Zara Spook Topwater Fishing Lure - Legendary Walk-The-Dog Lure, Bone, Zara Puppy (1/4 oz)

The Heddon Zara Walk-the-Dog Topwater Fishing Lure is a legendary bass fishing lure and the best of all time for all-season bass fishing. No bass fishing lure kit is complete without this lure, and a Heddon Lure never gets old!

This lure is three inches long, weighs ¼ ounce, and fits #6 hooks.


  • The company has been around for generations and is well-respected and trusted
  • Walk-the-dog is an effective, fun technique to learn
  • The bass fishing lure comes in colors appropriate for clear and cloudy water, and it appeals to bass of all sizes
  • Three unique styles to choose from


  • The lure may lack modern appeal, but it works just as well as some of the newer lures

Best for Shallow Water

13 Fishing Lipless Crankbait

13 FISHING - El Diablo - Lipless Crankbait - 3" - 3/4oz - Mudbug Punch - ED75-13

Nothing beats a Lipless Crankbait bass fishing lure in shallow, grassy water. This lure features multi-rattle to wake the bass up and bring them out of hiding. It’s 2.5 inches wide and weighs ½ ounce.


  • High-definition paint finishes in many colors to attract bass in different water conditions
  • Features VMC’s razor-sharp hooks
  • Rigged and ready to play right out of the box
  • One of the best bass fishing lures to use during the pre-spawn season


  • You need to choose your Lipless Crankbait’s color based on the water conditions, as bass prefer baitfish colors in warmer, clear conditions and red/orange during cooler temperatures

Best for Rocky Water

Reaction Tackle Football Jig

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Football Jig for Bass Fishing - 1/2 oz Bluegill

Reaction Tackle Football Jigs were designed specifically for bass fishing off ledges, in rocks, and in areas with deep drops, and the best part about this lure is it doesn’t snag against a rock. This makes it the best bass fishing lure for rocky water all year round!

The lure comes in two packs weighing between ⅜ ounce and 1 ounce, and it’s made of high-quality, durable Tungsten material. It’s a great bass fishing lure and works great for other species.


  • A lifelike presentation with high-quality silicone skirts
  • Features weed protection to allow your bass fishing lure to pass through weeds without snagging
  • Tungsten material allows you to feel every rock, strike, weed, and hit
  • Reaction Tackle is a trusted Midwest brand


  • You may want to avoid using football jigs in areas with heavy grass. While they do well against rocks, they can get snagged easily in the grass.

Booyah Pond Magic Buzzbait Spinnerbait

Buzzbaits are great for luring bass that shield themselves in either transparent or murky waters. These bass fishing lures, weighing in at 1/8 ounce, can be used all year round, plus the product description describes how to use these lures in great detail!


  • Croch Buzz Baits come in various colors for different weather conditions
  • Six different color schemes to choose from
  • Perfect for freshwater fishing
  • The lures feature sharp barbed hooks to catch fish and hook them safely


  • Buzzbaits can be difficult to use in windy conditions because wind affects the sound and movement of the lure

Zoom Finesse

Zoom Bait 004005 Finesse Worm, 4 1/2-Inch, 20-Pack, Junebug, One Size

The Zoom Finesse is a versatile bass fishing lure, great for a variety of water conditions in all four seasons. They’re a great choice for clear or slightly cloudy water, and the lure also does well in deep waters.

This lure is 4.75 inches long and comes in a pack of 20, so you don’t have to worry about running out any time soon.


  • Zoom Bait Company is a leading American success story in the creation of soft plastic lures
  • The gold standard in quality when compared to other premium lure brands
  • Cost-efficient


  • They don’t sink fast, according to reviewers

Megabass 6-inch Magdraft Swimbait

You can successfully target big bass all year round with a swimbait, though they especially excel during the summer months and might become your next best-kept secret. This 6-inch Megbass Magdraft Swimbait features seven styles to choose from.


  • Fish will securely be placed on a belly treble hook
  • Color schemes make it a great choice for clear water
  • Two side fins to keep the swimbait upright and balance in weeds


  • Most colors may not be ideal for cloudy water

Lunkerhunt Prop Frog

Most bass anglers know that large bass love to eat frogs, but did you know bass of all sizes will enjoy a frog lure?

The ½-ounce, 3.5-inch Lunkerhunt Prop Frog is exceptionally efficient at catching all bass sizes. Some anglers even enjoy winter frog fishing (although most anglers say they work best when the water temperature is above 68 degrees Fahrenheit).


  • The lure has been designed to fish where other lures cannot reach
  • Unique design allows it to cruise the top of the water and re-enter it
  • Wide gap unturned hooks
  • Six color options for different water conditions


  • Long legs can wrap around the hook

Zoom Worm U-Tale

Zoom Bait 001025 U-Tale Worm, 6 3/4-Inch, 20-Pack, Green Pum-Packin, One Size (001-025)

The Zoom Worm U-Tale is one of the best year-round bass fishing lure worms you can find on the market and is a truly impressive bait for bass. Use this 6 ¾ inch worm on any rig or jig setup, and you can expect to catch some bass, no matter what season it is.


  • Creates a strike-enticing flutter and vibration bass almost always reacts to
  • Higher quality than other plastic baits
  • Comes in a pack of 20, so you don’t have to worry about running out


  • May be challenging to cast long distances because of its shape

Creme Lure Craw

The 3.75-inch Creme Lure Craw is a durable life-like crawdad with soft plastic that easily fools bass. Craws catch bass all year round, though many professional anglers say that late winter through early spring and early fall is the best time to use crawfish lures, which is when crawfish are most vulnerable.


  • Creme Lure Company is a trusted, US-based business known for inventing the plastic worm in 1949
  • Pre-scented with a special blend of fish oils that bass find irresistible
  • Unique tail for creating a powerful swimming action
  • Cheap lure


  • May not be as durable as other soft plastics, so it will probably need to be replaced often

6th Sense Provoke 106X Jerkbait

The ½ ounce 6th Sense Provoke 106X jerk bait bass fishing lure is a favorite of professional bass anglers. It has Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) or highly innovative paint scheme qualities for a fraction of the price.


  • Comes with super sharp hooks for piercing bass
  • The premium paint job and realistic eyes, scales, and gill
  • Turning motion upon each rod twitch


  • The technique is tricky to learn how to use because of how easily jerk baits are affected by changing conditions, but jerk baits are still one of the best bass fishing lures because once you learn how to use them, they are phenomenal at catching bass

Best Bass Fishing Lures Buyer’s Guide

This buyer’s guide aims to provide you with additional information you need to help narrow down your favorite fishing lures on our list of best bass fishing lures.

Closeup of a tackle box with assorted fishing lures.

Types of Bass Fishing Lures

With so many bass fishing lures on the market, let’s review some of the best ones to choose from for all seasons.

Soft Plastic Stickbait

A soft plastic stick bait is a leading soft plastic lure containing virtually unlimited configurations for rig setups.

Finesse Worm

The Finesse Worm is a smaller version of the Zoom Trick Worm and can be rigged in multiple ways, such as wacky style, on a darter head, or a shaky or finesse jig head.

Football Jig

Football jigs were designed to mimic a fleeing crawfish or a bottom-feeding bluegill sunfish while crawling over rock, sand, and gravel hard-bottom without snagging.


Swimbaits are a group of fishing lures designed to imitate the underwater swimming motions of baitfish and are versatile because they work well at any time of the year and with most species of fish.

Lipless Crankbait

Lipless crankbaits (also sometimes referred to as rattle baits), are flat-sided lures known for wobbling when they’re retrieved. They are very successful when submerged in grassy waters.


Buzzbaits have been around for a long time and are considered topwater fishing lures, but they’re different from other topwater lures because they sink.

They are typically used to make it through the water quickly and aggressively, and they can make it through loose cover like flooded bushes, standing timber, and dock posts.


Jerkbaits are minnow-shaped fishing lures with horizontal presentations and are considered one of the best fishing lures for bass of all time.

This bass fishing lure technique can be a little tricky to learn how to use because jerk bait success is heavily influenced by the wind, sky conditions, and water temperature, but learning to use them correctly is certainly rewarding.

Topwater Frog Lure

A topwater Frog fishing lure for bass looks like a frog and imitates it by swimming or hopping on the surface of the water. These lures were designed specifically for bass who feed on frogs or other small prey from the water’s surface.

Walker Topwater Lure

Walkers, or Walk-the-Dog Topwater Lures, are legendary and incredibly popular bass fishing lures for all seasons. All bass anglers should learn this technique.

Walk the dog by casting and allowing your rings to settle after the splash, then you can begin working on the bait. Point your rod down and use your wrist to jerk your rod toward the water and motion the bait side-to-side while also reeling the flap you just created.

Crawfish Lures

Crawfish lures are made from soft plastic and mimic the appearance of a crawdad. They’re one of the best fishing lures for bass of all sizes because all bass love crayfish!

U-Tale Lures

The U-Tale fishing lure is the best worm bass fishing lure. It’s been on the market for decades and is the perfect mid-sized lure for the widest variety of conditions and situations.

Best Bass Fishing Lures Frequently Asked Questions

Closeup of a largemouth bass underwater.

What colors do bass like the most?

Many bass anglers feel that the type of lure is less important than selecting the best color to attract bass. A rule of thumb for bass is to use dark blues in cloudy water and natural colors for clear water. Bass also show a preference for red and orange.

How does lure size impact bass fishing?

A lure’s size will impact how far you can cast your line. A heavier lure (½ ounce) is easier to cast long than a lighter lure (⅛ ounce), but a bulky or awkwardly-shaped lure may be more difficult to cast.

What time of day is the best for bass fishing?

Dawn and dusk are the best times to catch bass.

Wrapping Up the Best Bass Fishing Lures

A yellow bass fishing lure.

You’re ready to start stocking your lure box with the best bass fishing lures. Don’t forget to add a Heddon Walk-the-Dog Topwater Fishing Lure to your shopping list.

If you’re looking for more fishing tips and tricks, head to Fishing in Minnesota.