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The Best Fishing Rigs for Beginners: Tips and Tricks for Setting up Your Gear

If you’re new to rig fishing, you’re probably wondering how to choose the best fishing rig for beginners to catch fish with the easiest setup possible. You’re in the right place!

Read on to see our top picks for best fishing rigs for beginners to use and set up. These kits will make the rig setup process easier than you ever imagined.

Stick around for the buyer’s guide that discusses all the details you need to consider when making your first fishing rig purchase.

best fishing rigs for beginners

Our Top Picks

Best Overall Fishing Rig for Beginners
Reaction Tackle Carolina Rig

Runner-Up Fishing Rig for Beginners
Reaction Tackle Drop-Shot

Easiest Overall Fishing Rig for Beginners
Reaction Tackle Wacky Rig Tool Kit

Best Overall Fishing Rig for Beginners

Reaction Tackle Carolina Rig

Reaction Tackle Carolina Rig - 1/8oz - Black

Reaction Tackle Carolina Rigs will save you time, energy, and confusion because they are pre-rigged and ready to go, plus they’re some of the highest quality Carolina Rigs available, making them our #1 rig for beginners. All you need is a fishing hook, and you’re ready to test out the Carolina Rig.

You will notice these rigs come in six sizes: 1 ounce, ½ ounce, ¼ ounce, ⅛ ounce, and ⅜ ounce. Any of these sizes will work, but beginner rig fishers should start in the middle at ¼ ounce. Tie the rig to a 3/0 hook with soft plastic, and you’re ready to catch some fish.


  • Six rigs per package, each including a bullet weight, three plastic beads, and a bass amplifier
  • Comes in two options, brass or black
  • High-quality material designed not to damage your line
  • Super sensitive and will make a clicking noise with the beads to trigger more fish to strike


  • Avoid using the Carolina Rig in heavily covered waters because there’s the risk of snagging it

Runner Up Fishing Rig for Beginners

Reaction Tackle Drop-Shot

Reaction Tackle- Lead Drop Shot Weights - dropshot sinkers, 30 Piece Variety

The Reaction Tackle Drop-Shot 30-piece variety select is a fantastic set of rigs for beginners, so beginner rig anglers can test out all the drop-shot sizes. This set’s design was created so you don’t have to mess with difficult knots, and is a dream fishing rig for beginners.

You won’t have to think too much about the bait or lure you’re using because your bait will be delivered to the bottom quickly with one of these drop-shot weights.


  • The design comes in bulk packs in every size, so once you find your favorites, you can easily buy more
  • The smooth design is versatile and perfect for both fresh and saltwater
  • These rigs have been designed to avoid snags and slide easily away from rocks, weeds, and logs


  • The case they come in isn’t easy to close
  • Drop-shot fishing can sometimes scare the fish if your weight and bait drop too quickly

Easiest Overall Fishing Rig for Beginners

Reaction Tackle Wacky Rig Tool Kit

Reaction Tackle Wacky Worm Kit

It doesn’t get easier than the Reaction Tackle Wacky Rig Tool Kit, which is by far the easiest fishing rig for beginners. This kit comes with everything you need to get started rigging, including soft baits, wacky hooks, o-rings, and the wacky tool.


  • O-rings normally come in 100 packs, but Reaction Tackle gives you 125 to save time and money
  • Easy to reload O-rings
  • Wacky tool ½” opening will work with most plastic worms up to 6”
  • Several types of kits are available with an assortment of items


  • The hooks are too small for largemouth fish but perfect for smallmouth

XFISHMAN Texas Rig Kit

Texas-Rigs-for-Bass-Fishing-Leaders-with-Weights-Hooks-Rigged-Line-Kit (3/0 Hooks-1/4 oz Weight-5pcs)

It was challenging to find a great Texas Rig kit because they’re easy enough to make from scratch if you buy all the supplies, but the Chinese-made XFishman Texas Rig Kit does the job and is the best fishing rig for beginners wanting to try out this popular type of rigging without buying the materials separately.

These rig kits come in different sizes, and like the Carolina Rig, beginners should start in the middle with ¼ oz on 3/0 hooks.


  • Contains all the rigging materials you need to easily set up and use
  • The set is versatile and customizable
  • Cost-effective to get started using one of the best rig techniques for those new rigs


  • Be prepared to order more because these get lost in weeds easily
  • Use caution when setting up the hook because too much force can cause the line to snap where the hook is tied

Thill Pro Slip Bobbers Rig

Thill Pro Series Slip Bobber Rig Kit

The Thill Pro Slip Bobbers Rig Series is an excellent all-inclusive slip bobber set. It comes with pre-tied slip float rigs with all the components needed, perfect for beginners. The kit comes in several sizes, but beginners should buy the one-size kit.


  • Kit includes different-sized bobbers
  • Each snell comes with a Lindy Swivel, a faceted ruby bead, and a petite Indiana attractor blade
  • You’re ready to fish with this kit


  • Although Thill Pro is headquartered in Wisconsin, this kit is listed as having been imported

Best Fishing Rigs for Beginners Buyer’s Guide

Types of Fishing Rigs

Listing the numerous types of fishing rigs available on the market isn’t overly extensive; however, it’s no secret that some rigs are more complicated than others. Let’s talk about some of the simplest fishing rigs on the market.

Carolina Rig

The Carolina Rig is one of the most versatile rigs. It’s great for bank or boat fishing and is one of the techniques without limits, making it one of the best rigs for beginners. Every soft plastic in your fishing box can be fished on a Carolina Rig.

To make a Carolina Rig, you need a weighta beada hook, and a leader line. Carolina Rigs use a fixed weight separated by 12 to 18” of leader. Keeping the weight above the lure will allow you to experience a circular motion when the lure drops or encounters a water current.

The Carolina Rig can hold up to two ounces or more, depending on the water conditions.

Texas Rig

Texas Rigs have been used since the beginning of angling, especially for bass fishing. When you think of rig fishing, you’re probably picturing either the Carolina or Texas Rig because they’re similar and two of the most commonly used rig methods.

This rigging technique is one of the best for bringing large fish out of hiding. It’s also one of the most customizable and versatile methods of rigging.

A Texas Rig contains a free sliding bullet on the line and is tied to either a worm hook or flipping hook. A soft plastic bait is then fitted to the rig. Then you thread the hook through the bait’s tip, and the hook’s point is buried, making it impossible to snag.

Drop-Shot Rig

A drop-shot rig is a versatile and effective fishing technique, especially in bass fishing. The concept includes tying a hook to the line and leaving a long lead from the knot. Attach a weight to the end right below the hook and add a soft plastic bait, then you’re ready to drop a shot!

Drop-shot hook selection isn’t overly complicated. If you’re just getting started, you have a variety of selections to choose from. A drop-shot rig hook in the No. 1-1/0 size range is ideal for beginners.

Wacky Rig

One of the all-around best rigs for beginners is the Wacky Rig. The Wacky Rig is easy to set up and use. A wacky rig consists of a weightless stick-styled worm that is hooked through the middle of its body.

Hooking the worm in the middle allows both ends of the bait to flutter when the bait sinks. You can set up your wacky rig by attaching your hook to a line by tying a Palomar knot, then use a wacky rig tool and two o-rings to center your bait.

Create an X with the two o-rings by overlapping them, then thread your hook under where the two o-rings meet. You can also thread your hook through a soft plastic if you choose not to use o-rings.

Bobbers Rig

A bobber rig was probably your first rig as a kid, and you didn’t even know it, but bobber rigs aren’t just for kids! They’re an excellent fishing rig for beginners who haven’t fished at all in a while.

There’s always a place for bobber rigs because they’re versatile and great, attracting several types of fish. Many types of bobbers are on the market that caters to different fishing situations anglers will find themselves in, but there are only two basic types: fixed bobbers and slip bobbers.

Fixed Bobbers

Fixed Bobbers are fixed on your fishing line and stay at whatever depth you place them. These are best for use in shallow water.

Slip Bobbers

Slip Bobbers have better depth control and the ability to cast further. They’re ideal for walleye, trout, and panfish.


The best fishing rigs for beginners are ones that are versatile and great for catching fish in different water conditions, either by boat or shoreside. This allows beginners to test the waters.

best fishing rigs for beginners

Wrapping up the Best Fishing Rigs for Beginners

Now you know all about the best fishing rigs for beginners, and you’re ready to try rig fishing. If you’re new to fishing in Minnesota, check out the Fishing in Minnesota page for more tips, tricks, and must-have products while fishing the Land of 10,000 Lakes.