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The Best Hockey Jerseys of All Time: Ranking All 32 NHL Jerseys

Every hockey fan knows the pride of wearing team colors. Of owning the jersey that everyone else wishes they had.

And there are a lot to choose from. With each team donning up to four jerseys every season and some with over one hundred year-long histories.

This list of the best hockey jerseys takes all of that into consideration. Here you’ll find not only a ranking of all 32 NHL teams but the best jersey each team has ever worn.

best hockey jersey

Best Overall

1. Arizona Coyotes Kachina Jersey

Whether you get the original or the new Reebok style, the Kachina jersey easily takes the number one spot as the best hockey jersey.

Its beautiful colors are pulled directly from the country’s nature, and the logo is both innovative and artful. Most importantly, the designers made sure to respect the history behind the design by getting permission from the Hopi tribe before making the jersey public.

best hockey jerseys

2. Anaheim Ducks Wild Wing Jersey

The Duck’s Wildwing jersey still holds the record for the most innovative design ever seen on the ice. And you should expect nothing less from a team created by Walt Disney himself.

The risky design might have misfired with the difficult font on the back of the jersey, but Wildwing Flashblade crashing through the ice on the front definitely makes up for it.

3. San Jose Sharks Original Jersey

When the Sharks first unveiled their outfits they were completely unmatched. People who had never watched a game and never planned to wanted this jersey. The beautiful teal color and fierce logo are simply too good.

Best Logos

4. Seattle Krakens Away Jersey

For a new team, the Seattle Krakens have really set the bar high for logo design.

At first glance, the lone S seems simple. But the longer you look at this jersey, the better it gets. An angry red eye and a slithering tentacle turn this letter into a sea monster. And the colors pull you even further into the deep.

best hockey jerseys

5. Minnesota Wilds Current Home Jersey

In one go, the Minnesota Wilds have managed to incorporate everything that their name brings to mind.

The fearsome animals, the beautiful scenery, and the wonder of the night meld together in this logo. There may be a lot going on, but this artful creation is worth it’s rank amongst the best hockey jerseys of all time.

best hockey jerseys

6. Boston Bruins Original Pooh Bear Jersey

The Pooh Bear logo design is perfect for younger fans. Not only is this the cutest jersey you’ll ever see, but the predominantly yellow color scheme also works great with the theme.

7. New Jersey Devils 1993 Away Jersey

The New Jersey Devils’ logo is great because it gives you everything you need to know about the team in a way that’s fun and innovative. It might be on the simpler side, but simplicity isn’t always a bad thing.

8. Columbus Blue Jackets Current Alternate Jersey

This new alternate jersey was designed to pay homage to the historical roots of the team. And the choice of a vintage off-white and a classic circular logo patch match that idea perfectly. If only the colors worked better in the bright lights of the arena.

9. Carolina Hurricanes 1998 Home Jerseys

The Carolina Hurricanes took the simplicity of the international hurricane weather symbol and turned it into a great logo.

The added layering and colors create a frenzy for this design. Which is exactly what you want from something named after a tropical storm.

Most Popular

10. Toronto Maple Leafs Matthews Jersey

When Matthews joined the Leafs, he took the hockey nation by storm. It’s no surprise that this is the best-selling jersey in the NHL.

Especially considering the jersey itself is so nice. The blue looks beautiful against the ice, and the decision to return to the vintage leaf was definitely a good one.

11. Pittsburgh Penguins Crosby Jersey

Before Matthews, Crosby’s jersey held the long-standing rank of most popular. And, out of the many he’s worn, it’s the current home jersey that takes the title as the best NHL jersey. The additional stripes of color really make it shine on the ice.

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12. Washington Capitals Ovechkin Jersey

Like Crosby, Ovechkin has the honor of being the best player and wearing the team’s best jersey. The current alternate is a newer version of the fan-favorite stadium series jersey from a few years ago. And the bold W design and colors look amazing.

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Most Colorful

13. LA Kings Purple Jersey

The change to black and white, and the reluctance to return to the original colors, have never been understood by LA Kings’ hockey fans.

By showcasing the type of luxurious colors royalty deserves, the royal purple and gold fit the team perfectly. And the symmetry with the Lakers in the city.

14. St. Louis Blues 2017 Winter Classic Jersey

The debut of this jersey in the outdoor arena was magnificent. In the sun, the vibrant blue and yellow absolutely shone. There’s no question that this is the team’s best hockey jersey.

15. New York Islanders Fisherman Jersey

The radical changes made to the fisherman jersey were definitely a shock to everyone. Yet there’s no denying the beauty of the colors. And the addition of the wave design ties it all off perfectly.

16. Philadelphia Flyers 2012 Winter Classic Jersey

Again, bright colors just look better outside. Even the often harsh orange of the Flyers’ jerseys looked perfect in these games. But it’s the creme stripes and small details like the keystone patch that really make this their best hockey jersey.

17. Calgary Flames Original Red Jersey

The Calgary Flames could have also gone under most iconic. But their colors are too good to ignore. They really are a streak of fire on the ice.

18. Nashville Predators Current Home Jersey

Despite the fact that not everybody likes taking risks with bold colors, there’s nowhere they belong more than in sports. And the Predators have leaned into that perfectly. The yellow and navy pairing is by far the best the team has sported.

best hockey jersey predators

Most Iconic

19. Montreal Canadians 1917 Home Jersey

As one of the original six, there are few teams more iconic than the Montreal Canadians. And even fewer can claim their first-ever design as the best hockey jersey the team has ever worn.

20. Detroit Red Wings 1982 Red Jersey

Like the Canadians, Detroit lives by the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” After 1982, when they enlarged the logo and made it more centered, the jersey pretty much remained the same.

21. New York Rangers 1998 White Jersey

The Rangers are one of the few teams that have consistently pulled off the lettered logo. Though the creation of the white jerseys happened before, 1998 is when they introduced the third stripe into the design. And that’s what really ties the outfit together.

22. Edmonton Oilers 1981-94 Blue Jersey

There are many things that put this jersey above the ones from other years.

First, the brighter blue pairs much better with the orange and white stripes. Two, this is the jersey that really put Edmonton on the map. Every Oilers fan knows the jersey worn during the team’s Stanley Cup wins will always be the best.

23. Buffalo Sabres Current Home Jersey

The Sabres are a team with an interesting and rich history. Despite the fact that they live in an American city, the decision to name themselves after Canadian history is what has led to the beautiful jerseys they wear today.

best hockey jersey buffalo sabres

24. Colorado Avalanche 2021 Reverse Retro Jerseys

This jersey may not have the Avalanche logo, but it is an important part of their history. And the iconic Quebec Nordiques design looks phenomenal in the Avalanche color scheme.

25. Vancouver Canucks Black Skate Jersey

The original mustard and ketchup colors for the Canucks were definitely an interesting choice. And it’s the retro design that really makes this jersey the best.

Simplest Designs

26. Winnipeg Jets 2016 Heritage Classic Jersey

The heritage style is easily the best hockey jersey the team has worn. In the outdoor arena, the darkened colors look amazing against the white. And the old logo can’t be beaten.

27. Dallas Stars 2008 Away Jersey

The Stars have one of the most elegant designs on the ice. The gold accents against the green and the star logo are simplicity at their best.

28. Ottawa Senators 2012 Alternate Jersey

This might be a controversial opinion, but the alternate O jersey is the perfect throwback to the original Senators team. From the upgraded striped pattern and color scheme to the logo itself, there’s no denying how much we all love a good vintage.

29. Las Vegas Knights Home Jersey

The Knights took a risk by adding steel gray into the NHL color scheme. And it wasn’t a bad decision. But the logo leaves much to be desired.

best hockey jerseys

30. Tampa Bay Lighting Current Blue Jersey

There’s no question that Tampa Bay has the simplest jersey on the ice. Like the leaves, they have potential with the beautiful blue color. But the logo really needs some innovation.

best hockey jersey tampa bay lightning

Most Controversial

31. Florida Panthers 1999 Alternate Jersey

When the Panthers introduced their alternate jersey with the broken stick logo. And then made that color scheme their home jersey but switched the logo to their new alternate. Fans always wondered if the similarities between the Shark’s logo were to blame.

32. Chicago Blackhawks Current Red Jersey

It’s no surprise that this jersey finds itself at the bottom of our list, considering its cultural appropriation of Indigenous peoples. The only surprise is that the team still hasn’t changed its name.

best hockey jersey chicago blackhawks

Wrapping Up The Best Hockey Jerseys of All Time

No matter the ranking, your team will always have the best jersey on the ice. But you can’t deny there have been some phenomenal designs to grace the game.

And if you’re looking to take your own game to pro-level, check out online hockey training!

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