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The Best Men’s Winter Boots For Minnesota Weather

The market for winter boots is saturated with choices, so finding the right one to survive the harsh Minnesota winter can be difficult. In this guide, we’ve made the process easier by outlining the best men’s winter boots for Minnesota Weather. We are also going to look at boots to suit different activity levels and lifestyles.

When looking at men’s winter boots for Minnesota weather, we will want a few things: they must be waterproof, well insulated, and purpose-built for your use. You wouldn’t want a work boot to hike and visa-versa, so we have options for different situations. Keep reading to see our top picks!

best men's winter boots

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Baffin Snow Monster Boots

Budget Option
Northside Whidbey Winter Boot

Best for Mountaineering
La Sportiva Men’s Nepal Cube

Best for Wet Conditions
Bogs Classic High Rain Boot

Best for Hiking
Danner Arctic 600

Best Overall

Baffin Snow Monster Boots

When it comes to the best men’s winter boots, our top choice is the Baffin Snow Monster Boots. These boots can withstand the harsh conditions of a Minnesota winter and keep you warm and dry.

The Baffin Snow Monster is a fantastic all-purpose men’s winter boot because it is fully waterproof and able to withstand temperatures up to -94 degrees. This means that even the harshest winter weather and bone-chilling cold will not penetrate the boots’ insulation.

These boots are very lightweight, making them easy to walk in, and flexible, which makes uneven ground a breeze. They have a removable inner liner which means you can easily clean them, so if you are using them while doing outdoor work, you don’t need to worry about keeping them clean.

The Baffin Snow Monster is designed to be the best men’s winter boot – they have a form-fitting liner and soft inner layer for moisture-wicking while also having a wind-resistant outer layer. This allows them to trap a maximum amount of heat and stay dry.

These boots are on the expensive side, given their quality and material, so keep that in mind if shopping for men’s winter boots on a budget. They are also high tops, which some people may not like for doing yard and farm work.


  • Purpose-built for cold and wet conditions
  • Great for battling everything Minnesota has to throw at you in winter
  • Made for active users


  • Expensive
  • High boot means it may not be as useable for work around the farm or property

Best Budget Option

Northside Whidbey Winter Boot

Shopping for the best men’s winter boots can be an expensive proposition, especially when looking at some of the higher-end options. Trying to find a quality boot on a budget can be very difficult, but the Northside Whidbey Winter Boot is a great option that will not disappoint.

Not only is this boot low cost, but it is also multifunctional and great for battling Minnesota Winters. While it does not have the ability to withstand the staggering cold of some other boots on our list, it will keep you warm up to -25 degrees, which is well-suited for most day-to-day activities.

The Northside Whidbey Winter Boot is insulated with a synthetic liner to keep you warm and has a removable EVA insole with Sherpa fleece which gives you a very soft and comfortable fit while keeping your feet plenty warm. The rubber shell on the bottom of the boot not only provides a waterproof base but also provides great traction.

Unfortunately, only the rubber lower portion of the boot is waterproof, which means the top section can still get wet. If you are facing very harsh conditions or using your boots for winter hikes, this is probably not the best option for you, as these boots are more suited for everyday life and outside work.


  • A low-cost option good for hiking
  • Rated to negative 25
  • Insulated


  • Not fully waterproof
  • Not rated for as cold conditions as other boots on the list

Best Mountaineering Option

La Sportiva Men’s Nepal Cube

If you are looking for the best men’s winter boot to tackle difficult hikes or mountaineering, there is no boot better than the La Sportiva Men’s Nepal Cube. This boot is the Ferrari of mountaineering boots for winter, built for people tackling hard climbs in harder conditions.

The La Sportiva uses a Vibram rubber compound for grip, which will help you stick in icy and slick conditions, even while climbing sharp inclines. Its Gortex construction provides excellent waterproofing, soundproofing, and breathability, making it perfect for the harsh conditions Minnesota will throw at you.

This is by far the most durable men’s winter boot on our list, built to be used climbing tall peaks and difficult trails. If you are an outdoor enthusiast who likes to face tough conditions head on, this is the choice for you. The flexible construction means that you won’t run into stiff ankle issues and can climb between rocks without slipping out.

These men’s winter boots are also designed to reduce impact by up to 20%, making them a great choice for men’s winter boots if you are doing high-impact activities like ice climbing. The only downside to these boots is they are very expensive and really only serve the purpose they are built for – between the price and design, they are likely not the best choice for an everyday work boot.


  • The most technical boot on our list, built to survive harsh terrain and conditions
  • Maximum grip and impact durability makes it the perfect boot for climbing in Minnesota winters
  • Waterproof


  • Very expensive
  • Built for outdoor activity, so less useful for daily life

Best For Wet Conditions

Bogs Classic High Rain Boot

Anyone who has gone through a Minnesota winter can tell you that they can be very wet. Between cold rain and snow, you are likely to have wet conditions for most of the season. The Bogs Classic High Rain Boot is a great choice for the farmer / rancher / outdoor yard hobbyist who will be spending a lot of time in wet or muddy conditions.

This boot is a classic rain boot and the best men’s winter boot for very wet conditions due to its rubber construction and very tall design. Its design makes it easy to take on and off while staying on your foot in the really deep mud. This is by far the most waterproof boot on our list of the best men’s winter boots for Minnesota weather.

While the waterproofing is great, this is not an insulated boot. It is designed to keep you dry with very thick socks, so don’t count on it to keep your feet warm in very cold conditions. If you get the right insulated sock, though, it works great.

Because of the high leg, these are also not designed for an active individual who is hiking and doing outdoor sports. This boot is for outdoor chores in wet conditions and for heavy precipitation. If you fit into that bucket, or if you are a farmer or rancher, this is a great everyday boot for staying clean and dry and will last a very long time due to the durable rubber construction.


  • The most waterproof boot on our list
  • High-legged boot for staying dry


  • Not insulated
  • Not a great option for active individuals

Best For Hiking

Danner Arctic 600

If you are a hiker who is not looking to go to the extremes of some of our other options, the Danner Arctic 600 is a great hiking boot that will keep you warm and dry and can be worn during everyday work and life. This makes it a great multi-functional men’s winter boot.

The Danner Arctic 600 has fantastic grip and deep treads to keep you stable, along with an insulated interior that will keep you warm. It is waterproof suede, which is more affordable than Gortex, but not as windproof.

The zipper construction gives you a snug fit that will ensure you are comfortable and warm while going out for a winter hike, and the ankle height means that it works great for a work boot in addition to its primary function as a hiking boot. For the best men’s winter boots to hike in and then do some outdoor chores, this is your best choice.


  • A hiking boot that will also keep you dry and warm in winter
  • Great grip for climbing mountains
  • Waterproof


  • Expensive

Winter Boot Buyer’s Guide

When looking for the best men’s winter boots for Minnesota weather, you want to look at a number of different factors that will influence your decision. We are going to break them down to help you with your winter boot choices.


If you are planning to wear your boots during a Minnesota winter, you’ll need something waterproof. Whether it be freezing rain or snow, precipitation will be frequent and heavy, so your boots need to keep you dry. They should also be windproof to keep you warm.

Just how waterproof and windproof will be dependent upon the activity you are engaging in. If you are ice climbing, you likely need a higher degree of waterproofing than if you are just using the boots in daily life. If you are a rancher or farmer and your area is prone to mud, you may want a full high-top rubber boot instead of a suede and rubber combination.


If you have reviewed the options on our list of the best men’s winter boots for Minnesota weather, you have seen that there are lots of options for lots of different activities. It’s important to find a boot that suits your function correctly to get the maximum use out of it.

Some options are best for the hardcore hiker and mountaineer, while others are better for everyday life. Make sure to buy a boot that suits your activity level and degree of abuse so that you don’t overspend on purchasing something that doesn’t really serve your purposes.

Temperature and Insulation

Lastly, you want to look at the temperature rating and insulation. Similar to waterproofing, insulation is very important for keeping you warm and can range in intensity. Someone braving mountains and extreme conditions needs a heavily insulated boot, and someone doing outdoor chores can probably get away with less.

Shop for a boot that is suitable down to the lowest temperature you see in an average winter. This will help get you the right men’s winter boot to keep you warm in almost every situation. Removable insulation is always a plus as well, as it will help keep your boot clean and can make it useful in warmer conditions.

Comfort is important for any men’s winter boot as well since you will likely be spending a lot of time in them. Insulation made out of comfortable material, such as fleece, will help make sure your boots don’t hurt your feet after hours of use.

Time to Buy Your New Boots

Men’s winter boots come in so many varieties that finding the right one can be hard. Focusing on the function you need, the waterproofing and temperature rating, insulation, and other features can be a great way to narrow in on the best men’s winter boots for your purposes. Whether doing farm work, outdoor chores, walking around, or hiking, there is a boot for you!

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