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14 of the Best Wedding Venues in Minnesota for Your Special Day

A beautiful wedding venue enhances that special day of a couple’s life. Wedding venues come in different shapes, styles, and sizes. You can select a venue that suits your style, guests, budget, and timeline. An old wedding venue will give you an old-school romantic wedding experience, while for a modern wedding style, a refined wedding venue is a perfect option.

Minnesota is known for some of the best wedding venues in the entire United States. You will never run out of options in this northern state. And to help you select the perfect venue for your wedding, we have handpicked a list of some of the best wedding venues in Minnesota based on various criteria.

Bride and groom next to lake
Wedding by the lake

1. Stonewall Farms

We are starting our list of best wedding venues in Minnesota with the Stonewall Farms. The 80 acres of farmland sitting next to Solomon Lake is one of the best wedding venues in Minnesota. It offers the charm of old-world romance with a magical wooden landscape completed with carriage rides and completely dedicated staff.

The eye-catching post beam building of Stonewall Farm can accommodate up to 150 guests for your private wedding. The outdoor patio surrounded by blooming flowers and twinkling lights creates a beautiful atmosphere to sip some cocktails. And when it comes to capturing your wedding event in camera lenses, you will not get a single chance to complain in Stonewall Farms. The farm-style wedding venue makes the best of the photographs with its beautiful backdrops. 

2. Mill City Museum

Make your historic day very memorable with the historic venue of Mill City Museum. Sitting on the banks of the Mississippi River, the museum is popular for wedding events. Raw bricks, soaring ceilings, elaborate stonework, and rustic wood make it an architectural gem.

The museum offers a great open space courtyard for your ceremony. The riverfront views add an extra feature to your wedding. Go for a walk around Mill City Ruins Park to capture some wonderful photos of the special occasion. It is one of the best wedding venues in Minnesota for all couples searching for an industrial-style wedding venue.

3. Barn at Five Lakes Resort

Make your wedding event a dream come true with Barn at Five Lakes Resort.  Host the wedding in breathtaking woods surrounded by a pristine lake, rolling fields and rustic, but elegant burn. A picture-perfect wedding venue with full-service staff makes the Barn at Five Lakes Resort stand 3rd in our list of “best wedding venues in Minnesota”.

Some features of this beautiful venue are:

  • Ceremony locations & officiant
  • Reception – food, beverage & cake
  • Lodging – 11 cabins on-site for guests
  • Groom’s Dinner locations & catering

And when it comes to capturing your wedding on a camera, the natural surroundings and the lake give you the best of the possible backdrops. Barn at Five Lakes Resort is a dream destination for all the couples planning for a private wedding in the woods of Minnesota.

Old willow tree with a swing
This willow tree provides a beautiful space for a wedding venue

4. Bloom Lake Barn

Bloom Lake Barn is Minnesota’s premier wedding barn. Situated about 40 miles away from the Twin Cities, the barn is surrounded by gorgeous activities like kayaking, riverboat tours, wineries, and more. The enormous wooden burn contains salvaged gothic church windows, original vaulted ceilings, and gorgeous chandelier and cafe lighting creating an attractive ambiance for your wedding.

The courtyard offers a spacious pavilion, tree swing, bonfire pit, lawn games, and a beautiful walking trail through the woods. The outdoors provides a beautiful backdrop to capture your wedding memories.

The Bloom Lake Barn can accommodate up to 298 guests for a private wedding. With antique church pews in a wooded clearing, the Bloom Lake Barn lands soundly on our list of the best wedding venues in Minnesota.  

5. Creekside Farm Wedding & Events

If hosting your private wedding in the woods is on your bucket list, Creekside Farm Wedding & Event is the perfect venue for you. The farm is secluded on 50 acres with rolling hills, open fields, mature trees, and the sound of running water. It can host up to 288 of your guests for a snowy winter wedding or any other season of the year.

The farm offers several ceremony sites on the open grass field. You can select the spot as per your preference and requirements.

Open Yard Ceremony

The Open Yard Ceremony site is more open and incredibly beautiful with the creek flowing past the venue.

Between the Willows

Create a beautiful atmosphere for your wedding ceremony between willow trees on both sides and the creek to the front.

Woodland Ceremony

Picture a wedding in an opening in the woods with maple, birch, and basswood trees surrounding you. You can feel the peace of the ceremony with the sounds of nature and the creek flowing by. Your guests take their seats under the shade of large trees making themselves comfortable on a summer day.

There are even more options to host your ceremony in Creekside Farm Wedding & Event. Use the barn backdrop, or take your guests on top of the hill. You can even host your ceremony indoors using the barn doors for a beautiful backdrop view. The venue of Creekside Farm Wedding & Event gives you plenty of options for a great wedding experience.

6. Camrose Hill Flower Studio & Farm

Camrose Hill Flower Studio & Farm is one of the best wedding venues in Minnesota when it comes to the outdoor garden wedding ceremony.  You will feel at home in the 1880’s farm- – from dressing in the 1950’s cottage, walking down the aisle flanked by gardens and classic statuary, to standing in front of a vine-covered gazebo for your ceremony.

The Camrose Hill Flower Studio & Farm is 5 miles from the Historic Stillwater River Town and only 25 minutes from the twin cities. The farm is home to floral designer Cindie Sinclair. It is a perfect romantic setting for an outdoor wedding ceremony in a garden surrounded by flowers.  

7. Aria

Aria Event Center is a nationally awarded venue that features stunning architectural elements. The crystal chandeliers, exposed brick, and pop art accents provide an amazing backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Aria Event Center is located in the historic Minneapolis North Loop.

Aria Event Center is one of the best wedding venues in Minnesota for large wedding ceremonies. The building offers a large reception capacity of 1000+ and 400+ for seated dinner. Aria offers full bar service with premium wine, beer, and spirits, and craft cocktails.

A married couple and guests at a wedding venue in Minnesota.
Celebrate at one of the best wedding venues in Minnesota.

8. Mayowood Stone Barn

With century-old stone buildings and wide-open spaces, Mayowood Stone Barn offers you more than just a beautiful wedding venue. You will have to go no more than 6 miles from downtown Rochester, Minnesota to arrive at this century-old barn. Experience old fashion romance with stacked limestone walls and twinkling lights overhead at Mayowood Stone Barn.

Some appealing features of the Mayowood Stone Barn are:

The Main Barn

The main burn has two levels. The first floor comes with the Carriageway and the second floor offers the Loft. Constructed with stone arches and draped with twinkle lights, the Carriageway is the perfect space for reception, dinners, and dancing. The Loft offers a romantic setting for the wedding ceremony. 

The Blacksmith Shop

The blacksmith shop is the ideal place to make the best of an outdoor cocktail hour with the equipped bar and piano.

Ceremony Tree

The 300+ years Old Oak Tree in the outdoor grounds serves for a perfect outdoor ceremony. The long arms stretch over the lawn and create a stunning arch.

Private Rooms 

The Mayowood Stone Barn houses a Groom’s room and a Bridal Suite that is used for getting ready.       

The property also offers restrooms and other features for a complete wedding experience throughout the year.


PAIKKA is the perfect wedding venue for couples looking for an old venue with a modern setting. The modern industrial venue is located in the beautiful Vandalia Tower complex at 550 Vandalia St. in Saint Paul, Minnesota. You can host a very artsy, cool wedding in this rad space. You can modify the space with some art installations, flowers, or a chalkboard will be great for your guests to create their art wall.

10. White on Washington – Studio 

The next venue in our list of “best wedding venues in Minnesota” is White on Washington Studio. With ten years of wedding experience, it is a perfect venue for couples who are looking for a modern style destination. 

11. Redeemed Farm

Redeemed Farm is one of the newest wedding venues in the state of Minnesota. The farm has a vintage charm about it with an 85-year-old barn, open-air pavilion with a stone fireplace, and sprawling green lawns. Situated just west of Scandia, Minnesota, the venue is a perfect romantic setting for your wedding ceremony.   

12. Minnesota History Center

The stunning architecture of Minnesota History Center with its contemporary styling offers an exquisite backdrop for your wedding ceremony. The wedding venue offers both indoor and outdoor spaces with amazing views of the St. Paul skyline. It is among the best wedding venues in Minnesota for couples with a discerning taste in architecture, and a love of superior ambiance, cuisine, and service.

Wedding party under trees in the outdoors.
What a beautiful day for a wedding.

13. Maple Ridge Farm

The maple farm in Taylors Falls offers a unique setting for your wedding ceremony. You may host the ceremony in the landscaped yard under the mature maple trees or the loft of the barn. The outdoor ceremony spot provides a beautiful sight of the surrounding fields and countryside. 

The farm contains a 4-bedroom house on-site giving you the option to stay the night. Some other features of the venue are:

The scene

The Maple Ridge Farm is situated on the top of a hill surrounding the nearby St. Croix River Valley. The location of the venue provides beautiful views of your ceremony. 


The authentically renovated barn takes you back in time adding an old-school romantic ambiance to your wedding.

14. Historic John P. Furber Farm

The Historic John P. Furber Farm has the largest barn wedding space in Minnesota. This old dairy farm can host a wedding of up to 500 guests. The farm boasts over 8,000 square feet with lots of green grass outdoor space. The venue is only a few minutes from the Twin Cities. The size, style, and guest capacity make it one of the best wedding venues in Minnesota.

For your special day…

The various wedding venues in the lists serve different requirements of a wedding ceremony. Some are great for a small private wedding, while a few offer a larger gathering for a mega wedding ceremony. You can go into the woods away from the chaos of the city for a peaceful open-air wedding, or you can host your ceremony in a very modern venue. Select the best wedding venue in Minnesota as per your personal choices and requirements for a great memorable wedding event.

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