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The Best Hockey Balance Board to Help Master Your Eye, Hand, and Foot Coordination: Our top 4 Picks

To make the most of your training, you need the right set of equipment. This includes items that are not only durable but will evolve with you as you improve.

And hockey balance boards are your collection’s often overlooked, essential item. When static exercises include a balance board, you double the number of muscles you use. And the constant motion helps you master your coordination.

Choosing one of our top picks of the best hockey balance boards will elevate every aspect of your training experience. From beginner agility training to pro-stick-handling exercises, these products are perfect for all your hockey needs.

hockey balance board

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Revbalance FIT

Budget Option
Hockey Shot Wobble Board

Best for Beginners

Best Overall

Revbalance FIT

hockey balance board

In terms of versatility, there is no better hockey balance board out there than the Revbalance FIT. This roller-style board with a 3-year warranty comes with three completely different bases. And that means three levels of difficulty.

To start you off, there’s the wide circular rocker. This base’s slightly domed sides allow you to disperse your weight more evenly as you balance on the board. It gives you the feel of a modified wobble board which is a perfect way to ease you into hockey balance board training.

The second difficulty level is achieved with the air cushion. The cylindrical shape of this base creates a bit more of a challenge. But its softer materials cushion your movements and make it a great mid-level roller.

The third and final level is the traditional roller. Its slightly wider shape and harder materials make this the most difficult out of the three. But the stoppers on either end of the bottom of the board will help keep the roller in place. Plus, the board is equipped with a Durasoft top that will steady your stance.


  • Three levels of difficulty
  • Stoppers on the bottom
  • 3-year warranty


  • Pricy

Budget Option

Hockey Shot Wobble Board

hockey balance board

Roller boards can be a bit expensive and if you’re looking for something more reasonable, the Hockey Shot Wobble Board is the best hockey balance board on a budget.

This lightweight and portable board is the perfect intermediate-level trainer. Its textured, hard-plastic surface makes it just slippery enough to make it challenging. And the wobble design gives you the stability you need to make the most of it.

Paired with a tile of Polyglide synthetic ice, your stick-handling training will improve in no time! And don’t forget to use our promo code lifeinminnesota for 15% off any purchase.

But, be careful not to use the board on the tile as the material of its base makes this product a slight slipping hazard.


  • Portable
  • Good intermediate-level trainer


  • Dangerous on hard surfaces

Best Beginner Board


Yes4All Plastic Wobble Balance Board and Resistance Loop Bands-Round Balance Trainer Board, Wobble Board for Standing Desk, Core Training, Home Gym Workout- Classic Blue

The Yes4All is a great hockey balance board for those who are at the beginning of their training journey.

Its wide base reaches a total height of 4 inches and is made out of the most durable, anti-slip materials. Allowing it to hold up to 600 lbs of weight. And the deck of the board has a textured design that grips the bottoms of your feet to keep you in place.

This hockey balance board will always make you feel secure no matter where you are. Even while you fight to keep your balance.

But, Yes4All’s best feature is the handles on its side. The added grip for your hands during floor work makes this the best hockey balance board for all aspects of your training regimen. They also make it easier to carry the board around.


  • Handles
  • Good for beginner training
  • Most durable


  • Limited improvement

Hockey Shot Roller Board

hockey balance board

If you’re looking for a roller that will challenge you and give you pro-level training, like this online hockey course, the Hockey Shot Roller Board is the best hockey balance board for the job.

Made from heavy-duty wood that still manages to be lightweight, this product is nice and portable. Plus, the roller is much longer than the board. This gives you a larger range of motion to work with while attempting to keep yourself stable.

The double-sided design of this board gives you two different difficulty levels. On one side, a textured surface makes it easier for you to keep the roller sliding along the middle of the board. While the other side has durable grip tape to keep your feet in place.

When switched, you’ll still have the textured surface for your feet to grip, but keeping the roller on a stable path will take a lot more effort. Adding the lack of stoppers on this board will make you a master of agility in no time!


  • Double-sided board
  • Bigger range of motion
  • More challenging


  • Not as many levels

Balance Board Buyer’s Guide

How To Get the Most Out of Your Product

In the beginning, your hockey balance board should be used as a stand-alone piece of equipment. Practice balancing with different stances and for different lengths of time until you feel more comfortable.

When you’re ready, add in some basic stick handling. Or start doing more intensive exercises like squats and weight lifting.

Soon you’ll be able to do nearly every static exercise on your balance board. And for every exercise you do on the board, you’ll more than double the benefits on your coordination, strength, and agility.

How to Choose a Board

When buying your board, it’s important to check the weight restrictions. Especially if you plan to use it during weight training. The best hockey balance boards will be able to hold around 400 lb but some of the cheaper ones can be much less.

To maximize your training, the deck size of your board also needs to be considered. The taller you are, the longer and wider your board’s deck should be. Whereas someone with a lower center of gravity will benefit from a narrow surface.

Next, you’ll want to consider what the balance board is for. In hockey training, balance boards can be used to improve coordination, agility, strength, and stick handling. Depending on how you plan to use your board, you’ll have to pick between the wobble or the roller style.


The roller style is the best hockey balance board for skill training. Its two-piece mechanism ensures that your point of balance is constantly changing. And that’s much more representative of your on-ice movements.

Unfortunately, the roller does have the limitation of simple side-to-side movements. So it doesn’t train your entire range of mobility.

You’ll also be trading the extra challenge for less versatility. Since a roller-style hockey balance board isn’t a little too unstable for fitness training.


That makes the wobble style the best hockey balance board for creating a well-rounded training regimen.

The central point of gravity means you get a full 360 range of motion during your exercises. And the added stability of the fixed base allows for several different types of exercises. You’ll be able to include one-legged exercises, arm strength training, heavier weight-lifting exercises, and much more into your repertoire.

All the exercises might be a little bit easier. But what you’re getting in return is well worth it!

Balance Board Frequently Asked Questions

hockey balance board

Is a roller worth the price?

The price bump between the roller and the wobbler is a bit large, but the differences between them are also important. As a beginner, the wobble style is definitely better. If you want something that will bring your skills to the pro level, you will have to eventually move to the roller-style hockey balance board.

Are the stoppers on the bottom of a roller necessary?

It depends on your skill level and how quickly you want to master your skills. The stoppers keep you within a certain limit of unsteadiness. Without them, using the hockey balance board will be harder, but you’ll master your skills faster.

The Best Hockey Balance Boards: Summed Up

A hockey balance board is an essential part of your training equipment. But only if you choose the right one. And our top picks are the best out there! No matter your skill level at the beginning, with the purchase of a wobble or a roller-style balance board, you’ll master your coordination in no time.

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