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I love summer…

For many reasons. The sun, heat, ice cream trucks playing bad music around my neighborhood. I think I wouldn’t love summer as much as I do if I were to live someplace warmer. I can’t believe all those years I wasted wanting to move to AZ when I was in the best place in the USA the whole time!

Love the season –

My Garden

muddy flowers urban farm corn mn

The corn is looking great at least the ones the little kids haven’t pulled out of the ground!

peas growing in the garden blog mn

I still have a few things that need to get planted. Like my salads and I want to do mini pumpkins again this year.

red strawberries backyard garden twin cities mn mom blog

Ruthie was feeding the hens a few green strawberries this morning. I don’t know if we will get any food from the garden at this rate…

mn cherry tree blogger

My one cherry on our tree we planted last year is still alive. I am hoping the birds won’t eat it before it has a chance to grow.

how to start a urban garden

The raspberries are taking over the back fence. I will be OK if the salad greens don’t make it because I will have a kitchen full of red raspberries!

My Backyard

ENO hammock double fits how many people

I am also loving the chance for the kids to play outdoors most of the day. No matter if it is fake sleeping in the ENO or playing at the local park. I don’t want it to go by so fast.

playing with your toddler baby at the park how to

My goodness I love summer…

hiking along the st. croix river

What is your favorite season?

xoxo Kelly