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The 8 Best Ice Fishing Gloves for 2023

Ice fishing gloves are an essential part of Ice Fishing. It is of the utmost importance that your hands be protected from the cold.

A lack of protection of the hands in cold temperatures could result in potential hypothermia, and no one wants that.

As you could probably assume, not all ice fishing gloves are good enough to do the job. Keeping your hands warm and safe from the harmful effects of freezing temperatures is not a task that just any glove can do adequately.

The good news is we looked into the best gloves on the market, so you don’t have to! Enough delay, let’s dive into the list of the best of the best ice fishing gloves.

The Best Ice Fishing Gloves

Our Top Picks

Best Overall Gloves:
Palmyth Ice Fishing Gloves – Convertible Mittens

Best Full Gloves:
KastKing IceRiver Fishing Gloves

Best Budget Option:
Cierto Winter Gloves

1. Palmyth Ice Fishing Gloves – Convertible Mittens

The number 1 spot on this list has to go to Palmyth’s Convertible Ice Fishing Gloves. These are the best of the two worlds of fingerless and full gloves.

This glove will keep you safe from the elements and will let you do things like operate your ice fishing finder or just simply scratch yourself without having to remove them.

There are other convertible options on this list, but none are quite like this one in terms of quality as they have a lot of features!

Palmyth Ice Fishing Gloves Convertible Mittens Flip Fingerless Mitt with Thinsulate 3M Warm for Cold Weather and Winter Men Women Photography Running Camera (Gray, Large)


  • A convertible mitt allows for the mitten to turn into fingerless gloves at any time.
  • The interior of the gloves is covered with 3M Thinsulate along with a microfiber fleece and stretch shell to create the perfect combination of insulation and mobility
  • Silicone palm grips enhance their grip, important for maintaining control of the rod during a tough fight
  • Reflective straps allow you to be seen easily at night in case of an emergency


  • Convertible nature makes them a versatile option
  • Insulation is as good as it gets combined with the mobility
  • Made of excellent materials, so durability and function are of no concern here


  • They aren’t completely waterproof like some other options on this list

2. KastKing IceRiver Fishing Gloves

The KastKing IceRiver Fishing Gloves are our runner-up on our list of the best ice fishing gloves. In the full glove department, KastKing’s offering here is an amazing option.

Not only is it an excellent glove, but it’s also a stylish choice with its camo print colorways.

If you want an elite ice fishing glove for your expedition and are not to fond of the fingerless or convertible options, The KastKing IceRiver is the glove for you.

KastKing IceRiver Fishing Gloves – 100% Waterproof Cold Winter Weather Fishing Gloves – Fishing Gloves for Men and Women – Ideal for Ice Fishing, Winter Fishing, or Other Outdoor Winter Sports,Large


  • These gloves are made of neoprene which makes them 100% waterproof so you can fish worry-free
  • Lined with a 1mm polar fleece for the perfect level of insulation
  • The neoprene palm is flexible and has incredible grip all while keeping the waterproof capability
  • The camo design was made by artist Stacie Walker


  • Completely waterproof so you don’t have to worry about getting freezing ice water on you
  • Anti-slip palm provides an elite grip
  • Well-insulated


  • You have to get a perfect size or they won’t fit well since it’s made of neoprene

3. Cierto Winter Gloves

Cierto Winter Gloves are the perfect ice fishing gloves for those whose hands are prone to getting colder than normal while out in harsh icy weather.

These are the best-insulated option on the list by far. While it is a full glove, the fingers are mobile and have a touchscreen fabric.

It also means that you can handle your equipment quite easily with the Cierto Winter Gloves, though not as well as a convertible or fingerless option.

With these ice fishing gloves, you don’t have to worry about whether your hands will be cold.

Warm Winter Gloves Men Women: Touch Screen Waterproof Gloves | Mens Womens Snow Insulated Gloves | Reflective Thermal Touchscreen Work Ski Running Driving Cycling Hunting Motorcycle Riding Gloves


  • Faux mink lining ensures your hands stay warm and comfortable no matter how cold it is
  • Touchscreen fabric on the thumb and index fingers makes it easier to use your phone with gloves on
  • Anti-skid silica gel coats the fingers and the palm for an incredible grip
  • The outer layer of the glove is made with water-resistant materials to make sure the water stays outside of your gloves where it belongs


  • Faux mink lining is amazing for insulation
  • A full glove that also has mobile fingers
  • Adjustable wrist size makes for a snug fit
  • Water-resistant


  • While touchscreen fabric is better than nothing, it never works as well as your actual finger

4. KastKing Mountain Mist Fishing Gloves

The KastKing Mountain Mist Fishing Gloves are KastKing’s second appearance on this list and for good reason.

Their Mountain Mist Fishing gloves are absolutely fantastic. A full glove option with 3 finger cutouts on top of plenty of other features, this ice fishing glove is a fantastic option with tons of versatility.

Anything you can desire from an ice fishing glove, this glove has it.

KastKing Mountain Mist Fishing Gloves – Cold Winter Weather Fishing Gloves – Fishing Gloves for Men and Women – Ideal as Ice Fishing, Photography, or Hunting Gloves(Blackout, Large)


  • Finger slots come off easily for easier handling of fishing equipment
  • Smartphone-friendly fabric on the palm allows for touchscreen compatibility
  • Anti-slip neoprene and microfiber palm is waterproof and adds to the insulation
  • Hook and loop wrist closure make for a secure fit


  • Finger slots that are easy to open make handling tackle and the rod a lot easier
  • Neoprene palm is waterproof, which mitigates the worry of freezing water soaking the glove
  • Has smartphone compatibility


  • Not as well insulated as some others on this list

5. Extremus Ice Fishing Gloves

The Extremus Ice Fishing Gloves are a good mix of everything. You have four layers of protection that are waterproof, mitten covers for the fingers, and solid insulation in the way of 3M Thinsulate.

This option is yet another incredibly versatile ice fishing glove. With a little bit of everything, this makes your Ice Fishing expedition that much more comfortable and easy to manage.

The last thing you want while fishing is to be limited by your gloves. With this option from Extremus, you can be sure that won’t be a problem.

Extremus Ice Fishing Gloves, Convertible Mittens, Warm Winter Gloves - Cold Weather Fishing Gloves - 3M Thinsulate Winter Fingerless Mittens for Men and Women


  • A mitten top for the fingers that magnetically attaches allows you to have good insulation while being to convert to fingerless gloves when you need to handle equipment
  • Anti-slip palms ensure the rod will never leave your hands in a fight
  • Adjustable wrists allow for size flexibility
  • 3M Thinsulate ensures good insulation and excellent mobility


  • Anti-slip palms ensure a tight grip on anything you hold
  • 4 layers ensure water never seeps in and the wind is never a bother
  • Wrists are adjustable for a snug fit


  • Thinsulate is not as thick as regular fleece or other forms of insulation

6. Palmyth Neoprene Fishing Gloves

The Palmyth Neoprene Fishing Gloves are the perfect windproof and water-resistant option and Palmyth’s second appearance on this list.

A choice that will keep your hands warm and protected when the weather goes south and the ice-cold winds come hurling at you, these ice fishing gloves are great for ice fishing in more extreme environments.

Palmyth is a quality brand that makes good products, and these ice fishing gloves are a great example.

The gloves are also perfect for handling tackle, as you can easily peel back the finger cut-offs.

Palmyth Neoprene Fishing Gloves for Men and Women 2 Cut Fingers Flexible Great for Photography Fly Fishing Ice Fishing Running Touchscreen Texting Shooting Hiking Jogging Trekking Cycling Walking


  • Flip back thumb and index finger caps that slide on and off easily make handling your fishing equipment a breeze
  • Neoprene on the back of the gloves makes them water-resistant
  • Adjustable hook and loop wrist for a good fit


  • Windproof capabilities mean they’re good for harsh weather
  • Adjustable wrist makes sizing less of a worry
  • Finger cutoffs for 2 fingers keep you mobile and allow you to handle equipment with the utmost control
  • The most mobile and lightest glove on this list


  • While windproof, it’s not as well-insulated as the others
  • While the neoprene on top makes it water-resistant, they’re not waterproof as it’s not completely covered in neoprene

7. Drasry Neoprene Fishing Gloves

In the second to last slot on the list, we have the Drasry Neoprene Fishing Gloves. Don’t let their position on the list fool you, these ice fishing gloves are an excellent product.

These fishing gloves are made of excellent quality materials, including neoprene. A common term in this list (as you may have already noticed by now) neoprene is great for keeping water out.

It has more than just neoprene to offer you, so let’s get into what features these gloves have.

Drasry Neoprene Fishing Gloves Touchscreen 3 Cut Fingers Warm Cold Weather Waterproof Suitable for Men and Women Ice Fishing Fly Fishing Photography Motorcycle Running Shooting (Black S)


  • Three finger cutoffs in the thumbs, index, and middle fingers, which are great for when you need to use tackle or handle things with the line and rod
  • Touchscreen fabric on the fingertips allows you to handle any touchscreen device without removing your gloves
  • Adjustable velcro wrist strap ensures a tight fit
  • Insulated with fleece lining
  • Neoprene makes these gloves completely waterproof
  • Silicone grip on the palms and fingers


  • Made of high-quality materials that’ll last you a long time
  • 100 percent waterproof
  • Insulated with fleece which is great at keeping you warm
  • Finger cutoffs are great for when you need to handle fishing equipment


  • Touchscreen fabric only being on the fingertip makes it harder to use
  • The silicone grip is not as good as some of the amazing grips on other gloves in the list

8. RUNCL Fishing Gloves

The RUNCL Fishing Gloves are the final ice fishing glove on this list, but they’re certainly not the least.

This offering from RUNCL arguably has the most protective grip on this list and is quite stylish! They come in 4 different colorways that all look great.

The outstanding grip is not the only incredible feature these gloves have, they are also stacked with other qualities you’ll be grateful for on your ice fishing trip.

RUNCL Fishing Gloves Winter Warm RAGUEL, Touchscreen Outdoor Fishing Gloves, Neoprene 3 Cut Fingers Cycling Gloves, Convertible Windproof for Men Women Ice Fishing Photography Kayaking?Purple?L/XL?


  • 3 finger cutoffs on the thumb, index, and middle fingers
  • Water-resistant and windproof neoprene material ensures you won’t have to worry about the elements
  • The warm plush lining makes for cozy insulation that’ll keep your hands safe
  • Microfiber palm and stretch finger seams allow for both dexterity while protecting you from sharp objects like fishing hooks


  • Well insulated, which makes it an excellent choice for frigid environments
  • Finger cut-offs are of course great for handling equipment
  • Microfiber palm offers the best protection from sharp objects on this list
  • Neoprene keeps the water and wind away


  • Not made of the highest quality materials (except for neoprene)

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Ice Fishing Gloves

Now that you’ve gone through our list of the best ice fishing gloves, now it’s time for you to see what actually makes a good glove in the first place.

Spoiler alert: there are a lot of things that go into making a quality glove you can rely on.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details.

Water Resistance

Water resistance is an essential quality for an ice fishing glove to have.

Imagine it starts to snow or rain, or you have to quickly grab a fish out of the water, or a fish splashes water on you. If your gloves splash on you, your hands will be absolutely freezing.

In the worst-case scenario, wet gloves in cold weather conditions can lead to hypothermia. Neoprene is the material to look for when it comes to water resistance.

Now answer this: what’s the point of a cold-weather glove if not to protect you from the cold and prevent things that cause hypothermia? If you answered “there’s no point”, you’re correct. Water resistance is crucial.

Thickness and Insulation

The materials used to insulate your hands and the actual thickness of the glove matter a lot.

The conditions while Ice Fishing can be really cold, so naturally your ice fishing gloves need to be capable of meeting the challenge of keeping you warm despite the weather.

Many gloves are insulated with fleece, which is great, but other choices do well like 3M Thinsulate and even faux mink lining.

Insulated Ice Fishing Gloves

Material of the Gloves

The material of your gloves is a topic of the utmost importance. ice fishing gloves probably require more than most gloves and excellent material quality.

The amount of conditions and situations your gloves need to be able to stand up to on an ice fishing expedition is simply more than that of most winter sports.

There are sharp hooks, cold water, harsh winds, freezing temperatures, fish scales, etc. If your gloves are to last you longer than just 2 or 3 trips, the materials must be durable and high-quality.

Brand Quality

Of course, the brand isn’t everything, but it tends to be the case that more established brands invest more into making better quality ice fishing gloves and that shows.

Good brands to look for are Palmyth and KastKing. Each of these brands features on the list, and for good reason, they make good products.

What type of Ice Fishing Glove Should You Buy?

Full Glove

A full glove means that your fingers are completely covered, but they aren’t mittens. A full glove is what you look for if you want consistent hand mobility.

A lot of full glove options come with finger cutoffs. Gloves with this option are great as they allow you to handle equipment that requires a more delicate touch with your actual fingers when required and keep them covered the rest of the time.

The drawback of these gloves is that the more insulation is added the list dextrous your hand is.

Full Ice Fishing Gloves

Convertible Mittens

The ideal choice for someone looking for a mix between insulation and the freedom of being able to use fingers freely, convertible mittens are more versatile than you might imagine.

Convertible mittens have a top that covers your fingers, and when you remove that top part, it exposes fingerless gloves. It looks similar to a convertible car for your hands, hence the name.

The downside is that you don’t have the consistent finger mobility of full gloves, but they are usually better insulated than full gloves.

Find Your Perfect Ice Fishing Gloves Today!

We hope this list of the best ice fishing gloves of 2023 has made your shopping experience easier.

There are many important things a good ice fishing glove should have like insulation, water resistance, and suitable quality materials. The gloves on this list have all of these qualities and some offer a bit more than just that.

Need some more Minnesota gear? Trust our recommendations to guide your next shopping trip!

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