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The Best Ice Fishing Lures for 2023

Ice fishing lures can range from the incredibly simplistic to hyper-realistic designs that are almost impossible to discern from the real thing. Each style of lure has its benefits on an ice fishing trip.

The tacklebox you bring to the lake must be filled with the very best lures you can find. There should also be a variety of colors and shape in your tackle box. This will give you the best chance at success.

We have gathered the best ice fishing lures on the market today to help you fill your tackle box.

You will find a selection that ranges from simple tungsten jigs to ornate and impressive lipless crankbaits that seem more realistic than the fish themselves. It is not about choosing one type of bait but understanding the value of variety in lure type, pattern, and color.

Best Ice Fishing Lures

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Lindy Rattl’N Flyer Spoons

Best for Bluegill:
Lindy Tungsten Toad

Best for Crappie:
Crappie Mo’ Glo Jig

Best for Perch:
Northland Forage Minnow

Best Overall

Lindy Rattl’N Flyer Spoons

Lindy Rattl'N Flyer Spoon Hybrid Ice Fishing Lure Jigging Spoon, Fire Tiger, 1/8 oz

Spoons are highly effective ice fishing lures for all kinds of fishing. They often give a shine or a vibration in the water that is enough to make a fish strike. This Lindy Rattl’N Flyer Spoon works on the same principle.

The difference with this spoon is that it has a unique baitfish shape and a brass rattle to make a little extra noise. The Lindy is a 1/4 oz jig that will have no problem getting down to the bottom or suspending in the ice hole that you have cut.

The link above will take you to my chosen color. This is the chartreuse fire tiger which is a bright pattern that looks much like a sunfish or even a perch. In ice fishing waters all over the nation, both species are a food of choice for other game fish.

Of course, this spoon also has 11 other color combinations and designs. I really like the shiner minnow and lake trout imitations. Having a number of patterns in your tacklebox is a great way to figure out what the fish are after that day.


  • Baitfish Design
  • Detailed and Colorful Patterns
  • Brass Rattler


  • No Swivel on Hook Eye

Best for Bluegill

Lindy Tungsten Toad

Lindy Tungsten Toad - #14 Hook- Coach Dog

This ice fishing lure is a reminder that you do not have to be the most complex to be the most effective. You see, our best ice fishing lure for bluegill is the Lindy Tungsten Toad because of its simplicity and adaptability.

At its core, we are looking at a simple 1/8oz jig head. Alone you might inspire strikes with the right color, presentation, and pattern. However, it is what you add to this durable and reliable ice fishing lure that makes it so effective.

You might add a scented soft plastic to the back end of the Lindy Tungsten Toad or you might consider hooking a live minnow or even a red worm. All of these would be nearly irresistible to any species of panfish that might be lurking below the ice.

There are several colors and patterns available, and I would recommend you have at least three to switch between. I think the flat black and the chartreuse are my favorites. I like to have one bright pattern for clear water and a dark pattern for stained water.

Not only is tungsten more durable than the traditional lead used in these types of jigs. it is also heavier. So, this jig sinks fast.


  • Very Affordable
  • Variety of Color Patterns
  • Indestructible


  • Only One Size

Best for Crappie

Crappie Mo’ Glo Jig

Crappie Pro Mo' Glo Glow-in-The-Dark Jig Heads for Soft Plastic Crappie Fishing Baits, Accessories for Freshwater Fishing, Pack of 10, Chartreuse Glo, 1/16 oz

When you are hunting those slabs under the ice you know that the crappie jig you choose makes all the difference. Well, the jighead is what carries that soft plastic jig, and the Mo’ Glo Jig is the best on the market.

As the name suggests, these crappie jig heads do glow in the dark, but they are also incredibly brilliant in the water during the daytime. This flash of color is great for attracting fish.

The jig head is designed for a variety of soft plastic baits of your choosing. When it comes to crappie fishing, I usually put my faith in the white twister, and that would be a perfect combination with this bright jig head. This is what makes it one of the best ice fishing lures.

you can get the Mo Glo in 1/24, 1/16, 1/8, and 1/16oz sizes. Depending on the size of plastics you would like to use and the water conditions, this variety of sizes is important.


  • 10 Pack
  • Glowing Jighead
  • Balanced Hook for Crappie


  • Only Two Colors are Available

Best for Perch

Northland Forage Minnow

Northland Tackle FMS2-24 Forage Minnow Jig'n Spoon 1/16-Ounce, Super-Glow Chub

Those toothy perch are good eating. They are such fun fish to catch, and they love a good minnow pattern. Perch love baitfish, so this Northland Forage Minnow is the perfect ice fishing bait for them.

Northland Tackle has been at this game for a long time. Since 1975 they have been crafting some of the best spoons and ice fishing lures on the market. This forage minnow is a great example of that experience.

These spoons are 1/16oz and come in a variety of minnow designs. All color patterns are built on a reflective design and feature one single eye to give it that realistic baitfish appearance.

One single red treble hook hangs from the back of this minnow and acts to hook your fish and attract it with that blood-red color.


  • Reflective Realistic Design
  • Red Treble Hook
  • Many Color/Species Patterns


  • No Swivel on Hook Eye

VMC Bullfly

VMC Tungsten Bullfly Jig 1/64 oz Metallic Rainbow

This jig is small, and it is designed to attract small fish or lake trout primarily. It is a colorful little tungsten jig that is very easy to fish. It has enough going on with hackles and shining materials that it won’t require much action to attract fish.

The VMC Bullfly is a 1/64oz jig, so if you have trouble getting to the right depth, you may want to add a split shot.

This design is a metallic rainbow, but you will see several other designs are available too. If you are going to fish small ice fishing lures like this one, you should add some variety to the tacklebox.

This small jig may not look like a big spoon or even a larger jighead, but the materials and the tungsten bead head give it serious fish-attracting power.


  • Tungsten Bead head
  • Variety of Designs
  • Attractive Materials


  • Too Small for Some Species

Z Viber Micro

Z-Viber Micro - Ultra Light and Ice Fishing Lure - Mini Lipless Crankbait - 1/16oz Rattle Bait (0.6") (Baby Bluegill)

This lipless crankbait is one of the most beautiful ice fishing lures. It is a 1/16oz lure that is considered micro size. To quantify that, it is just a bit over a half-inch in length.

Ideal for catching panfish like crappie, bluegill, and yellow perch, the Z-Viber Micro will keep you busy all day.

On the inside, the Z Viber Micro is tungsten weighted with a built-in rattle system that creates a subtle rattling noise to attract fish.

If the action of this lipless crankbait is not enough to make the fish strike, then the hyper-realistic design will. It all starts with the 3D holographic eye. Then there are over 20 different styles to choose from. Some are so realistic it is unbelievable.

Designs like the rainbow trout and the baby bluegill are just incredible. The crappie design is spot on, too. When you are buying these micro ice fishing lures, remember to buy one design that matches the fish you are after.

It is very common for fish to cannibalize their own species. You might have the best days of crappie fishing by using a micro crappie ice fishing lure.


  • Hyper Realistic Design
  • Tungsten Weighted
  • Internal Rattle


  • Too Small for Larger Species

What Makes Fish Strike Ice Fishing Lures?

Fish strike ice fishing lures for a number of reasons. It’s not just about finding hungry fish that are feeding. Though these fish are a great target. All species of fish are also violently territorial, and should a small baitfish come rattling into its territory, the fish will strike out in anger.

Ice Fishing Lure

Even when fish are not in their own territory, they can be agitated into striking ice fishing lures. Things like rattles and vibrations all grab the attention of fish, and these noises can force them to strike out of instinct.

Another thing that makes fish strike like clockwork is when they are spawning. During this time, males can become very aggressive. It is one of the best times to be on the water. When female bass are on the nest, they can also become incredibly vicious.

Running your ice fishing lure near a nest will drive that fish wild and will induce a strike 100% of the time.

3 Tips for Success With Ice Fishing Lures

Just having the right ice fishing lures is hardly all it takes to have success when you are ice fishing. I have to assume that success to you means more time spent catching fish and less time sitting idly in the cold.

There are three things, that you can do consistently, that will better your chances to catch more fish. The great news is these are very easy things to do. The more diverse the tacklebox, the easier this will be.

1. Change Color

If you dropped the same color bait into your ice holes more than 10 times or spent more than 20 minutes in an ice hole without any action, then it is time to change. You may not want to change the bait, but you can see a world of difference by simply changing the color of the bait.

The change should be from bright to dark colors or vice versa.

2. Change Baits

Use the same metric after you have changed colors to change baits. Sometimes you have to change the bait you are using, and it can make a world of difference. You see, the fish might not like your tungsten toad, but your rattlin spinner might be just what they are after.

Change your ice fishing lures and change them often.

3. Change the Presentation of your Ice Fishing Lures

Another great tactic to use with your ice fishing baits is adjusting your presentation. Even in ice fishing, you can use the presentation to drive fish crazy and make them bite.

Changing Ice Fishing Lures

Some baits are designed to sit in the water. Sometimes that’s enough. You can raise your bait up a bit and then drop it down. Do this over and over to give your bait the appearance that it is moving and alive.

One of the most powerful presentations is the jerk. A quick jerk of your wrist makes your ice fishing lures dart a bit. If you watch baitfish, this is how they move. You can jerk once or jerk three times in succession.

Wrapping Up the Best Ice Fishing Lures

Any one of these ice fishing lures is enough to make a fish strike under the ice. Though having one good ice fishing lure is not enough. Conditions change, water can be stained, fish can be finicky, and you need options.

If you wish to be consistent on the ice, then you need a wide range of ice fishing gear.

A well-stocked tackle box that has the best ice fishing lures in a variety of colors and designs will assure you that.

Trying new baits and testing new presentations is really what fishing is all about. Don’t get too caught up in the idea of just catching fish. As my father would say, “They don’t call it catching. They call it fishing.” Enjoy your time on the ice.

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