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My baby isn’t a baby anymore :(

My sweetheart Jadis is 5 years old and is heading out the door to Kindergarten in just FIVE days! I have been just fine with the idea of her going to school. Until last night after back to school night! It really hit me: my baby isn’t a baby anymore 🙁

Newborn Baby Jadis

Jadis was a gift from God. In fact she was born one day shy of our First Wedding Anniversary! She has always been a great joy to us. Jadis loves to smile and laugh. She is very sweet. I don’t want her to grow up.

South Dakota trip

Jadis is a very silly little girl! She tells us she is the funniest in the family all the time. She loves her family more than anything. Her heart is huge. Jadis’ favorite things to do is sing, dance, give hugs and kisses.

Jadis and her BFF

When she was 9 months old she started to walk and at one she could tell you the letters in the alphabet. I can only imagion she will be a A+ student. I hope her teacher can keep up with her! Jadis is a 100 miles per hour of pure fun!

Bakin’ cookies

Jadis has been a Daddy’s girl from day one! The bond between the two of them is very special.

Daddy’s girl

Time sure does fly bye…

My happy Jadis

Well, here’s to a new beginning. I pray my daughter will grow in her walk with Jesus. I pray she will make great deasions. I pray she will never ever forget she is loved more than words can describe. Off to school you go my sweet little Jade.


After writing this post Jadis asked me to read it to her. She got really sad and cried. She said she is going to miss us while she is at school. It kinda made me rethink the whole thing, but shortly after she was off playing and I was ok with her going to school. Bittersweet.