Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Facts about Chickens

cute chicken/hen
I love having backyard chickens. I currently have two laying hens because in the city you need a permit to have more than two. I don't want to go through the process to get a permit. Plus, two chickens make enough poop for me to clean up. A few fun fast facts about chickens to help you decide if you...

Adventures at the Science Museum of MN

Old dinosaurs science
The crew and I take a trip to the Science Museum of Minnesota. Our friend over at Life With Levi sent us a couple of tickets to check it out before going back to school. Getting there was pretty easy because it is right off the highway on Hwy. 94. The tickets are not cheap to get into the...

My baby isn’t a baby anymore :(

My sweetheart Jadis is 5 years old and is heading out the door to Kindergarten in just FIVE days! I have been just fine with the idea of her going to school. Until last night after back to school night! It really hit me: my baby isn't a baby anymore :( Jadis was a gift from God. In fact she...

spur of the moment photoshoot

As I was getting ready to blog about something that could be amazing I got sidetracked. imagine that with 5 kids running around! They were being so sweet that I took the camera and shot some pictures. My camera is new to me, so I played around with a new setting. The end Kelly

Can You Keep Chickens In Your City?

minneapolis farmers market chicken
I live in an area that does allow homeowners to keep 2 chickens without a permit. If I wanted to get anymore I would have to go before the city council  requesting a permit to do so. Plus, I would have to have the go ahead from every household that is within 200 feet from our home. There is...