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Pinterest: Hair Styles for Moms on the Go

What in the world would I do with myself if Pinterest never came along? I think I would still make bad meals, look like a mess, my house would be shamefully ugly and my mind would be very bored. Maybe I am pushing it to the extreme, however I do enjoy going onto Pinterest and getting new ideas for all sorts of areas in life. My favorite is hair styles. Currently I have just below the shoulder hair length and I get tired of the everyday mom do of wearing it in a half pony on top of my head. I also love to try new looks on my 5 year old. Thank goodness I have Pinterest hair styles to get my dead dry look into a super model diva look!

I am going to start by showing you long hair easy to do ideas from Pinterest –

bun for long hair

Easy twist


busy mom braid

I love the two braids pulled together

I know I said I didn’t want to have the everyday bun, but this is super cute.

Braided bun look for busy mom

I actually do this style on Jade and me. I found it on YouTube. Here it is from Pinterest.

Bow bun for long hair

Who needs a new pony tail look?

That’s how they make the bump!

Stunning color

Let’s go a little shorter…

The next looks came from a Pinterest pinner from a blog called I love her styles!

How fun is that – love it

Funky and simple

Classic look – beautiful

This would be a great hairstyle for watching your kid’s games

I have always been too scared to rock a short hair style, but these are leaning me towards never say never. I have cut mine to the bottom of my ears, but no shorter!

Pixie look

Choppy, but cute

I sport long bangs to the side almost always

This makes me want to get star earrings

Trendy chic

One more short hairstyle for mom

Lastly, have you noticed the bang look is back? I remember having the Brenda Walsh bang hair style. I was in 7th grade!


Well, bangs are back!

Bangs are number one in style today

bangs with a layered cut

All the cool people have bangs

Ready for anything with the bang look

Mom’s love bangs

That is all I have for you today. I hope this helps you when you are at a lost on those “bad hair days”.

xoxo Kelly