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Planting Corn in the Garden with Kids

These cuties wanted to help plant the backyard garden –


Today, I was determine to finally plant my backyard garden before summer had come and gone! My garden isn’t huge by any means, but I just haven’t had the extra time to get out there and finish it. I needed the helpers extra hands. Question is how much of a help were those two stinkers?!

LOOK MAMA, I can un-dig all your seeds!


As soon as I turned my head around I noticed Ruthie “helping” by taking pins and making holes in the black weed blocker. I quickly moved her attention to an area of dirt that hadn’t been planted yet. She was super happy digging holes for the seeds.

How Deep can I GO?!


Now that I had Ruth busy I needed to check on Isaiah because a silent baby means a trouble making baby. Yep, trouble…

All the Corn Seeds are planted – Isaiah’s style!

Grandpa George will be so proud!!


After a whole afternoon of laying the black weed blocker and getting so much help from my mini people I was able to plant all my corn.

I didn’t get too far.


Jadis was having fun finding all her favorite things in the garage while we wrapped up planting the corn.

Look what I found – Two Mismatched Gloves, a Book, my Purse and so much more.


The kids were a tad crazy (normal), but at least I had a great day planting corn in the garden with the kids. We got pretty dirty and we had a ton of giggles throughout. When we were all done Ruth decided she wanted to play in the water sprinkler.

Just a little bit closer…




Ruthie tried to go into the water a few more times, but never stayed too long. Isaiah laughed hard when Ruth ran away from the water.

Life is good!


Tomorrow, I will get the rest of the veggies planted. I hope the little ones want to help again because it was my favorite part of my whole day.

xoxo Kelly

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Wednesday 29th of May 2013

Love the pics.....dirty kids are happy kids and you'll love looking at those pics years from now with laughter and smiles!!! P.S. your way ahead of me as far as the garden goes, so great job!

Cindy H.

Wednesday 29th of May 2013

Hi Kelly. I love that you have a backyard garden! I wish I could plant one, too. It's too hot in Houston for anything to live, plus my HOA would probably fine me. Your kids are adorable. I remember when my girls (both teenagers now *sigh*) used to like to help me with everything from planting flowers, to painting to cooking, so don't forget to enjoy it as much as you can!! Now they just sit around and text their friends all damn day. I just started a new blog all about the adventures of raising these two teen girls. As far as I know, I may be the only one in cyberspace regularly writting a humor blog about parenting teens girls. Since you have older ones, too, I thought you might enjoy my latest posts! God bless you.


Wednesday 29th of May 2013

Cindy, Thanks for the kind words. I know what you are saying about the video games and texting. Our oldest started his own lawn care/staining decks summer job and already he is talking about the new phone he is going to buy. Plus, the 70's muscle car he wants to save up for when he is 16. I feel my hair turning grey as I type this. I like your daughter's prom dress. It was so pretty.


Wednesday 29th of May 2013

Yes I do! ;) Love to see everyone pitching in. The kids will never say 20 years from now, "Gee Mom, I sure wish you had planted all the garden yourself so we had nice strait rows and a perfect vegetable yield". They will remember the time they spent together with you and as a family. p.s. muddy toddler knees are awesome. Fun post.


Wednesday 29th of May 2013

Emily, your garden looks amazing! I loved your photos from the other day. Muddy kids are the best kind :)

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