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St. Patrick’s Day Secrets Revealed By Kids

March 17th marks the day when many people will be celebrating the most commonly-recognised patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. If you can’t trace a drop of Irish in your family line it doesn’t matter because the spirit of the day floods across the world giving everyone a taste of good luck. Minnesotans will dress in hues of green, spend the day discussing the best ways to find the end of a rainbow and what they would do if they found a lucky leprechaun, but how does one catch the breaded little man?

We went to a group of kid experts to find the answers to what types of treasures lay at the end of the rainbow, their best tricks to catching a lucky leprechaun and if they were granted 3 wishes what would they request?

life in minnesota newspaper blogLucy, age 7

Bless Lucy’s little heart, she replies God is at the end of the rainbow.

life in minnesota newspaper blogOllie, age 4

Ollie tells us Batman is at the end of the rainbow!

life in minnesota newspaper blogLaney, age 6

In Laney’s option, the best way to catch a leprechaun is to be nice. (true Minnesotan girl)

life in minnesota newspaper blogLibby, age 10

Libby tells us it’s impossible to catch a leprechaun because they can teleport.

life in minnesota newspaper blog Ethan, age 4

Ethan rises his eyebrows and quite seriously he asks, “What’s a leprechaun?”

life in minnesota newspaper blogRuth, age 5

Ruth would like to wish for a live in housekeeper, for a house decorated with hearts everywhere, and she would like lots of American Girl Dolls because she LOVES them.

life in minnesota newspaper blogJadis, age 7

Jadis believes a big pot of gold with a leprechaun swimming in it awaits at the end of a rainbow!