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19 Great Things to Do in Fridley, Minnesota

It’s no coincidence that the letters of ‘Fridley’ sound similar to ‘friendly’. While discovering all the many great things to do in Fridley, you will find that it is, indeed, one of the friendliest places to be in Minnesota.

Among the many parks and nature centers, you will find an abundance of nature to appreciate and enjoy. From a variety of mouthwatering eateries to the exploration of Fridley’s history, you will find several great things to do in Fridley, Minnesota.

1. Springbrook Nature Center

Springbrook Nature Center marsh land and water
Looking over the marsh from the trail at the Springbrook Nature Center

The first stop on our list of great things to do in Fridley is a trip to the Springbrook Nature Center. The Springbrook Nature Center is a popular natural destination for members of the community and a resource for Schools and volunteers. The center runs about 700 programs a year and about 200,000 people can visit in one year.

The center boasts an interpretive building and exhibits, hiking trails that wind through the park, a lovely boardwalk from which to enjoy the wetlands without getting your feet wet, and a paved trail that is accessible for the disabled. The birdlife at Springbrook brings hundreds of visitors each year

There is so much to see at the center that you will be kept busy walking, learning, looking at wildlife, and enjoying the amphitheater. In fact, there is so much to do at Springbrook that the whole family will find this the best place to be.

2. Ray Thompson Little League Baseball Fields

If you are looking for a different way to spend a day, why not take a picnic and watch some little league baseball at the Ray Thompson Little League Baseball Fields. The fields on the baseball diamonds are impeccably maintained and the scoreboards and bleachers are well-maintained.

3. Riverfront Regional Park

Riverfront Regional Park is a mixture of redwoods and lakes; hikes and kayaks; and fishing and canoeing. It is located along the Russian River and is easily accessible from town. Its easy access places the park soundly on our list of great things to do in Fridley.

There are two lakes in the park, which can be explored by kayak or canoe. You will be able to enjoy the peace of the water and catch sight of some wildlife in the redwood grove that runs along the side of the lake. If you are less water-bound, then you can take advantage of more than 3 miles of hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails.

The park also hosts events, such as an exploration of the Geology of Sonoma County, or exploratory walks in the park for the family.

4. Fridley Community Park

Enjoy a sunny afternoon playing at one of the best family time things to do in Fridley, Minnesota
Enjoy a sunny afternoon playing at one of the best family time things to do in Fridley, Minnesota

Fridley Community Park is a versatile place for just about any sport – or so it seems. Actually, there are six sports fields that can be used for football, lacrosse, cricket, soccer, and baseball. The facility is spotlit, so the fun and games need not end when the sun sets. The park is the perfect place to hold a sports tournament.

If spectating is your preference, then you can buy snacks at the concessions in the shelter. For a break from the games, you can take a walk along the trails that run around the field. The kids can spend some time in the playground.

5. Sand Dunes Natural History Area

Next on our list of great things to do in Fridley, is to visit the Sand Dunes Natural History Area. Practically in the middle of Fridley and on the shores of Moore Lake is the Sand Dunes Natural History Area, where you can experience just a little taste of the original land in the area. The lake is your playground for paddling your own kayak or canoe and the wonderful scenic features make this a popular walking area.

6. Islands of Peace

What a lovely name for the three islands in the Mississippi River. Named in 1971, these islands offer the visitor a close-up experience of the maple basswood trees that grow in the area. There is a walking bridge to the largest island, Chase, that leads to the island from the shoreline. The other two islands are only accessible from the water.

The park is the perfect place for hiking and biking, along the two miles of trails. There is also a hard-surfaced trail to stroll along that goes along the shoreline.

7. Manomin County Park

Two men sat peacefully fishing
Relax while peacefully fishing at Manomin County Park; one of the fun things to do in Fridley, Minnesota

At the confluence of Rice Creek and the Mississippi River, you will find Manomin County Park, which gets its name from the Chippewa word for ‘wild rice’. Here, you can appreciate the wildlife and enjoy a range of activities. Walk or ride along the trails, or take a kayak and paddle on nearby Locke Lake.

If fishing is your passion, you can try your luck for sheepshead, walleye, and crappie. When you are looking for a break, you can sit and have a picnic under the period-style gazebo.

8. Terrace Park Fridley

Terrace Park is a city park that is the perfect place for you to take the family for some fun in the sun and even some games. The open spaces and the playground are just what kids need to create their own worlds, or simply to enjoy playing. For slightly more conventional playing, there are tennis courts and a baseball diamond. You can also watch the fun and games while having a picnic.

9. Harris Lake Park

Harris Lake Park is a small neighborhood park in Fridley. There is a small pavilion for those very sunny days, or even to sit under when it’s raining. For kids, there is play equipment on which they can open up their imaginations. Watch them become pirates, or even fly on the swing set. Take a picnic and spread out on the grass, or sit on a bench and watch the birds on and around the pond.

10. Flanery Park

Another neighborhood park worth visiting is Flanery Park. It covers about 6 acres and features sports courts and fields in summer and an ice rink in winter. The park is particularly suited for families and groups of friends. Kids can play on the play equipment, or simply run around and play on the lawn. You can take a picnic and book one of the picnic tables, or have a charcoal grill. If there is no space under the shelter, then take a blanket and spread your picnic out on the grass.

The sports facilities in the park include a baseball diamond, basketball court, and tennis courts, which are floodlit. In summer, Flanery Park hosts a Rec ‘n Roll Program, where everyone can take part in free, recreational fun.

11. Fridley Historical Center

The Fridley Historical Center and Museum are housed in the historic Fridley District 23 Schoolhouse. It was founded in 1985 with the purpose of preserving the building and has grown over the years to be a museum and the home of the Historical Society. The museum is special because it is community-based. On the main floor of the house, you will find the original classrooms housing items that characterize the history of Fridley. On the lower level is a timeline that chronicles this history in a timeline.

12. Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts

Banfill-Locke Center is a non-profit organization that is built on developing the community by engaging with the arts. They aim at achieving growth, connection, innovation, and accessibility. To do this they cater to any community members and also creatives and artists. The various exhibitions that they curate showcase work by artists, as well as schools. The building the center is housed in has a long history and that pulls through into the center itself.

13. Applebee’s Fridley

Applebee’s Fridley may appear to be simply a friendly neighborhood bar and grill, but there is more. The menu is varied and the prices affordable. Gather here for a lunch with colleagues, or for a bit with friends. Take the family to Applebee’s for dinner. We are always rushing in our daily lives and Applebee’s has this covered with their To Go service. Their great food is never far from your table.

14. Holy Land Bakery

Visitors to Holy Land Bakery may be led to believe they have indeed entered the holy land, with the wonderful fare, friendly service, and welcoming atmosphere. At Holy Land, you will find something to suit every taste and every palate. Whether you delight in meat or are a vegetarian, you will find something delicious. If you want the experience to continue, you can purchase delicious items at the deli and take them home.

15. Eugene H. Hagel Arboretum

The Eugene H. Hagel Arboretum is located in the Brooklyn Center. This is the place for any nature lover to visit. It is a botanical garden that overflows with the richness of rare flora and fauna from the area. People of all ages will find delight in the park, with its well-maintained lawns and well-kept paved roads. The natural wetlands will draw your attention to the varied wildlife that calls this their home. In summer, the beautiful and magical blooms will capture everyone’s attention.

16. Blue Sun Soda Shop

Visit Blue Sun Soda Shop for original craft sodas and candy. You will have to visit the shop many times over to even begin to taste part of the thousands of flavors of soda that are available. And these are not the usual soda flavors you will find anywhere else. Here, you will find literally hundreds of brands of firm favorites like root beer and orange soda.

Then, of course, you will also be able to take your pick from the hundreds of types of candies and sweets. Take advantage of the free popcorn as you take your pick.

17. Mississippi River Paddle Shore

Kayak along the river
Kayak along the river

Rent a paddle, take to a kayak and paddle the great river. Mississippi River Paddle Share is a self-serve sharing system where you can rent a kayak at one location and then paddle it downstream to another – and leave it there. Use this system to chart your own adventure.

18. Crooners Supper Club

Crooners is your opportunity to capture the spirit of the classic American nightclub experience. Dress up, or dress down, or come as you are. This is the time to relive part of a golden era in which there were supper clubs around every corner and dinner was a formal affair.

At Crooners Supper Club, you will find a varied menu created from locally sourced ingredients and delicacies, accompanied by cocktails and drinks to your order. All this to the accompaniment of the evening show, after which a nightcap at the bar is the perfect ending to the evening.

19. MB2 Raceway

Last, but not least on our list of best things to do in Fridley, brings out the competitiveness in us all. What better fun can you have indoors than to go GoKart racing. At MB2 Raceway, there is plenty of place for everyone, from kids to adults, to have fun. This is one of the best options for a party to mark an occasion, or for friends to take part in some friendly competition.

Great Things to Do in Fridley

Rich in history, loaded with beautiful, peaceful parks, great food, friends, and fun, the town of Fridley is ready for you to explore. Whether you are a visitor or a local, make yourself some new friends and discover all the great things to do in Fridley, Minnesota.

After trying one or more adventures from our list of great things to do in Fridley, let us know which one was you and your friends enjoyed the most.