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19 Great Things to Do in Golden Valley, Minnesota

Rich in history and encompassed by nature, you will discover many great things to do in Golden Valley, Minnesota. From brilliant sunsets, heart-pumping hikes, and a nature center to creative arts, skating, and craft beers, Golden Valley has got your awesome explorations covered. Let’s dive in and discover all the great things to do in Golden Valley, Minnesota, and its surrounding area.

Get fired up by taking a pottery class at one of the most creative things to do in Golden Valley, Minnesota
Get fired up by taking a pottery class at one of the most creative things to do in Golden Valley, Minnesota

1. Fired Up Studios

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, you have the unique chance to explore your creativity at Fired Up Studios. You’ll find yourself in a supportive environment that provides various services such as membership options, pottery classes, and a retail gallery. Furthermore, if you enjoy being charitable, you might like to know that Fired Up Studios donates to charities. This time, the establishment will be donating funds to The Lift Garage. The Lift Garage provides aid to those who live in homelessness and poverty by repairing cars at an affordable cost. 

2. Theodore Wirth Regional Park

You and your loved ones can participate in year-round activities and see national treasures at Theodore Wirth Regional Park. Moreover, there are many gardens, two golf courses, and Wirth Lake. Ride a bike on a mountain bike trail in the middle of a city, play outdoor volleyball or have a picnic. Or choose from the vast array of walking trails the park has to offer and go for a peaceful walk in nature. 

Breathe in the fresh air on a peaceful walk in nature
Breathe in the fresh air on a peaceful walk in nature

3. Westwood Hills Nature Center

This nature center is home to various animals, including owls, foxes, mink, turtles, and deer. It’s located on 160 acres of land which features restored prairie, woods, and marsh. Each day for the entire year, the playground and nature center trails are open. Kids and adults can go for walks on well-maintained trails, listen to nature sounds and maybe even see an animal or two. There’s also a playground where children can stay engaged. 

4. Manor Park

Next on our list of great things to do in Golden Valley is a trip to Manor Park. Designed with kids in mind, Manor Park has two separate playgrounds, one for younger tykes and another for older kids. To block the harsh sun, you can spend time underneath a shady canopy. In addition, you can play baseball on the baseball diamond or experience the amazing water park. Other than this, there are benches, a picnic area, a tennis court, and a large field where you can play football or toss a Frisbee to a friend or your dog. 

5. 3rd Lair Skatepark & Skateshop

3rd Lair gives people the opportunity to take skating lessons as individuals. Alternatively, you can register for a skateboard camp where you can learn in a small group environment. You can participate no matter what age or experience level you are. And if you head to the website, you can purchase 3rd Lair gear for your next skateboarding adventure. 

6. Robbinsdale Historical Society

If you’d like to learn about Robbinsdale’s past, then Robbinsdale Historical Society is a great place to start. The museum shares the story of Robbinsdale by use of preservation and collection of data. You can view a collection full of scrapbooks, photographs, artifacts, school records, civic publications, and local directories. Those who reside here can learn about family history, the neighborhood, or other valuable information. 

7. Game Show Battle Rooms

Bringing your game face is a must when you head to Game Show Battle Rooms. You can challenge your coworkers, family, and friends in a custom arena where game show hosts help make this experience real. Receiving the TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Award means Game Show Battle Rooms is in the worldwide top 10% of attractions reviewed by TripAdvisor. 

8. East Medicine Lake Park

This area is popular for its lovely beach, playground, beautiful sunsets, cleanliness, scenic lake, swimming area, and seating. Additionally, you can watch people in the water and view the geese and ducks. On the paved path, you can go skating, biking, or walking. There’s an added public restroom to make your trip even more convenient. 

9. Under Pressure Brewing

Rather than head to a bar, you can try something new and visit Under Pressure Brewing. As the only blender in Minnesota, they create 26 on-tap brews all providing one of the most refreshing things to do in Golden Valley. Besides this, the decor is unique in that it features beautiful art, a magnificent bar, two fireplaces, and a high-ceiling taproom. You also have the option of reading and relaxing in the comfortable library taproom. 

10. Luce Line Trail

This trail can be a spectacular place to go mountain biking, for a walk, cross country skiing, inline skating, or snowmobiling. One fact that may interest you is that Luce Line Trail is located on what was formerly the Electric Short Line Railroad railbed. Near Luce Line Trail, you may see a nice military memorial. While certain people in the reviews report that the trail is made up of gravel in some parts, others say kids shouldn’t have a problem with navigating it, since it’s mostly flat. 

11. Minnehaha Creek

This creek can be a fantastic place to go skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, and paddling. Indeed, animal lovers may catch a glimpse of egrets, bald eagles, mallards, herons, coyotes, foxes, American toads, red-tailed hawks, snapping turtles, and others. Another idea is to take your dog swimming. 

12. Golden Valley Historical Society Museum

If gaining worthwhile knowledge about the city of Golden Valley is your focus, then Golden Valley Historical Society Museum might be right for you. You can learn about the city’s history or even have your wedding here to have a truly memorable day. Some popular displays you can view at the museum are stories about the Golden Valley Garden Club, Golden Valley High School, and Ewald Bros. Dairy. There are over 20 displays that feature stories from prehistoric times through the present. Economy, human rights, power, home, and community are the five main themes of the exhibits. 

For all you history lovers, after visiting Golden Valley Historical Society Museum, you might like to check out the 11 Best Museums in Minnesota.

13. Schaper Park

Take your pup for a walk on a sunny afternoon in the park
Take your pup for a walk on a sunny afternoon in the park

If you’ve never been to Schaper Park, you might assume the playground is only for kids. But adults can have fun playing and getting exercise too. The park offers a scenic place to take a walk and even go through an obstacle course. Next time you’re in the area, you might enjoy taking your dog for a walk or doing geocaching. 

14. Robbin Gallery

Those who love art can head to Robbin Gallery. Here you’ll find exhibits featuring fine art, new media prints, watercolor demonstrations, and more. In all, you can witness 12 exhibits yearly. As a local nonprofit artists’ cooperative, Robbin Gallery has a mission to enhance artists’ creativity and help them develop skills by bringing art to the community. 

15. Theodore Wirth Chalet

The Wirth Chalet is an elegant site for weddings and receptions. Another reason to come here is for a bachelor or bachelorette party. You can rent a fireplace room and an adjacent terrace. In the front of the building, you may see statues of children playing with Theodore Wirth. Besides being a charming place to have a wedding or even attend one, you can rent tubes in winter to go tubing, hang out with golf buddies, and more. 

16. Wirth Lake

There’s a little gem in the woods called Wirth Lake. With pretty walking and biking trails, you can start your morning off by getting some exercise. There’s also a small swim area and the whole place is family-friendly which places it on our list of great things to do in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

17. Brookview Park

Family picnicking together at one of the great things to do in Golden Valley
Family picnicking together at one of the great things to do in Golden Valley

Brookview Park is so wide-ranging that it can be a challenge to get through the place in one outing. You can sit under a shade tree and read a book or join a group picnic and eat delicious food. Parents can watch their children from a pavilion on top of a little hill while they play on the playground. All ages can have fun at this park. 

18.North Cedar Lake Regional Trail

When you want to go hiking, biking, or out for a 15-mile run, North Cedar Lake Regional Trail can be the place to go. Regular exercise can boost your mood, improve mental health, and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. While the western part is mostly scenic, the trail is flat. Heading down this trail will take you to downtown Minneapolis. 

19. Bassett Creek Park

This park allows you to have fun with your dog in the dog park or simply take in the delightful scenery. Anybody could love Bassett Creek Park since there’s something for everyone: wooded and open areas, dirt and paved paths, a water fountain, a playground, a small flower garden, and picnic grounds. In order to avoid confusion, it’s important to know that Bassett Creek Park is in a different location than Bassett Creek.

Variety of Great Things to Do in Golden Valley

There is such a great variety of fun things to do in Golden Valley, you may have a difficult time choosing which adventure to begin with. Whether you close your eyes and point to one on a map, or have your friends and family help in the decision making process, you will not run out of great things to do in Golden Valle, Minnesota.

When your first Golden Valley adventure is complete, let us know which part of the activity there you like the best by leaving a comment below.