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17 Great Things To Do In Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

Whether you are living in or visiting the area, there are a ton of great things to do in Inver Grove Heights. Minnesota is a state where you get to experience all the beautiful seasons, immersing yourself in the great outdoors along with the option for big city living. 

Inver Grove Heights offers the ability to live close to the major Twin Cities and still have access to a quiet outdoor life. Grab your keys, this list, and offer we go to dive some of the great things to do in Inver Grove Heights.

The Mississippi River and Spring Lake in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota
The Mississippi River and Spring Lake in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

1. Drac’s Pub

One of the first things to do in Inver Grove Heights is to head on over and start your visit with Happy Hour at Drac’s Pub. The pub is a part of Drkula’s Bowl, so grab a game while you are there. Locals in the area are probably already winding down with a few brews and a game, enjoying the causal atmosphere that is welcoming to everyone. Grab a pizza with your favorite toppings or a hot dinner of fish and chips if you need something a little more hearty. 

2. Inver Wood Golf Course

Are you looking for a quiet getaway out on the green? The views and the peaceful atmosphere at Inver Wood Golf Course. Grab an early tee time so that you can spend the day enjoying the charming views that the course has to offer. While you are there, you may get to witness one of the beautiful weddings that the golf course gets to host throughout the year, as their guests feel that the rolling hills and wooded areas are perfect for their big day. 

3. The Oasis Massage Center

Because so many come to Inver Grove Heights to get away for a few days, being able to truly relax comes with a massage from the Oasis Massage Center. Choose from a number of exotic services that will allow you to reset and seek positive health vibes. In addition to traditional massages, you can experience the health benefits of ear candling, raindrop therapy, and exfoliation scrubs to remove excess dry skin from your body so that you get that rejuvenating experience. Come with a group of friends, a couples session, or maybe just spend some time with yourself. 

4. Open Window Theatre

If you are really looking for things to do in Inver Grove Heights, the Open Window Theatre is usually having a play or event for you to enjoy. This venue offers live plays throughout the year, so make sure to visit their online schedule. They also host special events such as the Fall Art Show and speakers who are coming to the area to spread their stories. For those moving to the area, many youths find this theater fun because they offer youth classes and education to help assist with their acting skills. 

5. Rock Island Swing Bridge

If you are looking to take a stroll around Inver Grove Heights and explore what is available, many go over to the Rock Island Swing Bridge for the experience of a local landmark. Built in the 19th century, this bridge was designed as a double-decker and also a toll bridge at one point. In fact, it was the last existing toll bridge until 2011 when it was closed and opened to the public as a historical landmark. This bridge is a representation of life in Minnesota in previous centuries, and it also provides beautiful views of the Mississippi River that are hard to get anywhere else. 

6. AMC Inver Grove 16

One of the hottest spots for locals on the weekends is the AMC Inver Grove 16. They take dinner and movies to a new level, by offering a full menu for guests to enjoy while they watch. Everything from appetizers, entrees, and desserts are available for your purchase while you catch the latest release. Even guests visiting from out of town put this on their to-do list as one of the fun things to do in Inver Grove Heights. Choose the seats you want ahead of time and enjoy the reclining options available. 

7. Dakota County State Fair

A thrilling amusement ride at one of the most fun things to do in Inver Grove Heights
A thrilling amusement ride at one of the most fun things to do in Inver Grove Heights

During the fall season, the Dakota County State Fair comes to town and there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you want to enjoy carnival games, rides, or both, there are plenty to choose from over the course of this week. Enjoy all the great fair food that you love and can enjoy while you travel through the fair. Don’t miss the demolition derby events while you are there, as that is a local highlight when it comes to town. 

8. Mississippi River Greenway

Just outside of Inver Grove Heights and into St. Paul is the Mississippi River Greenway. This Greenway is designed for bikers who want a long view of the Mississippi River while getting in their miles for a Sunday stroll or fitness purposes. There are a few park connections along the way, where bikers can enjoy a picnic or just a nice place to sit and relax. Once this Greenway is finished in its entirety, there will be 27 beautiful miles from one end to the other for guests and Minnesota residents to enjoy. 

9. Historic Fort Snelling

For the history buffs in the area, Fort Snelling is just outside of Inver Grove Heights. When you visit the Fort, you will experience history in Minnesota that you cannot find in a museum. There are nearly 10,000 years worth of history found within these borders. Everything from local native history to the founding of Fort Snelling is available to visitors daily. With a ground pass, you are able to walk throughout the Fort, visit the round tower, and then visit the gift shop on your way out. 

10. Holidays in the Heights

During the month of December, every day is a holiday celebration in Inver Grove Heights. Locals and visitors alike will agree that one of the fun things to do in Inver Grove Heights is to partake in the Holidays in the Heights celebration. Events such as Swim with Santa, Parents Shopping Night, and Skate with Santa are truly just a few of the events available. There is always something to do every few days and the town is decorated in its holiday best. If you are visiting around the Holidays or just recently moved, you are in for a real treat when you visit. 

11. Skyview Park

Girl in dress skates mittens tying shoelaces
Girl in ice skates, mittens, and leg warmers

If you want to experience all the fun that winter has to offer, head over to Skyview Park for an afternoon of outdoor skating. Everyone comes out of all levels and ages to enjoy the ice during the coldest time of the year. For those who have never experienced ice skating, Skyview Park gives you the opportunity to get out there and learn. Because it is not used for organized games and practices, you can take advantage of the rink while it is open to continuing building on your skill. 

12. North Valley Park Disc Golf Course

If disc golf is your game, grab some friends or the family and head over to North Valley Park for the afternoon. There are 18 holes of fun that you and your party can enjoy as you work your way around the course. Enjoy lunch after with grills available and picnic tables for all to enjoy. When the weather is nice in Inver Grove Heights, this is where you can find the locals, taking advantage of the trails, pickleball, or a friendly game of disc golf. It is super affordable, only costing $5 for a daily pass. 

13. Harmon Park Reserve

If you are an intense mountain biker, then you may want to head over to Harmon Park Reserve while you are in town. The Harmon Park bike trail on site is used for bikers who are training for upcoming events or just want to get out there and work on their rides with different terrain. There are rules associated with the trail, which is to simply leave it the way you found it. Pedestrians are able to use this trail, so be mindful when traveling, but know there is a safe and convenient location where you can get away and enjoy the quietness of nature while working on your skills. 

14. B-52 Burgers and Brew Inver Grove Heights

If you are looking for a local venue that has burgers, beer, and entertainment, then your first stop should be at B-52 Burgers and Brew. Every day there is a happy hour stretching from 11 am to 5 pm, giving locals and visitors a chance to come in and relax. The atmosphere is inviting and centrally located in the commercial district of Bishop Heights. When visitors first come into town, they are greeted with B-52 Burgers and Brew. Their menu is also kid-friendly and can accommodate anyone in your group, no matter what their dietary preferences may be. 

15. Mallards Restaurant

If you are looking to have a little something different while out in Inver Grove Heights, then Mallards Restaurant may be your next destination. You can easily reserve a table online so that it is ready when you get there. Choose menu items that remind you of the Eastern Shore with a Lobster Roll or a trip down South with some Jambalaya. Elevated comfort food describes the menu at Mallards Restaurant and might be just what you need after an evening out on the ice rink and taking in all that Inver Grove Heights has to offer. 

16. Inver Grove Brewing

Founded right in Inver Grove Heights is the Inver Grove Brewing company. Unlike many breweries, this one is family-friendly, making it an ideal stop for the whole family when you are out and about in Inver Grove Heights. The adults can enjoy local brews while having lunch with the kids. Feel free to go in and take advantage of the street tacos and Reuben nachos that your entire family will enjoy. If you have your pet, they can go as long as you dine out on the patio. 

17. Mississippi National River and Recreation Area

Enjoy an afternoon of hiking at one of the most adventurous things to do in Inver Grove Heights
Enjoy an afternoon of hiking at one of the most adventurous things to do in Inver Grove Heights

In 72 miles of pure nature, you can get out on the boat, hike a beautiful trail or enjoy bird watching along the river at the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area. There is so much for everyone to enjoy and take advantage of the wildlife and community options where folks can come together. It stretches through several towns, so if you plan to explore for the day, know you will really get your miles in. From Ramsey, through St. Paul, and to Hastings, there is so much of Minnesota to enjoy when you head over to this area. 

So Many Options…

Explore a weekend in the great outdoors or enjoy a day in the city. From hiking, golfing and bike riding to craft beer tasting, amusement rides, and the theatre, you will find a ton of fun things to do in Inver Grove Heights.

If you know of more awesome things to do in Inver Grove Heights, that you think should be added to our list, please let us know.