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12 Exciting Things to Do in Lake Elmo, Minnesota

Looking for a small town adventure? Come and visit the small town of Lake Elmo, located in Washington County, in the great state of Minnesota. Sometimes the smallest towns will provide the most exciting adventures!

While searching for fun things to do in Lake Elmo and its surrounding area, look no further as we’ve compiled a complete list of some of the best things to do on your next visit. We are sure after viewing this list, you’ll want to add Lake Elmo to your list of smaller town visits.

A long putt on the green as sunset closes in at one of the geat things to do in Lake Elmo
A long putt on the green as sunset closes in at one of the geat things to do in Lake Elmo

Things To Do In and Around Lake Elmo

Lake Elmo Public Library

In Lake Elmo, Minnesota, you will find a charming small library that in the past carried the name of the Lake Elmo Public Library. Don’t get confused, as this small, quaint public library recently changed its name and now goes by the Washington County Library!

At the now Washington County Library, you will find many different activities to explore for small children, reading clubs available for all ages, and finally, a creative program called Teentober to help encourage the love of reading.

Inflight Pilot Training

For one of the most unique things to do in Lake Elmo, we recommend you take a short 40-minute drive to check out the flight center. Inflight Pilot Training offers you the experience to learn how it feels to fly while using their “Discovery Flight” simulator!

If you’re interested in learning how to fly a plane, make sure to find out more about their flight programs. They also have real pilots you can meet in person.

Go here to find more information on achieving a higher pilot certification, or sign up to test how it feels to be a real pilot in their simulator!

Vali-Hi Drive-In Movie Theater

During your visit to Lake Elmo, drive on over and jump back in time to experience a completely different way to watch the latest movies!

At Vali- Hi Drive-In Movie Theater, you can enjoy a few snacks from their snack bar; no outside food will be allowed. You’ll be happy to have air condition and reclined seats in the comfort of your own car as you enjoy your flick.

Additionally, If you enjoy playing classic video games, you will also find a vintage arcade!

Minneapolis Vintage Market

Enjoy shopping for vintage antiques at one of the great things to do in Lake Elmo, Minnesota
Enjoy shopping for vintage antiques at one of the great things to do in Lake Elmo, Minnesota

You will find Minneapolis Vintage Market near Lake Elmo and the Twin Cities!

If you enjoy antiques and really anything in the vintage category, you will have to check this place out! This is a market where you will find a variety of vintage clothing, vintage accessories, and unique home goods.

Minneapolis Vintage Market was created as an outlet shopping experience for vintage traders and collectors to visit, view, sell, and purchase anything vintage. It’s also open to those who would like to learn more!

Outdoor Adventures in Lake Elmo

Mount Ski Gull

For an incredible outdoor adventure, grab your winter gear to enjoy a day or overnight stay of snow skiing at Mount Ski Gull.

During your day trip to Mount Ski Gull, we also recommend you check out the sport of snow tubing. Imagine spending the day with your family or friends racing down five, seven hundred foot long tubing lanes!

Have you ever heard of a Yurt? You can experience one for the first time while visiting this skiing location, as they offer 3 hour Yurt rentals. To find out more, visit or book a day trip on their website!

Spirit Mountain Recreation Park

Another day or overnight trip that’s well worth the drive is to visit Spirit Mountain. Do you want to sign up for some ski lessons? At Spirit Mountain Recreation Park, you will find the opportunity to take skiing lessons with a trained professional.

Additionally, this recreational park will offer you various winter and summer activities for the whole family to enjoy!

Here you will find their “Adventure Park,” which features more seasonal activities along with beautiful lake views to surely take your breath away!

Sunfish Lake

Cross-country skiing on a winter sunny day at one of the best things to do in Lake Elmo, Minnesota
Cross-country skiing on a winter sunny day at one of the best things to do in Lake Elmo, Minnesota

Along 284 acres of woodlands, you will find Sunfish Lake. This lake will offer you both wetland and prairie environments to explore! Open year-round you can ski or walk nine miles of mowed trails.

Coming soon to Sunfish Lake, they plan to open a Nature Center to the public. Visit Sunfish Lake in Lake Elmo to learn more about nature and the surrounding environments.

To find out more about this gorgeous lake, go to their website located here!

Royal Golf Club- Minnesota

Royal Golf Club- Minnesota is a great place to golf during your stay. Royal Golf Club has the best offer in the city with their good, clean, well-kept reputable courses. This is a private golf course, so you’ll need to plan ahead and make reservations along with check available tee times.

In addition, Royal Golf Club offers a course specifically designed to get young players into the game! This is an excellent way to get your junior golfer more practice on a lovely private golf course!

Lake Elmo Park Reserve

Next, at Lake Elmo Park Reserve, you can plan to go boating along the lake, enjoy a weekend camping, or a peaceful day fishing on the lake.

Additional activities you will find at Lake Elmo Park Reserve are horseback riding along the trails and cross-country skiing during the winter months.

Find out about even more activities to do with your family on your visit to Lake Elmo Park Reserve by clicking here!

Famous Places To Eat and Drink in Lake Elmo

Lake Elmo Inn

After all those activities, you need an excellent place to have a hearty meal, and you can find just that at Lake Elmo Inn!

Lake Elmo Inn is a classic supper club eatery that is the perfect location to choose for social gatherings, family reunions, special events, or maybe even just a daily picnic with the family!

This eatery has two weekly ongoing events you can always find without making additional plans. Instead, we recommend checking out their Fantastic Friday Luncheon and huge Sunday Brunch!

Twin Point Tavern

Savor a tasty mushroom and swiss cheese hamburger with fries at one of the most delicious things to do in Lake Elmo
Savor a tasty mushroom and swiss cheese hamburger with fries at one of the most delicious things to do in Lake Elmo

Enjoy Five- Star Food in a laid-back setting at Twin Point Tavern in Lake Elmo! This restaurant is famous for its long-standing bar and grill!

Twin Point Tavern is the place to go for different fried foods and a large selection of drink choices.

You can find out more about what you can expect here!

Knoke’s Chocolates and Nuts

Have a sweet tooth? Here at Knoke’s Chocolates and Nuts, you will find some of the best gourmet chocolates!

This is not the place of Willy Wonka; it’s a quaint, charming, small chocolate and nuts shop. This small-town chocolate store has delicious ice cream available during the warmer weather.

Find out more to pay a visit and help support this little shop and enjoy a little treat!

Wrapping Up Things to Do in Lake Elmo

As you can see, even the smallest of towns, such as Lake Elmo, can offer the most incredible activities!

Whether you choose to go snow skiing, try your hand at the pilot life, catch a movie at the drive-in, read a book in a quaint library, or enjoy some good eats and treats, you will immensely appreciate your visit to the charming area of Lake Elmo!

Let us know here at Life In Minnesota if you have other Lake Elmo favorites we need to add to our list!