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Fun for Everyone: 18 Exciting Things to Do in New Hope, Minnesota

If you’re looking for great things to do in New Hope, Minnesota, there are plenty of ways to engage yourself. In fact, you’ll find numerous family-friendly activities, adventures for grown-ups, and various other exciting ways to entertain yourself and your cohorts. Bring the kids or ask a friend to join you when you take a trip to discover all of the exciting things to do in New Hope, Minnesota, and beyond.

The Spoonbridge and Cherry at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
The Spoonbridge and Cherry at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

1. Visit a Farmer’s Market

One way to support the local community is to make a purchase at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market. Here you’ll find fresh produce, outstanding locally made products, and pretty plants. Imagine heading to the farmer’s market and buying delicious spinach, strawberries, mushrooms, baby red potatoes, and more. Add these to homemade dishes and make your family’s mouth water. Another one of the fun things to do in New Hope is to visit the New Hope Farmer’s Market, where you can see a variety of vendors. 

2. Walk in a Lovely Garden

Walking through the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is a free way to idle the hours away. View iconic and contemporary sculptures and appreciate the greenery all around you. From the blue rooster sculpture to the famous cherry on top of a spoon, this is a truly enjoyable activity to do alone or with a friend. 

3. Have a Gameshow Battle

If you’re a game show enthusiast, you can almost guarantee you’ll have the time of your life at the Gameshow Battle Rooms. You can book a private small or large group to participate in a ridiculously fun experience. Your group can partake in Primetime Showdowns or Classic Showdowns. Spin a giant wheel, have a friendly feud, or play a pricing game. 

4. Play an Exciting Game of WhirlyBall

Hopefully, you can escape so you can discover more exciting things to do in New Hope, Minnesota
Hopefully, you can escape so you can discover more exciting things to do in New Hope, Minnesota

For those who like lacrosse, hockey, and basketball, WhirlyBall at WhirlyBall Twin Cities might be your new obsession. Ride in a bumper car, challenge your friends and let yourself laugh. Moreover, have a ball by getting involved in other activities such as laser tag, bowling, arcade games, an escape room, and others. 

5. Participate in a Bowling Tournament

Not only can bowling be a game for all ages, but the New Hope Bowl and Lounge in Minnesota gives anyone the chance to have fun in a family-friendly atmosphere. Reserve a lane or two as a group or play a challenging game alone. Either way, you can hardly go wrong when you choose to engage in one of the world’s most entertaining games. 

6. Explore the Outdoors

If you’ve wanted to explore the outdoors, you might enjoy heading to Clifton E. French Regional Park. A few ways to spend your time are hiking, skiing, swimming, boating, biking, horseback riding, archery, and others. There’s also a children’s play area and special parking spots for canoes and boats. Get some exercise by going through the ropes course, riding a bike, or running. 

7. Take Your Kids to a Playground

Taking your children to Central Park Playground and Splash Pad is a smart way to make sure they have zero complaints. With slides, climbing obstacles, a skating rink, basketball courts, and other creative structures, your kids might never want to leave. You might even want to get involved in the endless activities and games. 

8. Go on a Mission to Escape

Zero Hour Escape Rooms gives you the unique chance to escape a life of ordinariness. Popular escape rooms include Mad Tea Party, Prison Break, Kraken Case, and A Quiet Place. While many people in reviews say they escaped certain rooms, others report that they didn’t get out but enjoyed the experience. 

9. Spend Time at the Walker Art Center

The Walker Art Center offers virtual school tours for children in the form of interactive presentations. There’s a garden, galleries, stage, cinema, and design studio, among other things. Adults can watch astounding onstage performances and view colorful art. Best of all, it’s a leading contemporary art center and free to all. 

10. Experience Indoor Skydiving

At iFLY, you can experience the feeling of flight with indoor skydiving. This activity is safe for every age and family-friendly. Your kids can attend STEM field trips, join a group event or go to a birthday party. 

11. Observe the Beauty of Nature

Meadow fritillary butterfly on a rudbeckia
Stroll through a wildflower garden; one of the most beautiful things to do in New Hope, Minnesota

At the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary, you can take a nice afternoon walk. Here you’ll see butterflies, chipmunks, trees, plants, flowers, and frogs. And if you’re interested in gaining valuable knowledge, try reading the labels on plants and trees to learn what they are.  

12. Get an Astrology Reading

Although many people don’t believe in the accuracy of astrology, sometimes it can surprise you. For example, astrologers can be highly skilled at telling you things you would never have figured out otherwise. If you don’t particularly want to delve into the depths of astrology, you might want to just go with a group purely for the fun of it. Koyastrology specializes in numerology, tarot, and astrology readings. 

13. Learn About African American Heritage

One way to garner important knowledge is to visit the Minnesota African American Heritage Museum and Gallery. This can be an invaluable way to celebrate Black culture and teach your family why this matters so much. Current topics center around George Floyd, resilient African Americans, and justice or lack thereof. Although this activity is serious, it can encourage you and your family to gain a new depth and meaning. Children can participate in Virtual Storytelling online where a reader or guest author is spotlighted. 

14. Visit a Lake

Relax and enjoy the breathtaking views of the lake; one of the most peaceful things to do in New Hope, Minnesota
Relax and enjoy the breathtaking views of the lake; one of the most peaceful things to do in New Hope, Minnesota

You can visit Medicine Lake and go for a run or bike ride down the path or take a moment to relax and view the breathtaking scenery. Another idea is to read a book next to the shore and breathe some fresh air. Or have a picnic at a picnic table and let the kids play in the sand. 

15. Entertain Yourself with Golf

When you head to Topgolf, you can play a great game of golf, plan a party or event or sign your kids up for Kidzone. Of course, you can plan a child’s birthday party here and you won’t even have to clean up afterward. This is a place for all ages where you can just relax and talk or participate in activities. 

16. Have an Adventure at Sky Zone

At Sky Zone, you can do various activities including ultimate dodgeball, freestyle jump, ninja warrior course, sky ladder, warped wall, foam zone, and much more. One of the most exhilarating ways to spend your time can be jumping on the trampoline and straight into the foam pit. Further, this can be a great way to get out of the winter weather and into the fun zone. 

17. Go to a Playseum for Kids

Since this is one of the best times for indoor activities, why not head to the Be with Me Playseum. When it’s chilly outside, children can entertain themselves with baking, soaps, science, art, and other exciting activities. Plus, admission is highly affordable at $12 per person, no matter what age you may be. Furthermore, you can stop by at the Children’s Book & Toy Store where you can find a loved one a unique gift for a birthday or other special occasion. 

18. See a Comedy Show

Whether you have a strong sense of humor or just need something to make you laugh, you might enjoy heading to ComedySportz. Not only is the humor reported to be completely appropriate, but it’s also known by visitors to be worthy of praise. Additionally, it’s located in Calhoun Square, which makes it a convenient place to go to if you’re going out. Take someone on a fun date here, or attend a bachelorette or birthday party. 

Discover Them All

As you can see, there’s a good deal of things to do in New Hope. Not only do you have the opportunity to observe the beauty of nature, but you can also play the most fabulous games with family and friends. Besides this, you can bring your kids along to get some exercise and play on the playground and much more. With so many activities to choose from you might just need to discover them all.

While discovering all of the exciting things to do in New Hope, Minnesota, please share which activities you’ve enjoyed the most.