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The Best Trout Fishing Gear in 2023: The Top Gear You Need

Are you wondering what trout fishing gear is a must-have for this year? Whether you are an avid trout angler or picking up the hobby for the first time, this list will give you the tools needed to succeed.

Take the guesswork out of your planning and get the gear that will land you the big one! From rods and reels to waders and nets, the items listed below are what we recommend for anyone looking to catch a bunch of trout!

A fisherman wearing waders fly fishing. Best trout fishing gear.

Our Top Picks

Best Tackle Bag:
Piscifun Fishing Tackle Bag with Rod & Gear Holder

Best Rod/Reel Combo:
Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

Best Lure Assortment:
Mepps Plain Lure Assortment Trouter Kit

Best Tackle Bag

Piscifun Fishing Tackle Bag with Rod & Gear Holder

Piscifun Fishing Tackle Bag with Rod & Gear Holder, Lightweight Sling Tackle Storage Bag, Outdoor Fishing Shoulder Backpack for Fishing, Hiking, Hunting, Khaki

Piscifun has become a staple in the fishing industry over the last several years. They are known for making quality, yet affordable products. Their tackle bag is no different.

When looking for trout fishing gear, you want a system that allows you to carry tackle hands-free. The bag is the main piece of equipment that allows you to do that.

The single-strap sling design allows you to get a better range of motion when making a cast. Pair that with its lightweight design and you have a tackle bag system you won’t even know is there.


  • Water-resistant and durable for when you’re trekking up a river
  • Adjustable and removable strap gives you flexibility with how you want to carry it
  • Multiple storage compartments allow you to bring more tackle during your trip
  • Breathable mesh backing to keep your back cool during hot summer days


  • Smaller main compartment won’t fit a standard 3700 size tackle box
  • Not completely waterproof
  • All tackle trays are sold separately

Best Rod/Reel Combo

Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

Ugly Stik USSP602M30CB Shakespeare USSP602M/30CBO GX2 Spinning Fishing Reel and Rod Combo, 30 Size Reel - 6' - Medium - 2pc

Rod and reel combos have a wide range of qualities depending on the intended application. The Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo is a great all-around trout fishing setup.

When thinking about trout fishing gear, especially when you are just starting, it’s important to find gear that works for multiple situations. This rod gives you the ability to fish in many different places and catch any size fish.

A 6ft rod with a medium size reel is perfect for making both long and short casts to specific spots. Fatigue is also something to consider when fishing for extended periods of time and Ugly Stik helps with that by using light-weight materials in its products.


  • Medium action and Fast taper allow you to have strong hooksets
  • Medium size reel is light, but still allows for large line capacity
  • Premium material used in rod blank for greater sensitivity
  • Durable aluminum and stainless steel guides


  • On the shorter side of rods could make it difficult for longer casts
  • two-piece construction could hinder sensitivity
  • Limited ball bearings may impact a smooth drag

Best Lure Assortment

Mepps Plain Lure Assortment Trouter Kit

Mepps Plain Lure Assortment Trouter Kit

There may seem to be an unlimited selection of trout fishing lures in the market but when you break it down to what has worked year after year, Mepps Lures is at the top of the list.

Simple designs with quality components are what make these styles of spoons and spinners so deadly. Trout fishing gear can be extremely complicated, but getting a kit from the most trusted brand in fishing will give you a vote of confidence to get out and catch fish.

There are many different options of colors and sizes, but this kit provides a good starting point that will no doubt work on any body of water. Once you get a few spoon and spinner catches under your belt, then start looking at different options to try.


  • Quality components with brass bodies and silver-plated blades
  • Include fish-catching colors
  • Features two of the most popular trout lures – spoons and spinners
  • Rich brand history has been catching fish since 1938


  • A limited set of colors and sizes
  • The included tackle box is not waterproof

Tailored Tackle Fishing Kit 147 Pc of Gear

Tailored Tackle Fishing Kit 147 Pc of Gear Tackle Box with Tackle Included | Fishing Hooks & Fishing Bobbers | Starter Fishing Equipment and Accessories for Live Worms & Artificial Bait

The Tailored Tackle 147-piece tackle kit has all the trout fishing gear you would need to successfully fish with a bobber. The bobber and hook method is one of the best ways to catch trout.

Having different hook sizes and the addition of split shot weights allows you to use any type of bait. Trout nibbles or worms make a great addition to any trout hook.

Choosing the right hook size is crucial to catching trout. Small hooks perform better when fishing conditions are tough or when yearling trout are present. Larger hooks are better for fighting a big fish to shore.

Regardless of your fishing situation, there is a hook size for any situation in this kit.


  • Includes various hook sizes and colors, guaranteeing a hook for any situation
  • A lot of gear for an affordable price
  • Comes in an organized tackle box that is easily transportable


  • Only one style of bobber included
  • No snaps, swivels, or clips included

Gerber Gear Suspension-NXT 15-in-1 Multi-Tool Pocket Knife Set

Gerber Gear Suspension-NXT 15-in-1 Multi-Tool Pocket Knife Set - EDC Gear and Equipment Multi-Tool with Pocket Clip - Stainless Steel

The Gerber 15-in-1 tool is the perfect way to keep your trout fishing gear selection compact. In a day of trout fishing, you may need to re-tie your line, change out your bait, unhook a fish, clamp down a weight, or possibly filet a fish. All of which require different tools.

Getting a multi-tool accomplishes them all. Finding a multi-tool that not only has the maximum amount of accessories handy but is also durable is a must. This Gerber multi-tool will stand up to water, dirt, sand, and anything else you encounter for a day of trout fishing.


  • 15 tools in one, eliminating the need to bring anything else
  • Slim design allows it to fit nicely into any pocket or with the attached pocket clip
  • Stainless steel welded design makes it extremely durable
  • Comes standard with a limited lifetime warranty


  • All metal frame can cause the tool to be slippery when wet
  • Scissors are not serrated, making it more difficult to cut braided fishing line

6 lb Berkley Trilene XL Monofilament Fishing Line

Berkley Trilene® XL®, Clear, 6lb | 2.7kg, 330yd | 301m Monofilament Fishing Line, Suitable for Freshwater Environments

There are many reasons why Berkley Trilene XL has been around for many years. It performs when you need it the most. This line is a no-brainer to include in your trout fishing gear selection.

With a new and improved formula, this monofilament line has 20% greater knot strength, over 50% greater wet strength, and 20% more flexibility. All improvements will allow you to catch more trout.

For trout fishing, choose the 6lb line test. It’s a good thickness to catch a wide range of fish sizes but has a small enough diameter to prevent line twists when spooling it on a smaller reel.


  • smooth exterior to cast farther, more accurately
  • Comes in a clear option that performs when the bite is tough
  • Affordable price compared to other line materials
  • Time-tested success on the water as one of the oldest line brads


  • More line stretch, making bites harder to feel
  • If not put on the right way, prone to jump off the spool
  • Will need to replenish more frequently if nicks in the line occur

TIDEWE Bootfoot Chest Wader

TIDEWE Bootfoot Chest Wader, 2-Ply Nylon/PVC Waterproof Fishing & Hunting Waders with Boot Hanger for Men and Women Green Size 11

Waders can be a huge advantage if you are fishing cold spring water or in the early spring/late fall when water temps are low. If you are new to trout fishing, there is no better option than a wader/boot combo to add to your trout fishing gear.

The TIDEWE Bootfoot Chest Wader comes with everything you need. From its durable construction to the cell phone holder and patch kit, you can feel confident that you are going to stay dry every time you get in the water.

These waders come in many different sizes and have a built-in waste buckle, ensuring a snug fit every time. Having a snug, comfortable fit is important for mobility as you move in many directions to cover water and make accurate casts.


  • Durable construction and patch kit gives the waders longevity
  • Detachable phone case keeps your electronics dry
  • Built-in boots allow for easy transportation
  • Affordable for anyone looking to try waders for the first time


  • Built-in rubber boots may hinder mobility because of bulkiness
  • Rubber soles can spook fish when walking on rocky surfaces
  • Limited storage options for carrying additional gear

PLUSINNO Fly Fishing Net

PLUSINNO Fly Fishing Net, Wooden Frame Fishing Landing Net with Magnetic Release, Soft Rubber Mesh Net for Trout Bass Catch and Release, Magnetic Fly Fishing Gear

The final, but important tool to have in your trout fishing gear arsenal is a good landing net. All nets are not made equal, and the PLUSINNO Fly Fishing Net has all the features you would want.

The most important part of a net is the material used for the webbing. The soft rubber mesh not only prevents your lures from getting tangled, but it also acts as a layer of protection when handling the fish out of water.

Since you will most likely be fishing while standing in the water or from shore, the shorter handle is easy to maneuver while you have a fish on the end of your line.


  • Soft plastic web prevents tangles and protects fish
  • Ergonomic wood handle provides comfort all-day
  • Detachable lanyard prevents losing the net while fishing
  • Durable carabiner magnet clip for easy access


  • The length of the handle could make it hard to use if fishing from a platform
  • 14.5-inch hoop size can be small if fishing for larger trout species
  • Clear mesh web could retain dirt color if left in the mud for extended periods of time

What You Should Look for in Trout Fishing Gear

Fisherman holding a trout.


When looking to buy trout fishing gear, durability is a key feature you should always be paying attention to. The main habitat for trout is rivers and streams, requiring you to trek across many different types of terrain as you fish.

There is a good chance your gear will be dropped, dragged, and submerged in water throughout its life. That means having tear-proof fabrics, crack-proof plastics, and waterproof compartments.

It can be tempting to go for the cheaper option when putting your trout fishing gear list together. Those often cheaper alternatives skimp on valuable enhancements that can protect your investment in the long run.

For rods, look for line guides that are fastened well to the blank. When banging a rod around, it’s common for a guide to pop off, making your rod unusable.


There are many different manufacturers of trout fishing gear. Getting products that are compatible with one another will make you more efficient on the water. You will also be able to carry more gear within a compact space.

The most important example would be your tackle bag and trays. Check the specifications on the tackle bag to see how many and what size trays are made to fit in it. Common tackle tray sizes range from 3500 to 3700.

Another simple example would be to get a pair of pliers that fits in the plier holder if your tackle bag comes with one. There are many accessory options that come on tackle bags, and building your gear set to match seamlessly is a must.

Compatibility between rod/reel and line is also important when choosing your trout fishing gear. Having one of those items off can throw your ability to make accurate casts out the window. Pair smaller rods with smaller size reels, and vice versa.

Pairing a line size with the right reel is pretty straightforward. Most reels come with the recommended line size and capacity lengths. You can use the recommended line size as a guideline and adjust up or down based on the conditions you are fishing.


When it comes to trout fishing gear, lighter is better. Fishing for trout requires a lot of traveling on your feet as you work up or downstream. There will be a lot of carrying and fishing at the same time.

Items that feel light initially will feel like they are growing in weight as fatigue sets in for prolonged carrying times. Ounces make a difference!

Trout fishing gear like rods/reels, waders, and even your pack all have a small impact on maneuverability during a day of fishing. Prepared anglers are more efficient, which leads to more fish catches. Not thinking about bringing unnecessary or heavier items could cost you.

Finishing Up Your Trout Fishing Gear Essentials

Fisherman with net holding a trout.

Trout fishing is a great way to spend time in nature. Luckily, it can be accessible to many people through this short trout fishing gear list.

Whether you become a lifelong trout angler or venture into new species, Minnesota has an abundance of fishing opportunities. For trip ideas and species gear lists, check out our comprehensive archive of fishing articles to prepare for your next adventure.