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The Best Heated Blanket For Winter: Our Top 5 Picks

If you’re someone whose internal body temperature runs cold, winter is a brutal season and a regular blanket isn’t enough to keep you warm. Heated blankets can make all the difference, allowing you to stay warm and toasty through the coldest time of the year.

Modern electric blankets are available in a host of colors, fabrics, and settings, making it hard to tell what blankets are truly the best. We assessed the heated blanket market and created this list to help you choose your next heated blanket.

Keep reading to see our top five best heated blankets for this winter.

best heated blanket

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Westinghouse Electric Blanket

Budget Option
HomeMate Heated Blanket Electric Throw

Best Wearable Heated Blanket
Westinghouse Electric Snuggle

Best Overall

Westinghouse Electric Blanket

Westinghouse Electric Blanket Heated Blanket | 10 Heating Levels & 1 to 12 Hours Heating Time Settings | Flannel to Sherpa Reversible 62x84 Twin Size | Machine Washable, Beige

Warm, cozy, and available in every size you can imagine, the Westinghouse Electric Blanket is top of our list because of its versatility. It comes with an easy-to-read smart digital control, so you can stay in charge of your warmth and comfort.

Made from a layer of sherpa and a layer of flannel, you’re going to love snuggling up with the blanket. Westinghouse offers a five-year limited warranty and a fantastic support team.

Sizes available: 50” x 60”, 62” x 84”, 80” x 84”, 84” x 90”, and 90” x 100”


  • 10 heating levels
  • Set to heat for 1-12 hours
  • Easy care


  • Heat distribution is not consistent

Budget Option

HomeMate Heated Blanket Electric Throw Blanket

HomeMate Heated Blanket Electric Throw - 50

The HomeMade Heated Electric Throw Blanket offers budget-conscious shoppers a cozy blanket made from soft flannel and sherpa. This blanket is ETL-certified, well-insulated, and created with advanced technology to prevent overheating.

This blanket is also available in throw and twin sizes and four different colors. However, the twin blanket is priced similarly to the other twin blankets on this list.

The smaller blanket, however, is a great deal when compared to other electric throw blankets on the market (and it’s on sale often, so be on the lookout for price drops).

Sizes Available: 50” x 60”, 62” x 84”


  • Temperature ranges from 86 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 12.5-feet power cord for flexible mobility
  • Large heating area and heats up fast


  • Reviewers complain it doesn’t have a long lifespan (you get what you pay for)

Best Wearable Heated Blanket

Westinghouse Electric Snuggle

Westinghouse Electric Snuggle Throw Blankets with Foot Pocket, Wearable Heated Throw with Sleeves, 6 Heating Levels & 2 to 10 Hours Heating Time Settings, 50 * 70

If you love reading, having a hands-free blanket is a must. Westinghouse Electric Snuggle Wearable blanket is our favorite pick if you’d prefer your blanket be more like a robe (but avoid using it when you’re straight out of the shower because dampness can damage the blanket’s heating elements).

This heated, electric blanket, designed from sherpa and fleece, is ETL and FCC certified and perfect for those who find air conditioning too cold. It is available as a wrap/shawl with deep hand pockets and as a wearable heated throw with foot pockets. The latter is slightly longer.

Available sizes: 60” x 50”, 70” x 50”


  • Easy care instructions and super low maintenance
  • Cozy even when not turned on
  • 2-10 hours time setting until auto shut-off and 6 heating levels


  • A plugin is in an awkward location when sitting

Best Throw Blanket

Pure Enrichment PureRelief™ Plush Heated Throw

Pure Enrichment® PureRelief™ Plush Heated Throw (50” x 60”) - 4 InstaHeat™ Settings, Soft Micromink & Sherpa Fabric, Machine Washable with Storage Bag - Cozy Electric Blanket for Couch or Bed Use

While there are other throw blankets on this list, none compare to the Pure Enrichment PureRelief™ Plush Heated Throw. If all you want is a heated throw blanket, we recommend this luxurious, comfy product.

Created from high-quality, soft micromink and sherpa fabric, this heated blanket offers unique coziness. The blanket comes with an LED controller, storage bag, and a 5-year guarantee warranty (which is more inclusive than any other electric blanket).

Available Size: 50” x 60”


  • Four heat settings
  • Machine washable on delicate
  • Ergonomic LED controller


  • This specific blanket only comes as a throw, though Pure Enrichment does design heated blankets in other sizes.

Best Battery-Operated Heated Blanket

Zonli Z-Walk Pro

If you spend the colder months camping, attending football games, and participating in other outdoor activities, a high-quality battery-operated blanket is a must.

The Zonli Z-Walk Pro is a first-rate blanket operated by a 12V battery that comes with a fast-charging AC adapter (2 hours) and a 6.5-foot extension cable.

This blanket comes in four colors and has 6x the heat targeting of other portable blankets. The blanket is also super easy to care for–it can easily be wiped, cleaned, and machine-washed. This blanket is larger than most throws but smaller than a twin blanket.

Available size: 55” x 62”


  • 7.5-hour battery life
  • Three settings: 149 degrees Fahrenheit, 131 degrees Fahrenheit, and 113 degrees Fahrenheit
  • All-weather protection, so you can use it in the wind and rain


  • Expensive
  • Only one size

Heated Blanket Buyer’s Guide

Size Availability

Before pressing Order on any blanket, review the available sizes and decide which one you prefer. Many blankets are only available in one size. The only one on our list available in several sizes is our best overall, the Westinghouse Electric Blanket.

Use this chart to help determine what size of blanket you need:

Blanket SizeIdeal For
50” x 60”Throw
62” x 84”Twin
80” x 84”Full
84” x 90”Queen
90” x 100”King


These are common materials seen in heated blankets:

  • Flannel: A medium-weight fabric designed from soft and cozy cotton
  • Sherpa: A soft, fluffy fabric mixed of pure cotton, polyester, and other synthetic blends
  • Micromink: Designed from polyester with one side designed to mimic the look of a mink and the other side intended to imitate the appearance and feel of a sheep’s fleece
  • Nylon: Sometimes used as an outer shield to provide waterproof and stainproof qualities
  • Teflon: A plastic used to help reduce friction and waterproof blankets

Caring and Washing


Many heated blankets are machine washable on a delicate cycle as long as they are unplugged and fully cooled down. When selecting electric and battery-operated blankets, we search for machine-washable products.


  • Instructions vary, though these blankets are usually line-dried or tumble-dried on low heat
  • Never iron your heated blanket
  • Never plug in your blanket while it’s still wet
  • Electric blankets are not intended to be dry-cleaned

Power Source

Electric blankets must have some sort of power source. Usually, they have a power bank that hooks up to your wall. This can be challenging if you want to bring your blanket with you on the go (unless you invest in a portable power bank).

Being attached to a bulky power bank or wall can be frustrating, so if you’re looking for a blanket that you can move around with, consider buying a battery-operated blanket. These blankets come with lightweight, chargeable batteries so you can move freely.

Targeted Heat Areas

Heated blankets have different locations where warmth is emitted and distributed.

If you’re someone who suffers from low back pain, you will want to choose a blanket that has a heat source near the lower area of the blanket. Meanwhile, if you have middle back pain, a middle heat source will be more beneficial.

Heat Settings

The more heat settings, the better. Everyone’s core body temperature is different, so having several settings to choose from will make it easier to find the right level of warmth.


Most electric blankets come with timers, so the blanket will turn off automatically after so many hours. This is both for your safety and to preserve energy. Pay close attention to how many timer settings a blanket has.


Having a warranty for your heated blanket provides you peace of mind in case your blanket stops working. Most heated blanket manufacturers will not cover damages caused by improper use, so it’s not uncommon to see limited warranties when buying these blankets.

Pure Enrichment has one of the best warranties for heated blankets.


Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

A FCC certification is mandatory for any Radio Frequency (RF) device in the United States. FCC approval ensures the device operates effectively and does not cause harm to the user.

Electronic Testing Laboratories (ETL)

A product that is ETL-certified has been tested and certified by Intertek Testing Laboratories. This means the product has been tested to meet a wide range of ETL standards.

Conformite Europeenne (CE)

A European certification stating the product has met European Union (EU) health, safety, and environmental requirements.

best heated blanket

Heated Blanket Frequently Asked Questions

Are heated blankets safe?

You probably heard horror stories of older blankets catching fire. Newer blankets have technology to improve safety and prevent them from overheating. As long as a blanket is used properly, they are safe.

Tips to use your blanket properly and stay safe:

  • Heated blanket users should never run a power cord between a bed’s mattress and box spring
  • Never use an extension cord unless it comes with the blanket–extension cords can overheat

The following groups of people should use caution with heated blankets:

  • Pregnant women (they overheat faster)
  • Diabetics (more susceptible to neuropathy, which can cause burning)
  • Anyone with a nerve disorder (even if you’re not diabetic)
  • Older adults (may have diminished sensitivity to heat)

Children under five years old should not use heated blankets, since young children cannot regulate their body temperature as well as adults.

What is the best temperature to set for a heated blanket?

This depends on your internal body temperature. Everyone is going to have a different response to this question.

Are heated blankets energy efficient?

Yes! Heated blankets use significantly less energy than a furnace, so you can cut costs by using a heated blanket instead of turning your heat up. An electric blanket uses around 100-400 watts of power, compared to a heater that uses 1,500 watts.

Stay Cozy This Winter!

Save money and stay cozy this summer with a brand-new heated blanket. We can’t wait to snuggle up with the Westinghouse Electric Blanket, though all of these options are fantastic choices.

Looking for more tips to survive winter? Check out our Minnesota Winter section to learn about winter activities, apparel, tools, and more!