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Whether you’re looking to start playing hockey or are a pro, everyone needs a certain amount of guidance (okay maybe not if you’re a pro hockey player). If you’re new to the sport, you’ll have to learn about the game, and maybe buy yourself a pair of skates. If you’re a seasoned athlete, then maybe you’re looking for ways to keep training during the off-season.

No matter what kind of athlete you are, you’re certain to find some helpful content here. 

ice hockey player in action kicking with stick

Hockey Guides

If you’re new to hockey, then I suggest you start with our beginner’s guide to the rules of hockey. If you’re really serious about it, you could even dive straight into off-ice training for hockey players of all levels.

But if a friend or family member is getting into hockey or already loves hockey, then maybe you should take a look at our gift guide for hockey players (especially if you’re not a hockey person yourself!).

But if you’re not a rookie anymore, you’ll probably want to take advantage of our guide to at home hockey training.

Other helpful hockey guides:

Hockey Equipment 

You won’t get anywhere in the hockey world without passion, practice, and of course, the right hockey equipment. The market, especially online, is saturated with all kinds of hockey products—good and bad, cheap and expensive. 

The right choice for you depends on what your priorities are. But needless to say there are some must-have training equipment that everyone needs, like helmets, skates, and sticks. If you’re a beginner, you’re probably looking for skates for beginners, or maybe youth hockey sticks for your adventurous child. 

No matter who you are, if you want to improve your hockey game, you should think about purchasing a balance board and synthetic ice. If you’ll be skating on synthetic ice, then it’s a good idea to take a look at our list of best skates for synthetic Ice.

Last but not least, though a hockey sauce kit is a party toy, it’s an entertaining game to play with friends and could be a fun introduction to the sport for youngsters!

Here are some other important pieces of equipment:

Hockey Fun Facts

As the beloved sport that it is, hockey has its fair share of history, drama, and fun facts. Here are some of the most interesting topics:

Surprising Hockey Facts
Ranking All 32 NHL Jerseys
Unbelievable Moments in Hockey History

Best hockey jersey. Women's hockey.

Hockey FAQs

How do I play hockey?

Hockey is played on an ice rink, with each team trying to score goals by shooting a puck into the opposing team’s net. The game is divided into three periods, each lasting 20 minutes.

Players can pass the puck to their teammates using their sticks, and can also check opposing players to try to gain possession of the puck.

What are the rules of hockey?

Hockey has a variety of rules that govern gameplay, including rules about offside, icing, and penalties. Offside occurs when a player crosses the opposing team’s blue line before the puck does, while icing occurs when a player shoots the puck from behind the red line and it crosses the opposing team’s goal line without being touched.

Penalties can be called for a variety of infractions, such as tripping, high-sticking, and roughing.

What are some common strategies in hockey?

Hockey is a fast-paced game that requires quick thinking and teamwork. Some common strategies include forechecking, backchecking, and power plays.

Forechecking involves pressuring the opposing team in their own zone to try to force turnovers and create scoring opportunities, while backchecking involves defending against opposing players who are trying to score. Power plays occur when one team has a player in the penalty box, giving the other team a temporary advantage.

What are some common injuries in hockey?

Hockey is a physical sport that can result in a variety of injuries, including concussions, broken bones, and cuts and bruises. It is important to wear proper equipment and follow the rules of the game to minimize the risk of injury.

What equipment do I need to play hockey?

To play hockey, you will need a variety of equipment, including helmets, skates, and sticks, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, and shin guards. Goalies will also need additional equipment, such as a chest protector, leg pads, and a mask.

How do I choose the right hockey equipment?

Choosing the right hockey equipment is important for both comfort and safety. It is important to choose equipment that fits properly and provides adequate protection. Skates should fit snugly and provide good ankle support, while helmets should fit securely and provide good protection for the head and face.

Shoulder pads, elbow pads, and shin guards should fit snugly and provide adequate coverage, while gloves should fit comfortably and allow for a good grip on the stick. It is also important to choose a stick that is the right length and flex for your height and playing style.

Hit the Ice!

I hope we’ve inspired you to either pick up a hockey stick for the first time or improve your skills even more. Check back often, because we’re always updating our site with more content!

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