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Meet the Team

Founded with love and nurtured with passion by Ryan and Kelly Cunningham, Life in Minnesota is more than a collection of stories; it’s a celebration of Minnesota’s enduring charm and the diverse experiences it offers. Since 2013, we have been dedicated to sharing the soul of the North Star State through words and images that resonate with the joy and pride of living in this remarkable place.

At Life in Minnesota, our team is the backbone of our storytelling journey. Each member brings a unique perspective, rich with personal experiences and a deep-rooted love for Minnesota. From inspiring tales of local heroes to the breathtaking beauty of our state’s landscapes, our authors are the voices behind the content that brightens your day and deepens your connection to Minnesota. Join us as we introduce you to the talented individuals who make Life in Minnesota a beacon of positivity and community spirit.

Ryan Cunningham & Kelly Cunningham

As the heart and soul behind Life in Minnesota, Ryan and Kelly Cunningham are lifelong Minnesotans who share a deep-seated love for their state’s natural beauty and community spirit. Proud residents of Maple Grove and parents to seven children, they balance a bustling family life with their passion for exploring and celebrating Minnesota’s unique landscapes and stories.

Their journey began with cherished family moments in Minnesota’s serene wilderness and has blossomed into a shared mission to showcase the state through uplifting tales and engaging content. Together, they embody the quintessential Minnesota spirit, weaving a tapestry of local experiences that resonate with both natives and admirers of the North Star State.

Brad Novak

Brad Novak is a lifelong angler who enjoys catching many different species of fish, and focuses on covering all things fishing for Life in Minnesota.

He currently resides in Minnesota and loves exploring the many fishing opportunities the state has to offer, including the world-class walleye fisheries up north to the diverse lakes within the Twin Cities metro.

While currently working full-time in the fishing industry, Brad has a passion for sharing his knowledge and increasing participation in the sport.

Kim Chance

Kim Chance is an award-winning author, a former high school English teacher, and a writer and editor for Life in Minnesota.

Despite having grown up in the South, Kim lives in Minnesota with her family and is having so much fun exploring the land of 10,000 lakes! (She sure misses sweet tea though!)

With a bachelor’s in Journalism and a master’s in secondary English education, Kim is passionate about learning new things and sharing that knowledge with others–which is why she loves writing for Life in Minnesota. From fishing to skiing to ice castles and the Mall of America, there’s so much to see, discover, and share!

For more information about Kim or her work, visit or follow her on Instagram at @kimwritesbooks.

Kim can be reached at

Nicole Kinkade

Nicole Kinkade loves taking regular road trips with her family around Minnesota. She especially enjoys visiting the Twin Cities area, where she can often be found hanging out at Mall of America and Como Park. Her favorite Minnesota restaurant is Fat Lorenzo’s!

With a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an associate’s degree in Media Communication, Nicole is passionate about sharing her experiences with others through writing. She is currently writing full-time and loves every minute of it.

Nicole can be reached at

Olivia Headley

Liv covers everything hockey for Life in Minnesota – the State of Hockey!

With a childhood filled with hockey at various levels – in nearly every position – she has a deep passion for the sport.

Liv has a Bachelor’s of Communication Studies, loves to travel, and of course…  hockey.

Liv can be reached at