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About Life In Minnesota

Welcome to Life in Minnesota!

In the land of sky-blue waters and the warm heart of the Midwest, Minnesota’s stories are as diverse as its landscapes. Founded in 2013 by Ryan and Kelly Cunningham, lifelong Minnesotans, our blog is a tribute to the state we call home. At Life in Minnesota, we’re not just sharing experiences; we’re celebrating the spirit of the North Star State.

Our Founders: Ryan and Kelly Cunningham

Ryan and Kelly, proud residents of Maple Grove, MN, and parents to seven wonderful children, embody the quintessential Minnesota spirit. Amidst the busy hum of attending their kids’ hockey games and managing a bustling household, they find solace and inspiration in Minnesota’s natural wonders.

From the serene Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in the north to cherished moments at grandpa’s cabin ‘up north,’ their love for Minnesota’s pristine landscapes and shared passion for storytelling led to the birth of Life in Minnesota.

A Different Kind of Storytelling

Life in Minnesota is dedicated to the stories that make you smile, ignite your pride, and reveal the beauty of Minnesota. Here, you won’t find gloomy headlines or sports scores. Instead, we bring you uplifting tales, stunning photographs, engaging videos, and heartfelt writing. Our goal is simple: to brighten your day and deepen your love for this great state.

Kelly Cunningham: Love your Community

As a board member of the Maple Grove Parks and Recreation Board, Kelly plays a vital role in enriching our local community. Her involvement in developing and maintaining parks, trails, and recreation programs exemplifies her commitment to making Minnesota a wonderful place to live and play. This connection to the community not only informs our blog’s content but also reflects our dedication to Minnesota’s vibrant outdoor life.

Our Content: Celebrating Minnesota’s Essence

Duluth Minnesota Winter

At Life in Minnesota, we focus on the stories that resonate with the heart of our state:

  • Inspiring Tales: Discover the people, places, and events that shape Minnesota.
  • Visual Storytelling: Explore the state’s beauty through our curated photos and videos.
  • Lifestyle Insights: Dive into the joys of Minnesotan living, from family adventures to local discoveries.

Wow, this was a really helpful article! Thanks for all the research you put into this. Adding some of these fairs to our family’s summer bucket list. 🙂

-Kristen Stone

Our blog is more than just stories; it’s a community of people who share a deep love for Minnesota. We invite you to join us in this journey of exploration and celebration. Share your experiences, engage with our stories, and be a part of our Minnesotan family.

Our Mission: Spreading Joy and Pride

Through Life in Minnesota, we strive to connect hearts to the unique charm of Minnesota. Our mission is to showcase the state’s wonders and weave a tapestry of stories that bring joy, inspire pride, and foster a deep appreciation for our beautiful state.

Hi Kelly! Thank you for the wonderful homage to our wonderful community! I grew up in South Minneapolis and moved to Delano 20 years ago. Cannot image living anywhere but here….I have subscribed and will make sure share with all of my friends.

-Michelle Chapman

Join Us in Celebrating Minnesota

We invite you to be a part of this journey. Follow our adventures, share your own stories, and explore the wonders of Minnesota with us. Together, let’s celebrate the state that we love!

How We Make Money

We make money from advertising and affiliate marketing on this website.

We hope the ads you see here aren’t too intrusive, but they support the mission and allow us to keep sharing with you.

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