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How to Choose the Best Ice Scraper for Your Car

When you’re driving on snow-covered roads in icy conditions, it’s important to keep certain tools in your car, like an ice scraper, to ensure a safe trip.

A well-made ice scraper will help you keep your windows clean and your visibility clear so you can reach your destination faster. No more waiting for the car to heat up and melt the ice!

Not all ice scrapers are made equal, and some offer more functionality and longer use than others. Keep reading for our guide on the best ice scraper across five different categories to get you through the winter!

best ice scraper

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
AstroAI Snow Brush and Detachable Ice Scraper

Best Extendable
Moyidea Extendable Ice Scraper Snow Brush

Best Budget Option
Subzero Hopkins Ice Crusher

Best Overall

AstroAI Snow Brush and Detachable Ice Scraper

AstroAI 27

Looking for the best ice scraper you can buy? Look no further than the AstroAI Snow Brush and Detachable Ice Scraper! Intentionally designed to prevent scratching, this ice scraper is easy to assemble and disassemble and a cinch to store.

The brush and the scraper come apart for easier handling and also allow you to divide up the cleaning effort. When assembled, the ice scraper measures 27” long, offering added reach to accommodate larger vehicles or folks of smaller stature.

The 7” brush head glides seamlessly across car windows. The bristles are lighter in color and finer on the ends, which are polished. Each bristle head is split into several strands for gentle contact with the paint surface.

Use the integrated knuckles to break up the ice before scraping it away. The 4.5” ice scraper penetrates through thick ice, also without scratching. The scraper’s shaft, bristles, and cotton handle are designed to withstand heavy snow storms and temperatures as low as -40°F. You can also feel confident in knowing this product is backed by a one-year warranty. Use the hookhole to hang the scraper when you’re finished. This product is available in red, orange, or blue.


  • Bristles are polished to avoid scratching the paint of the car
  • Designed to withstand heavy snow storms and temperatures as low as -40°F
  • Easy to assemble, disassemble, and store


  • Some customers say the product is not as durable as promised
  • Some customers say this product is too short for use on a truck or SUV

Best Extendable

Moyidea Extendable Ice Scraper Snow Brush

Moyidea 36

The size of your vehicle may call for an extendable ice scraper. If such applies to you, consider trying out the Moyidea Extendable Ice Scraper Snow Brush.

This scraper extends from 27” to 36”, so you can easily reach the middle of your windshield or the roof of your car. It’s lightweight with a compact design and divides into three parts: the handle, the brush head, and the ice scraper. It also comes with a handy storage bag to keep these items together for easy storage.

The brush head is uniquely designed to pivot 360°. Simply press the button near the brush head to adjust the angle to meet your needs, and lock it in a horizontal or vertical position. The brush has three rows of double-layer PVC bristles. The soft ends of the brush hairs are treated to handle heavy snow without scratching the car’s paint.

The 4” wide ice scraper blade easily clears away ice, snow, and frost, and has built-in jaws to break up thicker ice. The handle is wrapped in soft-to-touch foam that’s comfortable to grip and adds a layer of protection between your hands and the cold ice. The pole is made from aluminum alloy and is durable enough for long-term use. Available in blue/yellow or green/black.


  • Efficiently cleans snow and ice off of car windshields and windows
  • Collapsible for easier storage
  • Does not scratch paint


  • Some customers cite issues with sturdiness, though it is not a common complaint
  • Some customers say this product is not long enough for a truck or SUV

Best Budget Option

Subzero Hopkins Ice Crusher

Subzero Hopkins 16621 Ice Crusher Ice Scraper (Colors May Vary)

Even if you live in a place that sometimes experiences snowfall, you might not always have a need for a heavy-duty ice scraper–though it’s wise to keep such a product in your car “just in case.” If you can relate, then check out the Subzero Hopkins Ice Crusher!

Available in a one-pack or two-pack at a competitive price point, this scraper is 11” long with an extra-wide 4.5” blade. The durable blade helps to remove frost and hard-to-break-up ice, while separated ice chippers allow users to quickly break up the thickest ice. Customers even boast that it holds up in temperatures of -30° F.

The product has an oval-shaped, soft-foam grip handle to provide users with maximum comfort. Sold in blue/black.


  • Sturdy and secure
  • Comfortable and easy-to-grip handle


  • Some customers say that pressure is not applied evenly across the product while in use
  • Some customers say the product is not as durable as promised

Best Minimal Design

Better Stuff Ice Scraper

BETTER STUFF WINS USA NETWORK’S AMERICA’S BIG DEAL– Best Ice Scraper for Car Windshield – Conforms to Window – Chip & Clear Ice in Same Motion – Compact– Ergonomic Ice & Frost Removal Tool (Pack of 1)

For the folks who prefer a straightforward product that needs no instructions or introduction, consider the Better Stuff Ice Scraper. Designed to fit in one hand, this scraper allows the user to chip and clear ice in the same sweeping motion. There’s no need to flip over the product to chip ice, and then flip it back over to clear it. Its simplistic design is made purposely so the user spends less time in the cold.

The product features a patented shape-shifting technology that conforms the frost blade to the shape of the car’s windows for efficient cleaning. Its plastic design reduces hand and wrist strain, amplifies chipping power, and is less likely to slip. The blade is a proprietary 0.25” hard brass alloy, which was chosen because it’s harder than ice, yet softer than glass, so it won’t scratch windows.

When you’re finished removing frost, snow, and/or ice, simply stow this product in your glove box or center console. Sold in teal; choose from a one- or two-pack.


  • Remove and clear ice in one sweeping motion; no need to flip over the product
  • Ice scraper is small enough to stow away in the glove box or center console


  • Does not offer any reach
  • Some customers say the product has scratched their car windows, though this is a minimal complaint
  • Some customers say the product is difficult to hold steady during use

Best Heated Version

Zone Tech Heated Car Window Snow/Ice Scraper

Zone Tech Heated Car Window Snow/Ice Scraper with Light - Extendable 12V LED Light Heated Ice/Snow Scraper with 15.8 feet Long Cord

One of the more enhanced ice scraper models, the Zone Tech Heated Car Window Snow/Ice Scraper is made with a built-in heating element that melts snow quickly. This product works so efficiently that it’s quicker than antifreeze!

This ice scraper is sturdy, durable, frost-proof, and lightweight. Best of all, clearing windows with this scraper can help clear potentially dangerous blindspots that can impede your view. It has a built-in LED flashlight to illuminate surfaces, so you can clear away stubborn ice in the early morning or late night. It also has a built-in rubber squeegee to wipe away excess water, leaving a clear view without scratching the windows.

The scraper has a on/off switch with an LED power indicator and a long, 14’ cord. Store it easily in the car when it’s not in use.


  • Has a built-in heating element to melt snow and ice
  • Includes an LED flashlight, so you can use the scraper during late nights and early mornings
  • Requires minimal effort to clear away snow and ice


  • Heating element does not work unless it’s actively plugged in
  • Some customers say the scraper takes a long time to heat up
  • Some customers say the product arrives with no attachment on the cord to plug in

Ice Scraper Buyer’s Guide

An ice scraper seems like an easy enough product to store in your car and use as needed. But when the frost, snow, and icy weather hits, you’ll want to be sure the product you choose is effective, easy to use, and reliable. Here are a few of the most important characteristics to look for in an ice scraper.

Scraper Blade

The blade of an ice scraper is essential to the scraper’s functioning. Without a semi-sharp and sleek blade, the product will be rather useless, at best. At the same time, the product should have a scraper that’s designed with the proper materials so it doesn’t leave scratches behind on your car or windshield. If so, then the ice scraper will cause more damage than it’s worth.

The ideal scraper blade should be between 4” and 5” long and somewhat angled and wedge-shaped. Plastic scraper blades won’t leave behind scratches, while blades made of hardier materials run the risk of scratching the car’s glass and paint–so be wary.

Ice Chipper

An ice chipper will come in handy when you’re dealing with thicker ice. Having an ice scraper with this built-in feature will allow you to break up the ice quickly and easily.


Perhaps just as helpful as an ice chipper, built-in teeth allow you to clear your windows and windshield of larger chunks of ice without having to use your fingers.


The reach of an ice scraper refers to the distance you’re able to cover thanks to the ice scraper itself, the length of the handle, and the length of your arms. Factors you’ll need to consider, in this case, include the size of the vehicle and the size of the person or people who are using the ice scraper. Teens or people of shorter stature may fare better with a product that offers longer reach.

Smaller ice scrapers are typically efficient for small sedans, while scrapers measuring 1’ or longer are better for trucks and SUVs.


Having a built-in brush on your ice scraper is an incredibly useful feature–and you’ll be glad that you have it. The brush can help you remove snow from your windows, windshield, and vehicle roof and body without the need to get your hands wet. Even better is an ice scraper that also has a squeegee feature, so you can clean the glass thoroughly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the two sides of an ice scraper used for?

Ice scrapers often have two sides: one that contains the ice scraper itself and one with ridging. Contrary to popular belief, using an ice scraper is actually a two-part process. The user should utilize the side with the ridges to scrape over the ice to weaken it. By weakening the ice, it’ll be easier for you to remove the ice when using the ice scraper.

Will I need to replace my vehicle’s ice scraper?

Like all good things in life, your ice scraper will experience wear and tear with time. There’s no precise timeline for this, as the function of your ice scraper may be affected by temperature, weather, frequency of usage, and storage conditions, among other factors.

best ice scraper

Wrapping up the Best Ice Scraper

Having an ice scraper is absolutely essential to get through the cold Minnesota winters. It’s also a great tool to pack in your suitcase if you’re traveling to a chilly location and have plans to rent a car.

Interested in learning other ways to prepare and get the most of the the winter season in Minnesota? Check out our page, Winter in Minnesota, to learn more!