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6 Minnesota Drive In Theaters Still Operating

Ready to make some wonderful summertime memories? What better way to spend a luxurious summer night than enjoying a timeless adventure that’s been a favorite pastime for folks across generations?

That’s right, we’re talking about a drive in movie night! We’ve rounded up the details on some of the best drive in theaters in Minnesota to help you make the most of your summertime evenings. Read on to learn our drive in theaters in MN from across the state!

What looks like a drive in theater MN.

Where Can I Find Minnesota Drive In Theaters?

Here is the great news! The best drive in theaters in Minnesota can truly be found all over the place, from the rural to the urban areas. While some states boast the majority of their drive in theaters right outside the most densely populated cities or directly off major highways, you can search every corner from north, south, east, or west to locate some fantastic Minnesota drive in theaters.

While we’re looking at some of the best drive in theaters in Minnesota, these are by no means the only ones! If you don’t find one nearby you on this list, be sure to check your local area for more Minnesota drive in theaters.

Best Drive In Theaters MN

1. Vali Hi Drive In Theater

Lake Elmo, Minnesota

Widely considered one of the best drive in theaters in Minnesota, with an average 4.5 out of 5 star rating, Vali Hi Drive In has been called the superior drive in theater—and for good reason! The Vali Hi Drive In theater is a standout among Minnesota drive in theaters due to its concession stand in particular.

This theater’s variety of great, affordable food options, coupled with some fantastic video games and arcade games, and even access to an old school photo booth for capturing memories on the spot, means that you can relive the glory days of drive in theaters in Minnesota any time you visit Vali Hi Drive In!

Whether you’re just visiting or you call the Lake Elmo, Minnesota area your home, this is one drive in theater you don’t want to miss!

Check out Vali Hi Drive In Theater’s website.

2. Long Drive In Theater

Long Prairie, Minnesota

Take a trip out to Long Prairie, Minnesota, and experience one of the best drive in theaters in Minnesota!

Long Drive In offers more than just movies for local folks pulling up in their cars on a weekend night! RVs and trailers for out of town visitors are welcomed, too. In addition, this is among the top family friendly picks for Minnesota drive in theaters, as well; it offers great concessions, places for kids to run around and play, and goes above and beyond just offering the latest movies and even the classics!

At Long Drive In Theater, you’ll also find concerts on rotation and trunk or treat opportunities during the autumn season, making this all around a memorable spot to visit among the best drive in theaters in Minnesota!

Read more on Long Drive In Theater’s website.

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3. Sky Vu Drive In Theater

Warren, Minnesota

Located in the town of Warren, Minnesota, the Sky Vu Drive In Theater is a real throwback to those drive in theaters you’ll often find in old movies and shows and crave a visit to for yourself!

Open from April through September every year, this is one of those cash only drive in theaters in Minnesota that really harkens back to the vintage days! While you enjoy your pick of weekend movie airings both new and old, be sure to indulge in some of the fresh popcorn, burgers, lemonade, nachos, pretzels, and a bevy of other concessions Sky Vu Drive in Theater offers to complete that classic drive in theater feeling.

Sky Vu is also one of the drive in theaters in Minnesota that is most dedicated to a fun time for the entire family, keeping a strict no alcohol, no pet, and no outside food or beverage policy that is dutifully enforced. This ensures that your whole family can enjoy a worry free, hassle free time when visiting Sky Vu Drive In Theater!

Check out Sky Vu Drive In Theater’s movie schedule online.

4. Verne Drive In Theater

Luverne, Minnesota

Rain or shine, you can find a movie playing at the Verne Drive in Theater in Luverne, Minnesota—and you’ll find it to be one of the most accommodating drive in theaters in Minnesota, too!

When you visit the highly rated Verne Drive In Theater, you have the option to use one of the offered on site portable radios if your car stereo is not working and is unable to pick up the frequency playing the movie’s audio. This is just one of the many ways the Verne Drive in Theater looks to take care of its guests! In addition, this is one of the drive in theaters in Minnesota where hatchback vehicles, lawn chair seating, and well behaved pets are allowed!

Not to mention, the Verne Drive In Theater works diligently to post their movie schedule as soon as possible every week so that folks can plan their visit to the theater accordingly.

If you’re looking for a great, friendly Minnesota drive in theater experience, the Verne Drive In Theater is a great option for you!

Visit Verne Drive In Theater’s website.

Drive in theatre.

5. Elko Drive In Theater

Elko/New Market, Minnesota

A fantastic and much loved entertainment option in the Elko/New Market area, Elko Drive In Theater is among the most unique drive in theaters in Minnesota—mostly because it offers more than just your standard, drive in theater blockbuster options! Elko also boasts an on site speedway, hosting BMX, Monster Trucks, Big Air ATVs, and other pulse-pounding, thrilling vehicular entertainment throughout the seasons.

This has made it a long time favorite among locals and out of town visitors who are looking for a mixture of classic drive in theater fun and the more modern, edgy enjoyment that comes with speedway sports.

Whether you’re in the mood to kick back in your vehicle and enjoy the latest summer blockbusters and movie hits from the comfort of your own front seat, or you’re looking to enjoy some thrilling speedway action, it’s guaranteed you won’t find other drive in theaters in Minnesota quite like Elko. This is one drive in theater you simply can’t afford to miss!

Check out Elko Drive In Theater’s Instagram page.

6. Starlite Drive In 5 Theater

Litchfield, Minnesota

Offering one of the most comfortable, rural experiences among drive in theaters in Minnesota, the Starlite Drive In 5 Theater might just be everything you dream of when it comes to a drive in theater!

Located out among the farmlands of Litchfield, Minnesota, the Starlite Drive In 5 boasts a remote feeling that really allows you to enjoy your drive in movie experience without worrying about the sounds of traffic, city life, or other disturbances. While you do have a few more mosquitoes and other summer bugs to temper with out in this farmland area, once you get settled in, you’ll find this to be one of the best drive in theaters in Minnesota!

Enjoy the latest blockbuster hits beginning at 9:30 pm every Friday through Sunday night throughout the summer, projected onto on sprawling screens set against gorgeous sunset views. Any visit to Starlite Drive In 5 Theater is sure to be one of the most memorable nights you could ever find among the drive in theaters in Minnesota!

Find more information about Starlite Drive In 5 Theater online.

Find the Best Drive In Theater MN!

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