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The Best Dryland Hockey Tiles for 2024: Our Top 5 Picks

Training in the off-season is only as good as the equipment you use. And dryland hockey tiles should be a must-have on your list, along with an online hockey course from an NHL pro.

Then put what you learn about stick handling, passing, and shooting drill to use on a dryland tile. Every maneuver will be enhanced with its easy-glide surface.

Now all you need to do is find the right tile for you. Whether you want something versatile and innovative or something that can withstand harsh weather conditions, this list of the best dryland hockey tiles has the product you’re looking for!

Off Ice Training For Hockey

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Hockey Revolution High Durability Tiles

Budget Option
Sniper’s Edge Hockey Dryland Tiles

Most Versatile
Hockey Shot Multi-Sport Tiles

Best Overall

Hockey Revolution High Durability Tiles

Hockey Revolution High Durability Colored Dryland Flooring Tiles - Slick Interlocking Training Surface for Stickhandling, Shooting, Passing - Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Out of all the products on this list, Hockey Revolution High Durability Tiles easily takes the top spot.

When looking to buy dryland hockey tiles, your main concern is usually whether the puck will actually glide like it’s on ice. And these tiles do the best job of recreating that smooth feeling you want.

The high-durability material is also strong enough to withstand any beating you can throw at it. Whether you practice with your inline skates on or live in a place with rough winters, you won’t have to worry.

Unlike some other brands, Hockey Revolution makes all their tiles with a universal clipping method. So you can mix and match their products. But they also make them a little smaller than normal. So you’ll have to buy more to fit the same space.


  • The most realistic on-ice feel
  • Most durable
  • Can rollerblade on it
  • Compatible with all hockey revolution tiles


  • Smaller tiles

Best Budget

Sniper’s Edge Hockey Dryland Tiles

Snipers Edge Hockey - Dryland Slick Tiles - 20 Ice Blue 12

For a good, reliable budget option, look no further than Sniper’s Edge Hockey Dryland Tiles. Created by one of hockey’s most prevalent brands, this CCM product is the best value for its price.

When switching from concrete to these tiles, you’ll immediately notice the difference in how the puck moves and how quickly your skills improve. The smooth surface will also protect your composite sticks from any damage normally gained by training outside.

Along with the Hockey Revolution tiles, the Sniper’s Edge tiles are the only other product on this list that can withstand rollerblades. If one of your training goals is to improve your puck control during a breakaway, these are the tiles you need.

As long as you set up your rink on a hard flat surface, you’ll be training like a pro in no time!


  • Can rollerblade on it
  • Pucks glide fairly easily
  • Durable


  • Can’t be used on carpet

Most Versatile

Hockey Shot Multi-Sport Tiles

dryland hockey tiles

These Hockey Shot Multi-Sport Tiles may not give you the look of an outdoor rink, but there’s no denying how well they work.

The innovation that has gone into this product is incredible. Not only can it accommodate nearly any sport you can think of, but the cushioned inserts on the bottom of the tiles also protect your joints throughout your training.

Other notable features include a removable piece in the center of each tile for inserting a ground anchor. This will have you running hard faster without having to worry about the ground shifting underneath you. And the specially designed structure of the tile works to prevent warping over time.

Despite all these differences, these tiles are still perfect for all your hockey training. And its weather-resistant materials mean you can leave it out all year.


  • Designed to adapt to weather changes
  • Most versatile tiles
  • Cheapest option
  • Cushioned design to provide joint support


  • Not the most ice-like surface

All-Star Hockey Shot Tiles

dryland hockey tiles

Lots of tiles claim to work outside. But All-Star Hockey Shot Tiles have the best track record for successfully accommodating uneven terrains.

Their flexible design and symmetrical clipping system create a smooth platform no matter how curved or bumpy the ground is. And their lightweight materials are still strong enough to carry the weight of your car.

All-Star tiles are also a larger size than the average dryland hockey tile. That means you’ll be getting a larger surface area for the price, but it might be harder to fit them into an enclosed space.

The only downside to these tiles is that they do warp over time. Some simply shrink and will still be usable. But others might start to bubble in the middle. It just depends on the weather conditions they go through over the year.


  • Easily accommodates uneven terrain
  • Strong enough to hold the weight of a car
  • Lightweight and portable
  • All pucks slide well


  • Warp overtime

Skate Anytime Precision Dryland Tiles

Skate Anytime – Shoot Anytime – Precision Dryland Hockey Tiles - Professional Indoor & Outdoor Hockey Shooting Pad for Practice (Gray, 6 Panel (20 sq ft))

Skate Anytime’s Precision Dryland Tiles are the only tiles on this list with a rectangular design. This makes them better for people who want to practice sprints with a puck. Placing the tiles one after the other will create the perfect runway for your drills.

Their puzzle-piece design also makes them the fastest and easiest to set up on this list. And every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you don’t have to worry about having to buy the full six-tile package.


  • Durable
  • Easiest to set up
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Can’t buy just one

Dryland Hockey Tiles Buyer’s Guide

Hockey Training Equipment for at Home Hockey Training

Seam Guide

When deciding between dryland hockey tiles, one of the biggest considerations is how they are designed to fit together. To get that icy-smooth feeling, there can’t be any bumps for your puck to catch on as it slides from tile to tile. And the placement of your rink will have a big effect on which seams will work the best.

If you plan to build your rink on hard, flat ground, your main concern will be the number of connections between each piece. The smooth surface will keep the tiles flat, but it will also make it easier for them to move around.

A seam that has a snug fit with multiple connections will do a better job of preventing the tiles from shifting and warping the design.

When building your rink outside, seams that have a clipping mechanism are a much better option. Tiles built for uneven ground are more flexible. And seams that don’t securely clip together are more likely to come apart.

How to Set Up

Your setup will depend on how you plan to use your dryland hockey tiles and what type of skill training you want to focus on.

For simple shooting drills, you really only need two or three tiles. Just enough to move the puck back and forth as you set up your shot. But there are some brands, like Sniper’s Edge, that only sell box sets of 10 to 20 tiles at a time. So you’ll want to consider that when picking your product.

The ideal set-up for training stickhandling and passing will require anywhere from 30 to 50 dryland hockey tiles from a brand that offers their tiles in multiple colors. That way, you can design a rink with a hockey goal and offside lines.

Dryland Hockey Tiles Frequently Asked Questions

Do dryland hockey tiles wear down?

When not properly cleaned and maintained, hockey tiles will wear out faster. Most products come with instructions on how to keep them protected and lasting longer. But, a good rule to follow is to sweep it down before every use so you’re not pushing debris into the surface.

Are there any better alternatives to dryland hockey tiles?

Synthetic ice tiles are upgraded versions of dryland hockey tiles that can be skated on! If you really want an accurate training experience at home, synthetic ice tiles are a must.

And there’s no better product than Polyglide! With our lifeinminnesota promo code for 15% off, you can create the perfect home rink and train like a pro anywhere, anytime!

The Best Dryland Hockey Tiles: Summed Up

dryland hockey tiles

When it comes to training your stickhandling and shooting, you need hockey training equipment that can replicate the feeling of being on the ice. And dryland hockey tiles are perfect for that.

Picking one of these top picks will make practicing easy, no matter where you are!

And check out our Hockey page for more information on the sport!