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The Best Hockey Sauce Kit: Our Top 4 Picks to Master Your Skills

A fun game that also hones your hockey skills is a rare find in any sport. And one that you can do in any condition is even rarer, which makes a Hockey Sauce kit unbeatable.

The sauce pass is a crucial part of every hockey game. And this game will help you master that skill. Along with your aim and stick handling!

With one purchase you can turn any outdoor event into a training session, without sacrificing the fun, party atmosphere. Whether you’re having a family barbecue or at the beach with friends, this list of the best hockey sauce kits will bring a whole new level to your day.

View of the legs of a hockey player while on the ice, a goal in the background. Best hockey sauce kits.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Bauer Sauce Kit

Original Product:
The Original Hockey Sauce Kit

Newest Design:
Sauce Toss Kit

Best Overall

Bauer Sauce Kit

Out of these four top picks, Bauer’s easily gets the title as the best hockey sauce kit on the market.

Not only does it come from one of the most trusted brands in the hockey world, Bauer actually collaborated with the original makers of the game to create this updated product.

The most notable differences are the new Bauer Blue Metal posts that make up the goal and its longer ramp. There’s also the fact that the ramp is attached with a double-locking mechanism.

All those features together make it the most durable kit you’ll find.


  • Double locked ramp
  • Most durable


  • Cheap plastic pucks

Original Product

The Original Hockey Sauce Kit

Hockey Sauce Kit Training Kit and Backyard Hockey Game (Original Kit, Full Kit)

Next on our list of the best hockey sauce kits is the OG. After years of research and development, Hockey Sauce Kit released the first-ever backyard hockey game in 2012. And it was an instant hit.

Buying from the original creators has a lot of benefits. This is a company that is dedicated to the best hockey sauce kit experience. They create events for you to get involved in and accessories to make the game your own.

You can get a floating base to make your net a water toy and floating pucks to create a full water-ready package. And a stick attachment that helps your shot glide better on the synthetic ice.


  • More accessories
  • Support a small business


  • Heavier

Newest Design

Sauce Toss Kit

Sauce Toss: The Premium Hockey Sauce Pass Game for Playing, Passing, Training, Trick Shots and More - Tailgate Friendly and Portable Hockey Game, Supreme

Sauce Toss is the first company so far to take Hockey Sauce Kit’s original product and truly make it their own. With a whole new setup, this game is definitely a little bit harder but it also may be a bit more fun.

Instead of the classic goal and ramp, this game comes with two completely separate nets. The first is super small, about as wide as two of the plastic pucks. The second is the same height as a normal hockey sauce net but double the width.

The two together create a new point system for the game, where the smaller net counts for three points and the bigger net counts for one. Paired with the custom app on your phone makes this the most innovative on this list of the best hockey sauce kits.


  • Better skill training
  • Comes with an app


  • Harder to use

Sauce Phenom Bundle

When it comes to style, this is the best hockey sauce kit out of the four. Sauce Phenom’s synthetic ice has a nice hockey rink pattern to it. It may be just for show, but you could definitely use it to get creative with a new point system.

If you’re looking for a beginner game, this is the one you’ll want. With a slightly larger net, this hockey sauce kit is perfect for a first-time buyer.

The ramp also comes with a textured design that adds another layer of challenge to your shots. Since the puck won’t slide as evenly into the net you’ll have to adjust your shot a bit.

Lastly, the ramp is removable. With a few simple adjustments you can turn this into a regular pond hockey net. This versatility easily earns it a spot on this list of the best hockey sauce kits.


  • Coolest design
  • Removable ramp
  • Bigger net


  • Priciest model
  • No reviews

Hockey Sauce Kit Buyer’s Guide

Closeup of a row of hockey sticks.

How to Play

The best hockey sauce kits bring together the game of corn hole with the basic skills of hockey in new innovative ways. Instead of tossing a bean bag onto a ramp and into a hole, your saucer shooting a puck into a goal.

There are different types of games you can play with the kit, which will be described in more detail in the booklet that comes with it. But the main one is SAUCE.

Like Horse, the game works by making a trick shot. Your opponent has to then try the same shot. If they get it in, they get to challenge you with their own trick shot. If they miss, they get the letter S. And the first person to spell the entire word loses.

Set-up Tips and Tricks

Any bundle can be turned into the best hockey sauce kit if you use these simple tips and tricks for setting it up!

While you’re still figuring out the game, try putting up a standard-sized goal behind the Hockey Sauce net to catch errant pucks.

And use only one net to give yourself more room to move around the synthetic ice pad. With both players shooting off a lone tile at the same net, you can still count points easily. And you won’t have any obstructions on your saucer shot.

View of a hockey goal.


When it comes to training, the original parts of this game are not great. You need that on-ice feel to really practice your skills. So here you’ll find some add-ons to turn your regular kit into the best hockey sauce kit around.

First, you’ll want to swap the fake plastic pucks for real ones. Or, at least the best dryland pucks on the market.

More importantly, you’ll need proper synthetic ice. And Polyglide is by far your best option. And you can use our lifeinminnesota promo code to get 15% off any of your purchases!

Hockey Sauce Kit – Frequently Asked Questions

Does the kit come with sticks?

No, you’ll have to use your own stick. Or you can use mini sticks for an extra challenge during recreational games.

Can I play with more than two people?

This game can be played with as many and as few players as you want. You’ll just have to adjust the amount of pucks you use. And the colors of the pucks to avoid confusion.

Wrapping Up The Best Hockey Sauce Kits

Hockey pucks on the ice.

Training just got way easier and a lot more fun! By buying one of these picks for the best hockey sauce kits you’ll make every outdoor event the best of both worlds and improve your game while having fun with friends.

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