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The Best Hockey Slide Board for At-Home Training: Our Top 4 Picks

When it comes to hockey training in the off-season, the more resources you have available, the more productive you will be! Like an online hockey training course, or top-notch gear!

To train the right muscle memory, you need the most realistic on-ice feel possible. You also want things that are versatile enough to help you improve as many aspects of the sport as possible.

That’s why hockey slide boards are so amazing. In a small area, you can still improve your stride, train your muscles, and even practice your stick handling.

So read on for descriptions of each product and a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right one for your training style!

Hockey Slide Board

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Polyglide Slide Board

Budget Option
SPRI Slide Board

Best Overall

Polyglide Slide Board

Known for its innovative synthetic ice, Polyglide has recently branched out to create an amazing new slide board!

This product’s durable surface is made from the company’s patented icy material. Creating the perfect training ground for both stick handling and stride exercises that only requires a quick wipe down before every use.

Having a hard board to slide on also makes this a much better option for outdoor training. You won’t have to worry about uneven ground when setting up this hockey slide board.

But it also isn’t as portable as some of the other options on this list. Without the ability to roll it up, you will probably need a car to bring it long distances.


  • Best surface
  • Low maintenance
  • Comes with booties
  • Good for outdoors


  • Not very portable

Runner Up

Feierdun Slide Board

FEIERDUN Slide Board, including Sliding Booties & Carrying Bag, Exercise Equipment for Low Impact Balance Training, 71 x 20in

First up on this list of the best hockey slide boards is the Feierdun Slide Board. A product that won’t only increase your skills but also protect your body throughout the process.

With an EVA molded slide pad and shock-absorbing bumpers on each side, you’ll never have to worry about straining your joints or muscles. No matter how much force you put behind each drill and how long your exercise lasts, the Feierdun has you covered.

This product’s protective technology also makes up for the fact that the length of the sliding pad isn’t adjustable. High-impact, speed training, and other muscle-building exercises need good materials more than space.

There’s also the added bonus of the booties and carry bag that comes with each purchase!


  • EVA molded slide pad
  • Shock-absorbing bumpers
  • Comes with booties
  • Portable


  • Not adjustable

Best Budget

SPRI Slide Board

SPRI Slide Board (71

When it comes to a good product that won’t break the bank, the SPRI Slide Board fits the bill perfectly.

This product comes with amazing, heavy-duty bumpers that won’t wear or tear from the full impact of your strides. This makes it the perfect choice for withstanding the high-intensity workouts that you need to improve your hockey skills.

Its surface is also made out of slick PVC, which creates the perfect, icy glide. Without the ability to adjust its length, this product won’t work for everyone. But it’s a great hockey slide board for beginners!


  • Heavy-duty bumpers
  • Portable
  • Very slick surface


  • Not adjustable

HockeyShot Slide Board

In terms of adjustability, the Hockey Shot Slide Board is the best option. With a full length of 8 feet, all it takes is a few quick turns of the fasteners on either side of the bumper to loosen it enough to pull the slide pad through and make it however long you need!

Despite the bumpers being made out of a less-durable foam, they are still quite sturdy. The addition of rubber wedges in this hockey slide board helps to reinforce them. And the angle of their design makes it easy to get your full strength behind every push.


  • Easily adjustable
  • Portable
  • Comes with booties


  • Foam bumpers

Slide Board Buyer’s Guide


Depending on your height and your skill level, the length of your hockey slide board can be very important.

If you’re just starting out, you don’t want to put too much strain on your developing muscles. Shortening the length of your board to between six and seven feet, depending on your height, will help you slowly build your strength.

Hockey Skate

For players who are shorter than five feet six inches, your hockey slide board should be between six feet and six feet five inches. To find the exact length, you’ll have to factor in your strength and how your stride feels once you try it out.

People taller than six feet need a hockey slide board that reaches at least eight feet long. Otherwise, it will be too easy to push from one end to the other, and you will not be able to fully build up your muscles.


In terms of the best materials, durability is one of the biggest considerations. That’s why the base materials of most hockey slide boards are plastic or wood.

For the bumpers, you will also want to look for any added padding to prevent injury. You don’t want your foot hitting solid wood with every stride. That’s why the best hockey slide boards will have bumpers with some sort of compression material to absorb your foot’s impact.

For the slide pad, that durable material will also need a layer or treatment to create a smooth glide. In terms of the plastic bases, a PVC layer or a synthetic tile-like treatment is the best option. For wooden bases, you’ll want a lacquer or polish.

In general, a plastic base with a PVC layer is usually the most popular. A major selling point is the ability to roll it up and carry it with you anywhere. But the flimsiness of the plastic also means it can’t be used on an uneven surface. If you plan to use your hockey slide board for outdoor training, a hard-surfaced board like Polyglide is better.


The ability to adjust the length of your hockey slide board can be a very helpful feature. Especially if you mainly plan to use your slide board for stride training. But not all slide boards can be adjusted in the same way.

If you’re planning to use your hockey slide board for both training and workout routines, you’ll want a product that you can adjust to any length between the ranges of six and nine feet, like the HockeyShot Slide Board from Pure Hockey.

When you’re just starting out, your hockey slide board’s adjustability is less important. Something that can only move between two set sizes but allows for a more versatile training regimen could be better, like Polyglide’s Adjustable Slide Board.


No matter how slick the surface of your hockey slide board is, it won’t be usable without a good pair of booties. Even plain socks will create more friction and prevent a smooth glide.

Besides that, there are lots of other accessories that you can get to enhance your training. Weights and resistance bands can really improve your muscle training exercises. And placing a few synthetic ice tiles in front of your slide board will let you improve your stickhandling.

If you create a rectangle with the tiles and place it width-wise, you can practice your puck control with different stride speeds and intensity. Or you can place the tiles lengthwise and practice your puck control during a breakaway.

Even the simple pairing of a bouncy ball that you can throw against a wall or bounce in front of you while you slide can really improve your hand-eye coordination. If you get multiple sizes, you can start bigger and make your way up to the smaller, more challenging exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my slide board slippery?

For most materials, it’s important that you regularly clean the surface of your slide board to maintain its slick quality. For PVC boards, Armor All’s heavy-duty cleaner is the best option. For wooden boards, the lacquer on its surface will have an effect on which cleaners you can use. The proper footwear and hand accessories can also help to prevent wear over time.

Are there good alternatives to slide boards?

A good hockey balance board is another great way to improve the same muscles, agility, and balance that slide boards enhance. And they can also be paired with the same accessories to level up your exercises. But they won’t provide the intensity and stride training that a hockey slide board will.

Wrapping Up the Best Hockey Slide Board for At-Home Training

Take your at-home training to the next level with one of these top picks of the best hockey slide boards! Whether you’re looking for something that you can use anywhere or something that works to protect your joints, this article has the perfect product for you.

And if you’re looking for more information on the sport, check out our Hockey page!