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Where to Find 14 of the Best Burgers in Minnesota

The great state of Minnesota is known for many different things. Hockey, the Vikings, Prince, or for being the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Something that they aren’t yet known for but probably should be is their amazing burgers. No matter what type of juicy burger you’re looking for, Minnesota has it. In this article, we will look at the top burgers spots in the state and what sets them above the rest. Let’s get your appetite tingling and devour our list of the best burgers in Minnesota!

Hands holding fresh delicious burgers with french fries, sauce and beer.
It takes two hands to hold the best burgers in Minnesota

1. Hazelwood Food and Drink — Bloomington

Let’s start with a burger joint that isn’t just one of the best in Minnesota but one of the best in the nation. They proudly boast that you’ll need two hands when you tackle one of their juicy, Iowa Black Angus burgers.

There are two burgers that stand out among their impressive list of options: the Blackberry Brie Burger and the Cowboy Burger. The Blackberry Brie features cheese curds, blackberry jam, and candied bacon. The Cowboy includes crispy onion rings, tasty bbq sauce, and Tillamook cheddar cheese. You won’t leave hungry when you get a burger from Hazelwood.

2. Matt’s Bar — Minneapolis

Next on our list of best burgers in Minnesota leads you to Matt’s Bar. Matt’s Bar is also included in the top 50 burger spots in the nation. Located in Minneapolis, Matt’s Bar was founded in 1954 and is a down-home, unassuming dive bar that’s home to the famous Juicy Lucy. The Juicy Lucy was invented when a customer asked for a double cheeseburger with a slice of cheese in the middle. It sounds simple enough, but that request gave birth to a legendary burger, possibly the first stuffed cheeseburger ever.

3. Borough — Minneapolis

One of the best burgers in Minnesota and an iced cold beer; a perfect combination
One of the best burgers in Minnesota and an iced cold beer; a perfect combination

Borough is rounding out the top three burger spots in Minnesota and the final mention on the best 50 burgers in the U.S. Its most famous burger is the Parlour Burger which includes a meat mix of ribeye, brisket, and ground chuck. You can wash your incredible burger down with one of Borough’s many cocktails, wine, or beer choices.

4. Lowry Hill Meats — Minneapolis

To top it all off, these burgers are prepared at the hands of one of the premier chefs in the Twin Cities, Eric Sather, who’s also the owner. His delicacy is served on a Brioche bun, topped with American cheese, caramelized onions, special sauce, and an egg option. It only makes sense that one of the best burgers is prepared by one of the best chefs in Minnesota.

5. Blue Door Pub — Minneapolis

Blue Door Pub will likely pop up no matter what website you check for the best burgers in Minnesota. Founded initially in St. Paul, they now have locations in Longfellow and Minneapolis. They’re best known for their take on the world-famous Juicy Lucy, the Blucy, which is stuffed with blue cheese and garlic. The Blue Door Pub is an absolute must if you have a bucket list for burgers in Minnesota. Blue Door opened in 2008, and you can’t miss it with its trademark blue door.

6. Newt’s — Rochester

Newts has been serving some of the top burgers in the Gopher State since the 1980s. Their burgers are hand-packed, thick, and retain juices with the best of them. Their signature Works Burger consists of a 3/4 pound patty, a stack of bacon, bleu cheese, American cheese, and it’s served on a hot and toasty Kaiser bun.

Newts also has optional toppings of peanut butter, guacamole, and fried onions. Between the massive burger and the mound of delicious fries, you’ll be hard-pressed to leave Newt’s unsatisfied.

7. King’s Place Bar and Grill — Miesville

Kings Place is legendary for its incredible list of over 80 different burgers to choose from. That nearly totals the population of its original location in Miesville, which is 125! If you want options when selecting a burger, then King’s Place is where you should go. The Ballpark and the California Blue are two of the most popular choices on the extensive menu.

They also have some of the most unique toppings to choose from, including peanut butter, bacon, and maple syrup. King’s is so impressive that it was named number one by WCCO viewers in 2015. Best of all, King’s Place has the most affordable burgers in the state as each of them is less than $8! Talk about a steal of a deal!

8. Red Cow — Minneapolis

If you’re looking for an incredible burger and beer combo, look no further than Red Cow. Located in Minneapolis, Red Cow features handcrafted burgers topped with always fresh ingredients. They also have 36 craft beers to choose from! Their famous Double Barrel Burger even won the Twin Cities 2016 Burger Battle. Red Cow is a sophisticated twist on traditional tavern burgers and offers fine wine as another option if craft beer isn’t your thing.

9. Chip’s Clubhouse — St. Paul

Small, unassuming, and delicious are three things that describe burgers from Chip’s Clubhouse. When you come to Chip’s, you have the option of building your burger as big or small as you want. Extra patties, cheese slices, mustard sauce, tangy pickles, and much more are all on the table. They even offer a Vegan Bacon Burger for vegetarians or those who simply want to try something new! Whether it’s brunch, lunch, or dinner, Chip’s is a must-see when in Minnesota.

10. Dick’s Bar and Grill — Hudson

Dick’s Bar and Grill is another excellent, small-town tavern that just so happens to serve some of the best burgers in the state. They have options for everyone, including a simple cheeseburger or the Mega Cheese and Bacon Burger. The latter includes a double portion of cheese and bacon! Mozzarella, double-cheddar cheese, and four juicy slices of bacon make this burger a sight for hungry eyes.

Dick’s Bar and Grill will make you feel like you’re part of the cast of Cheers. You might come in as a customer, but you’ll leave as a friend! It’s also one of the oldest restaurants in Minnesota, as it was founded in 1860!

Savor freshly cooked fries and unique toppings with your mouthwatering burger
Savor freshly cooked fries and unique toppings with your mouthwatering burger

11. Gold Nugget Tavern and Grille — Minnetonka

The Gold Nugget Tavern and Grille in Minnetonka really is a golden nugget when it comes to burger spots. They’re a small, unassuming tavern that offers 14 different burgers to choose from. They have everything from traditional, juicy burgers to Ahi Tuna burgers to turkey burgers. No matter what your cup of tea is, the Gold Nugget will probably have it.

If you haven’t noticed yet, some of the best burgers in the state happen to be located in tiny taverns and bars. Make sure to check out the next hole-in-the-wall restaurant you see because it just might be a gem!

12. Gordy’s Hi-Hat — Cloquet

Gordy’s Hi-Hat isn’t just a local legend to Cloquet, Minnesota. It’s a nationally known one. They’ve been serving hand-packed patties, homemade fries, and much more since the 1960s. It’s popular enough in the region that Guy Fieri featured it on his show, “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.”

You can have a single patty or a double if you feel up to it, and some variations include the bacon deluxe, the mushroom and Swiss, and even a Pizza Burger. You can then wash down your burger and fry, cheese curd, or onion ring combo with one of Gordy’s famous freshly blended milkshakes.

13. 5-8 Club — Champlin

If the Juicy Lucy at Matt’s Bar has you craving for more, you can try out another version of it at the 5-8 Club. Founded in 1928, they also claim to be the original inventor of it, but that record often goes to Matt’s Bar. At any rate, the 5-8 Club gives it a run for its money. At any rate, the 5-8 Club took their Juicy Lucy to the next level in terms of size, juiciness, and Lucyness. It’s an absolute monster of a cheese-stuffed burger, and you’ll be in for the time of your life when you take it on.

14. Tendermaid — Austin

Tendermaid’s in Austin has possibly the most unique burgers out of any restaurant on this list. Rather than the traditional beef patty, Tendermaid’s serves up one of the finest loose beef burgers in the state and nation. It’s kind of like sloppy joes, but without the sauce and with a ton of flavor. You haven’t lived the Minnesota life until you give Tendermaid’s a try.

Two of the best burgers in Minnesota
Two of the best burgers in Minnesota

Happy Eating

And there you have it, folks, the best burgers in Minnesota. Give any of them a try, and we guarantee that you won’t regret it. Next time you go out for dinner, don’t forget to check our best burgers in Minnesota list so that you can start crossing a few of them off. Good luck and happy eating!

Did we miss one? If you know of another great location to get some of the best burgers in Minnesota, please let us know!

Still hungry? Then continue exploring Minnesota food and drinks for a complete culinary adventure!