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Where to Get the Absolute Best Ice Cream Minneapolis is Serving Up

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! I don’t know about you, but summer is quickly approaching, and I think we need to discuss the best ice cream Minneapolis has to offer!

Ice cream is one of America’s top favorite treats, desserts, and celebratory foods. Of course, every city has its favorite shops, but these places take the cake when it comes to the best ice cream in Minneapolis.

Group of four happy children eating ice cream together outdoor.

Keep reading as I give you the inside scoop on where to find the best ice cream Minneapolis will offer you all season long. Ready? Let’s go!

Here’s my personal list of the best ice cream Minneapolis will offer you on a hot summer’s day. These ice cream stores are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth or simply a way to treat yourself; you deserve it! So bring your family and friends, and let’s go get some ice cream!

Family Owned Shops and Classic Handcrafted Ice Cream

1. Fletcher’s Ice Cream

First, enjoy a sweet treat at Fletcher’s Ice Cream, located on Marshall Street in Minneapolis.

Fletcher’s has some of the best homemade, hand-crafted ice cream flavor choices. In addition, enjoy a cup of their fresh coffee or espresso with your ice cream.

2. La La Homemade Ice Cream and Luncheonette

On my list of the best ice cream Minneapolis serves up, come and visit La La Homemade Ice Cream and Luncheonette located on Hennepin Avenue South.

La La offers you unique and creative flavors of ice cream in the Uptown Minneapolis area. Enjoy either a homemade classic ice cream cone, cup, or milkshake at this family-owned shop.

3. Sebastian Joes

Sebastian Joes is a family-owned ice cream parlor located in Minneapolis at Franklin Avenue South and Upton Avenue South. Enjoy handmade ice creams, locally sourced and always made with natural ingredients.

These inventive flavors are handmade daily, never using artificial flavors and ingredients. Sebastian Joes also makes ice cream sandwiches, novelties, and cakes. Instead, you could choose a homemade waffle cone, shake, malt, sundae, or affogato.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches.

4. Pumphouse Creamery

Next, on Chicago Avenue, grab a scoop or two at the Pumphouse Creamery. in Minneapolis.

Pumphouse Creamery promises to use the most authentic organic quality ingredients in all of its ice creams. Enjoy homemade classics, non-dairy options, and even a few unique flavors!

5. Minnehaha Scoop

Then on my list of the best ice cream Minneapolis offers, come and check out the Minnehaha Scoop, located on Minnehaha Avenue.

Try their classic flavors of ice cream and Rosati Italian Ice by the scoop. Minnehaha Scoop also sells fresh and delicious popcorn if you need a small snack!

6. Tom’s Popcorn Shop

If you love popcorn just as much as you love ice cream, come and enjoy the best of both worlds at Tom’s Popcorn Shop. Tom’s is located on Cedar Avenue, just North of Minnehaha Parkway, and has been in business for over fifty years!

At Tom’s Popcorn Shop, I think you’ll enjoy the atmosphere first and foremost. Come and order a scoop or two of the best-assorted flavors of Kemp’s Ice Cream in a cone, cup, as a milkshake, or even a malt. You can additionally enjoy caramel, buttered, cheese, and various other mixes of fresh popcorn!

Popular Ice Cream Shops and Frozen Yogurt Stands

7. Bebe Zito Ice Cream

Come and enjoy one of my favorite ice cream shops called Bebe Zito Ice Cream on either 22nd Street or 30th Avenue in Minneapolis.

Bebe Zito is a quaint ice cream shop that serves delicious ice cream in a cup, cone, or as thick milkshakes. Its visitors have labeled Bebe Zito Ice Cream as having some of the best ice cream Minneapolis has to offer.

Some of the best ice cream Minneapolis offers

8. Milkjam Creamery

Next, enjoy classic scoops and even new inventions at Milkjam Creamery on Lyndale Avenue South in Uptown Minneapolis.

Milkjam Creamery is specifically labeled as an artisanal ice cream shop created by a local Minnesotan chef who lives to constantly invent new and exciting ice cream flavors. This famous ice cream shop is just perfect for the ice cream lover in your world.

9. Grand Ole Creamery

Then, Grand Ole Creamery can be found on Cedar Avenue South in Minneapolis and has some of the best ice cream Minneapolis has to offer you and your family. Enjoy a little or a lot of ice cream by the scoop, in a sundae, or smothered a la mode.

Grand Ole Creamery specializes in handmade gourmet ice cream and makes their very own homemade waffle cones. Yum! They also offer fantastic tasting ice cream sandwiches, cakes, pies, shakes, and malts!

10. Crepe & Spoon

Next on my list of the best ice cream Minneapolis has to offer, come and check out Crepe & Spoon, located on 22nd Avenue.

Make sure to give Crepe & Spoon’s vegan ice cream a try along with their tasty crepes. They sometimes use coconut milk, almond milk, and oat milk in their vegan options keeping it grit-free, consistently smooth, and holding an excellent overall flavor. Watch for some sweet ice cream deals when they reopen for the season at the end of May!

11. MN Nice Cream

Make sure to enjoy some of the best ice cream Minneapolis offers located at MN Nice Cream on Broadway St NE this season. Did you know you could have glittery ice cream?

Here at MN Nice Cream, you can enjoy great ever-changing flavors and a wide variety of toppings, such as fruity pebbles and edible glitter. In addition, MN Nice Cream usually offers lactose-free and vegan flavors made with oat milk!

Banana Split Sundae

12. Zero Degrees

Come and visit the new area of Mercado Central on East Lake Street in Minneapolis, and you’ll find a highly favored ice cream store called Zero Degrees. Customers have given this ice cream shop a five-star rating.

Here at Zero Degrees, they serve the classic ice cream goodies such as by the scoop, various sundaes, banana splits, shakes, and malts. You can also enjoy popsicles and fresh fruit toppings, among so much more!

Customer Favorites and Downtown Hot Spots

13. La Michoacana Purepecha

Next on my list of the best ice cream Minneapolis serves up is La Michoacana Purepecha, located on East Lake Street.

Check out La Michoacama Purepecha’s wide selection of natural frozen treats collected from childhood memories. You can enjoy portions of ice cream sure to tantalize your taste buds, an array of paletas, and even Aguas Frescas.

14. Sonny’s Ice Cream

Then come and enjoy seasonal flavors and some well-known classics at Sonny’s Ice Cream found on Lyndale Avenue South in Minneapolis.

Sonny’s is an artisan ice cream cafe serving tasty homemade ice cream choices, sorbets, and gelatos. These sweet treats are entirely made by hand with only fresh ingredients. You seriously can’t go wrong with Sonny’s Ice Cream!

15. Ben and Jerry’s

Most people have heard of the famous ice cream maker Ben and Jerry’s. You can find this brand of ice cream in most local grocery stores. Still, you can visit their ice cream shop on Excelsior Boulevard in Minneapolis.

If you are an ice cream lover devoted to specific brands, come and grab a scoop or five to go at Ben and Jerry’s! Ben and Jerry’s is known for its uniquely named ice cream recipes and inventive flavors. What a treat to visit the real deal!

16. Izzy’s Ice Cream

Then, on my list of best ice cream Minneapolis offers, you’ll find Izzy’s Ice Cream. Stop in at Izzy’s on Second Street South and choose from their large selection of thirty-two classic and unusual flavor combinations.

Do you need more choices? Come try additional ice cream treats and their upcoming old-fashioned malt cups! Izzy’s Ice Cream is perfect for the ice cream lover in your life!

17. LouLou Sweet and Savory

Next, on County Road in Mounds View, you can come and visit LouLou Sweet and Savory. They do ice cream differently here at LouLou’s. Have you ever tried rolled ice cream?

LouLou Sweet and Savory uses natural and organic locally sourced ingredients for all of their hand-rolled ice creams, fruit espressos, and espresso-infused cafe rolls.

ice cream, ice roll

18. Waffle Bar

Come and try the Waffle Bar on Lyndale Avenue South and find out for yourself why it’s on my list of the best ice cream Minneapolis provides to this sweet city.

Fresh waffle cones are baked daily at Waffle Bar. Try their famous bubble waffle cones, a new twist on a classic waffle cone. Then, fill it up with a scoop or two of their many ice cream flavor combinations. You could also order a made-to-order waffle topped with your choices of toppings, hot fudge, dark chocolate, and caramel sauces.

19. Edwards Dessert Kitchen

Lastly, on my list of the best ice cream Minneapolis offers is the famous Edward’s Dessert Kitchen, your ultimate upscale dessert spot! Need to wash it all down? Additionally, enjoy a fancy cocktail or some wine with your dessert choices.

Edwards Dessert Kitchen will satisfy all your sweet cravings. Order ice cream, sundaes, or a slice of ice cream pie. Edward’s also offers their famous cheesecakes, pies, mousses, cookies, snack cakes, plated desserts, dessert jars, and sorbets.

That’s the Scoop on the Best Ice Cream Minneapolis Serves

Now that you know my personal favorites list, are you craving some delicious, creamy ice cream? Bring your family and friends to check out these fantastic locations; you won’t be disappointed!

Remember, next time you “could really go for a scoop or two of ice cream,” refer to this list, limit your time researching the best ice cream Minneapolis serves, and know where to head into this city!

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