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The 15 Best Indoor Gardening Gifts for the Indoor Gardener

Indoor gardening is one of the most beloved hobbies. From caring for exotic houseplants to starting seeds and growing indoor herbs, there’s a reason it’s so popular.

Indoor Gardening Gifts

If the plant lover in your life has a special day approaching, you may be wondering what to get them, especially if you live in a place like Minnesota where it’s too cold to garden outside for much of the year.

Lucky for you, I’ve listed the best 15 indoor gardening gifts. Keep reading to figure out the best gift to get your favorite plant lover!

Best Indoor Gardening Gift Summary

Here’s a quick summary of our favorites; keep reading for more information on each of them!


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Indoor Watering Can

AeroGarden Bounty Elite

Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light

XLUX Soil Moisture Meter

ELEGANTLIFE Plant Terrarium

Planter's Choice Bonsai Tool Kit

'Just One More' Plant T-Shirt

FRGOFL Propagation Station

Plant Mister

Owl Focus PE Plant:  Repotting Mat

Fiskars 6" Micro-Tip Pruning Shears

Assorted Air Plants

Home-Complete Mini Greenhouse

Mkono Macrame Plant Hanger

Bamworld Plant Stand

Plant Lover Coffee Mug

1. Best Gift Overall – Indoor Watering Can

Watering Can for Indoor Plants, Small Watering Cans for House Plant Garden Flower, Long Spout Water Can for Outdoor Watering Plants 1.8L 60oz 1/2 Gallon (Green)

If you’re buying for someone who loves practical gifts, look no further than this indoor watering can.

The can is small enough to store inside and comes in seven stylish colors. It’ll look adorable sitting next to a collection of houseplants.

The long, skinny spout allows you to get to the base of the plant without making a mess. It also has an attachable nozzle that’s perfect for watering outdoor plants. It’s the ideal, versatile indoor gardening gift!

2. Best Gift for Growing Herbs – AeroGarden Bounty Elite

AeroGarden Bounty Elite - Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light, WiFi and Alexa Compatible, Stainless Steel

AeroGarden Bounty Elite is one of the best indoor gardening gifts for growing herbs and indoor vegetables. If your loved one is a fan of high-tech gadgets, this is the one!

You can grow up to nine different herbs in this self-watering, portable garden. It has a built-in 50-watt grow light, so you have everything you need in one setup.

The AeroGarden connects to wifi, so you can control the lights from your phone or set them to a timer.

3. Best Gift for Promoting Healthy Plants – XLUX Soil Moisture Meter

XLUX Soil Moisture Meter, Plant Water Monitor, Soil Hygrometer Sensor for Gardening, Farming, Indoor and Outdoor Plants, No Batteries Required

Some houseplants are trickier to keep happy than others. That’s where the XLUS soil moisture meter comes in handy as a great indoor gardening gift.

The probe can read soil’s moisture up to ten inches deep. If you’re unsure whether your succulents or cacti need more water, having a moisture meter can prevent you from overwatering.

4. Best Gift for Decorators – ELEGANTLIFE Plant Terrarium

ELEGANTLIFE Glass Geometric Plant Terrarium,Succulent & Air Planter for Home Garden Office Decoration (Black House)

The ELEGANTLIFE plant terrarium is a beautiful indoor gardening gift that elegantly displays air plants, succulents, and Venus flytraps.

This small tabletop terrarium looks like a tiny glass house, and its aesthetic almost outweighs its functionality.

The glass roof hinges open for easy access and added airflow. This is a great gift whether your loved one enjoys creating dioramas or just needs somewhere to store small plants.

5. Best Gift for Bonsai Growers – Planter’s Choice Bonsai Tool Kit

Planters' Choice Premium Bonsai Tool Kit + Bonsai 101 Book -Set Includes:Wooden Rake, Long & Wide Spades, Scissors, Tweezers, Bamboo Brush, & Pruning Shears (Trimmer/Clipper) in Fabric Storage Holder

Growing and caring for a bonsai tree helps with stress, simultaneously instilling pride in the person taking care of it.

If you know someone who loves their bonsai tree, Planter’s Choice bonsai tool kit makes the perfect indoor gardening gift.

The kit comes with two spades, a rake, a brush, shears, tweezers, and scissors. That’s everything you need to successfully maintain a bonsai tree. The kit even comes with a guide full of care tips for beginners.

6. Best Wearable Gift – ‘Just One More’ Plant T-Shirt

UNIQUEONE Just One More Plant Tshirt Gardening Shirts for Women Plants Lover Gifts Tee Casual Top Grey

You can never have too many t-shirts. That’s why this adorable t-shirt makes the list of best indoor gardening gifts.

‘Just one more’ is written in a beautiful script underneath five different houseplants. The graphic shows a snake plant, parlor palm, fiddle-leaf fig, and a trailing houseplant.

This soft, cotton-blend tee is the perfect last-minute gift for the plant lover in your life!

7. Best Gift for Propagating – FRGOFL Propagation Station

FRGOFL Propagation Plant Stations with Wooden Stand and Terrarium for Propagating Hydroponic Plants Flowers Home Office Garden Decor, 3 Bulb Glass Vase(Retro Color)

For those who are interested in propagating houseplants, the FRGOFL propagation station will house three different plant cuttings.

The bulb glass vases fit into a wooden board, where you can watch the plants create roots. It’s functional, decorative, and won’t take up too much room on your countertop.

Whether your giftee loves experimenting or wants to share their rare houseplants, this indoor gardening gift is top-notch.

8. Best Gift for Tropical Plant Owners – Plant Mister

Empty Spray Bottle,Hair Spray Bottle Mist Sprayer Fine Plant Mist Spray Bottle Fine Continuous Spray Water Bottle for Hair Styling, Plants, Cleaning, Misting & Skin Care

This plant mister works great for tropical houseplants that need moisture and humidity. Some plants that love to be misted include the African violet, Boston fern, banana plant, and arrowhead plant.

This cost-friendly mister sprays continuously once you pull the trigger for easy application. Using filtered or distilled water, your loved one’s houseplants will flourish!

There’s no need to worry about a plant’s health with this product, either. The mister is constructed from eco-friendly, BPA-free materials.

9. Best Gift for Repotting Plants – Owl Focus Repotting Mat

PE Plant Repotting Mat Waterproof Transplanting Mat Indoor Succulent Potting Mat Portable Gardening Mat (26.8

A drooping, yellowing plant is a tell-tale sign of a plant needing to be repotted. Whether it’s outgrown its pot or is not receiving enough drainage, it happens. That’s where the Owl Focus repotting mat comes in handy.

This indoor gardening gift is great for those who don’t have an outdoor area to repot houseplants. The mat can be set up on your table or countertop. It works to collect any dirt or water that spills as you work.

Once you’re done repotting, just wipe it down, fold it, and easily store it for later use.

10. Best Gift for Pruning – Fiskars Micro-Tip Pruning Shears

Fiskars Gardening Tools: Micro-Tip Pruning Shears, Non-Stick Precision-ground Blades, 6” Sharp Plant Scissors (399241-1001)

Having a high-quality set of pruning shears is underrated. If your family or friend’s old shears look like they’re on their last leg, they need Fiskars pruning shears.

The narrow, non-stick blades work to make precise cuts. These shears are budget-friendly, but you’ll be surprised how they stand the test of time.

For those who like to propagate from cuttings or like to keep their houseplants tidy, you can’t go wrong with this indoor gardening gift.

11. Best Low-Maintenance Plant Gift – Assorted Air Plants

12 Pack Assorted Ionantha Air Plants - Wholesale - Bulk - Live Tillandsia - Easy Care House Plants - Succulents - 30 Day Guarantee

This set of assorted air plants is ideal for those who love plants but not their maintenance.

Air plants can be placed almost anywhere because they don’t require a pot. Place them in bright, indirect light where they’ll thrive.

Just soak them in water a few times a month and let them dry out for optimal health. These air plants will bloom a few times a year in red or purple. It’s exciting to watch them grow!

12. Best Gift for Seed Starters – Home-Complete Mini Greenhouse

Home-Complete Mini Greenhouse-4-Tier Indoor Outdoor Sturdy Portable Shelves-Grow Plants, Seedlings, Herbs, or Flowers In Any Season-Gardening Rack, Green

One of the best indoor gardening gifts for seed starters – the Home-Complete mini greenhouse is the perfect setup.

This mini greenhouse is simple to put together and has wheels for easy transportation. If your giftee loves starting seeds or just likes to grow plants out of season, this is the way to go.

The greenhouse can support up to 88 pounds, and the clear cover will protect your plants and seedlings from frost.

13. Best Hanging Planter Gift – Mkono Macrame Plant Hanger

Mkono Macrame Plant Hanger Indoor Hanging Planter Basket with Wood Beads Decorative Flower Pot Holder No Tassels for Indoor Outdoor Boho Home Decor 35 Inch, Ivory

This Mkono macrame plant hanger is a chic indoor gardening gift for those with an eclectic, boho style. Macrame plant hangers are created from a trusty, thick cotton cord featuring wooden beads.

The material creates a sort of nest for you to sit the plant into. While you can place any nine-inch pot in this hanger, it looks stunning with trailing houseplants. Some great trailing plants include pothos, string of pearls, peperomia, and English ivy.

14. Best Gift for Organizing Plants – Bamworld Plant Stand

Bamworld Plant Stand Indoor Plant Stands Wood Outdoor Tiered Plant Shelf for Multiple Plants, 3 Tiers 7 Potted Ladder Plant Holder Table Plant Pot Stand for Window Garden Balcony Living Room

Owning houseplants can be addicting. If you own one, you’ll be tempted to try caring for another. The Bamworld plant stand works wonders for those plant parents who are running out of room.

This plant stand has seven roomy shelves for plants. This will help the plant lover in your life get some organization for their hobby.

Place the plant stand in front of a bright window and watch those plants take off.

15. Best Novelty Gift – Plant Lover Coffee Mug

Plant Lover Coffee Mug, Houseplant Tea Cup, Gardner Landscape Green Thumb Gifts, Yes I Really Do Need All These Plants (11oz)

So, your fellow plant lover seems like they already have all the pots, racks, and gadgets they need? Try this novelty plant-lover coffee mug for an adorable indoor gardening gift.

The mug says: ‘Yes, I really do need all these plants.’ In other words: yes, I have a problem, but please stop asking!

This coffee mug is microwave/dishwasher-safe and is printed in the USA. If you were to stick a succulent or two in the mug as an extra gift, I’m sure your loved one wouldn’t mind.

Wrapping Up the Best Indoor Gardening Gifts

If you know a plant lover, there are so many different options for great indoor gardening gifts. My top pick overall is the indoor watering can for its size and functionality. Everyone can use a nice watering can, and this one also translates to the outdoors.

Whether you choose one of these 15 great options or just grab another plant, your loved one will be grateful.

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