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Adventures at the Science Museum of MN

science museum mn
Cool Kids Crew

The crew and I take a trip to the Science Museum of Minnesota. Our friend over at Life With Levi sent us a couple of tickets to check it out before going back to school. Getting there was pretty easy because it is right off the highway on Hwy. 94. The tickets are not cheap to get into the museum. The price tag on the parking for the Science Museum of MN isn’t cheap either. Next time, I will spend a little bit longer searching for a better deal on parking, but Isaiah wasn’t in the mood to be in the van for much longer.

sad baby boy
Just hold me

The little girls were wide eyed walking into the building. There was a large world map on the floor where Jadis and Ruth played a make believe game they called “I am in Africa”. However, I at that point realized I need to spend more time teaching them where Africa really is.

where is Africa map
Make believe is so fun

I stirred away from any sort of store within the museum, but there are a few places you can buy toys, knick knacks and snacks.

science museum explore
Explore & spend more

10 bonus points goes to the Science Museum of MN for having Caribou coffee!

i heart caribou coffee
My favorite part of the museum

There were many cool things for the kids to look at while I was in line getting our other tickets. In the special exhibition the museum was hosting Real Pirates. Where you could see what life was like on a real pirate ship. The kids were excited to look for gold!

real pirates at the museum
We are the pirates who don’t do anything

We had special tickets to get into the Pirate area and headed there right away. They started with a intro video, but the coolest part was after the video you went aboard the pirate ship!!

Science and Pirates
Sailing the great big blue

No one expected it, but out of nowhere a REAL PIRATE came around a corner and spooked Jadis!

captain on a ship museum
Yo ho Captain

The Science Museum had a lot of very cool artifacts from North America’s only authenticated pirate shipwreck. I think the real pirates would have been a lot more dirtier than the guys walking around being pirates. However, I thought the museum did a great job putting the whole exhibit together. The older kids got to handle swords and guns from the real shipwreck. The younger children liked a section were they had lights that made it look like you were in the ocean.

sword at the museum
Watch Out Mikaela has a Sword
science museum mn gun
Check out Jadis’ gun

I don’t have the patience to make a ship in a bottle. I remember playing with a mini ship like this one when I was a little girl. I don’t know what my Dad did with his ship, but they are cool to look at.

science ship in a bottle craft
I am more of a land person

Moving on from the pirate theme we found a sink full of dirty dishes. Ruth spent a lot of time here and I started questioning why we left home because we had a sink full at the house.

science museum child play area
Doin’ the dishes

On another level there was an area where the children could mess around with lights and shadows. Why is it a full sink and a dark wall with a lamp are more fun at the Science Museum, but I couldn’t pay them to play this way at home?

Fun with light at the museum
Keegan, don’t step on your sister’s head

Most of the time when you hear a tornado is coming you grab your kids and run for the basement in MN. Not when you go to the Science Museum. Here you can stand right next to a tornado and you can even touch one! But, wait…

science museum tornado mn
Super cool tornado

then there were dinosaurs…

Old dinosaurs science
Boom Boom Boom

Ruth was afraid they were going to eat her up, but she was ok after I told her they were dead.

science mn dino bones
It’s ok child I have been dead a very long time

She warmed up to the idea and played with the lever that opens and shuts the dinosaur’s mouth.

open mouth dinosaur science museum
Open wide Dino

We had a great time visiting the Science Museum of MN. The exhibit Real Pirates is now done, but I am really looking forward to the Omnitheater’s new film starting September 28, 2012 called Tornado Alley. Maybe I can talk Ryan into a date night at the Omnitheater.





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