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20 Amazing Things to Do in Woodbury, MN

There is so much to do in Woodbury, Minnesota, that you may never get to do all of it! Walking, hiking, mountain biking in summer, skiing, and sledding in winter: take your pick of the amazing activities you can enjoy in one of the parks or preserves nearby.

Cross Country Skiing in winter is just one of the best things to do in Woodbury, MN

If you are looking for a bit of culture, then head to the theater, or indulge your artistic side with some ceramic painting. Take a bite of an apple from an orchard, enjoy a round of golf, or venture into the past of combat aircraft. So clear that a calendar, and get ready to explore all the many fun things to do in Woodbury.

1. Battle Creek Regional Park

First, on the list of amazing things to do in Woodbury, Minnesota is Battle Creek Regional Park. Just five minutes from Woodbury, Battle Creek Regional Park opens 30 minutes before sunrise and closes 30 minutes after sunset and caters to a diverse set of visitors, including having handicap-accessible restrooms.

You can spend a whole day out in the open, enjoying the facilities. There are several trails in the park, including paved trails for easy access and a mountain bike trail in summer, and cross-country ski trails in winter.

There is also a sledding hill for winter fun. Dogs are catered for in a dedicated area. Enjoy breaks for meals, taking advantage of the picnic tables and grills scattered through the park.

2. Afton Apple Orchard

Afton Apple Orchard is one of the best apple orchards in Minnesota and is just 14 miles from Woodbury in the St Croix Valley. Apart from apples straight from the orchard, you will be able to enjoy fresh raspberries, strawberries, and pumpkins.

A visit to Afton will have you picking apples, finding your way through the corn maze, or going on a hayride. Children can enjoy the playground or petting the animals in the petting farm.

3. Commemorative Air Force Minnesota Wing

If you are interested in history and war, then you must visit the Commemorative Air Force Minnesota Wing. In 1971, the World War II Aircraft Museum was established to locate and acquire aircraft flown by all branches of the military.

The specimens were then restored and put on display. There are now six aircraft on-site, a motor pool fleet, and a whole display of World War II artifacts.

In addition to housing the exhibits, the Air Force Wing hosts regular events, including air shows and hangar dances. It is open from 9.30 am to 5 pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Admission is free.

4. Bruce Vento Trail

Bruce Vento was a congressman in the House of Representatives for the district from 1077 to 2000. The 7-mile, Bruce Vento Trail was named in his honor. It joins White Bear Lake with the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary and follows the abandoned Burlington Northern Railroad corridor and the Gateway State Trail.

The Trail is 14 miles from Woodbury, so it is a full day’s outing. Take advantage of the well-worn trail to enjoy the beauty of the countryside around Woodbury. There are plenty of opportunities for photography and to stop for a picnic on the way.

Girls are walking trough forest path

5. Woodbury Community Theater

Next on the list of amazing things to do in Woodbury is the Woodbury Community Theater. For an experience of something cultural and theatrical, why not visit the Woodbury Community Theater at the Merrill Arts Center. All patrons are catered for and the whole complex is wheelchair accessible.

The theater is home to drama performances, ballet, and symphony concerts. Let your feet wander into the world of theater and your mind wander into your imagination.

6. Tamarack Nature Preserve

The Tamarack Nature Preserve is one of the remaining wetlands in the area of the Twin Cities. It covers 169 acres and is surrounded by woodland. The wetland is the result of a glacier retreat 10,000 years ago. Take the opportunity to expand your understanding of the environment by walking through it on woodland trails and floating boardwalks.

There is rich birdlife in the preserve, so take a camera and some binoculars. You can also visit the virtual nature center and be exposed to the details of the environment. The preserve is open from 6 am to 10 pm.

7. Wild Bill’s Sports Saloon

If you want to take a walk on the wild side, spend some time in Wild Bill’s Sports Saloon, one of the best things to do in Woodbury. What a way to mix the old west and modern sports.

Enter this Western-themed restaurant and enjoy the latest game on the wall-to-wall screens. While doing so, you can dine on a range of freshly-made food and quench your thirst with a drink from the bar.

friends enjoying a beer

8. Conquer Ninja Warrior

For old and young alike, getting rid of energy, or just enjoying some physical work, is a must at times. At this Open Gym, you can take a session for an hour and play as you will on the equipment and obstacle course.

The gym caters to everyone from 5 years, with something for everyone to have fun while burning calories.

9. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

General Custer has no place in this modern complex that houses nine auditoriums, each with leather recliner chairs and refreshments brought to your seat. The large-format technology means you will get really up close with the latest blockbusters. Before the show, enjoy a craft cocktail or local craft beer at the attached lounge.

10. Madison’s Place Playground

Fun for children of all ages, Madison’s Place Playground is one of the best playgrounds in Minnesota. When you’re thinking of fun things to do in Woodbury, Madison’s Place Playground should be at the top of your list for outdoor family fun.

Open daily from 6 am to 10 pm, this all-inclusive playground offers deck areas for play, swings, and all kinds of play equipment. It is accessible on foot and via wheelchair.

Madison’s Place Playground is a popular destination for children and a great place for parents to relax and catch up with friends.

11. Sky Zone Trampoline Park

At Sky Zone, the sky’s the limit on how you jump, what tricks you perform, and how many trampolines you use. There is, of course, a limit on how high you can jump at this indoor trampoline park.  

Whatever age you are, with or without kids, take your family or your crew and head for some great dodgeball fun, tumbling into the foam pit, or just jumping, jumping, jumping.

 Two girls bouncing in the trampoline park

12. Color-me-Mine

Inside everyone there is surely an artist waiting to find expression, so why not do so on a piece of ceramic. Step inside, choose your piece, choose your paint, then get to work on your masterpiece. There is a basic studio fee and then the prices vary depending on which piece you choose to paint.

From toddlers being guided to paint a colorful ceramic turtle to teenagers creating a one-of-a-kind mug, to parents painting a lampstand and grandparents creating an original vase, you will have a morning or afternoon of creative fun.

13. Woodbury Farmers Market

Why not get out into the sunshine in summer and visit the Woodbury Farmers Market. The market runs through the summer on Sundays from 8 am to 1 pm and offers you the best range of fresh produce. Enjoy picking out the coolest cucumber, sunniest strawberries, and crunchiest carrots, amongst a host of other fruit and vegetables.

The goods producers hail from all over, bringing years of family tradition and farming experience to your doorstep. When you are hungry, there are baked goods on offer, as well as a tasty, strong cup of coffee.

14. Vandalia Glassworks

Have you ever had the privilege of watching a glassblower at work? Have you seen how a molten lump of searing heat can be blown and manipulated to create a delicate vase, glass, or sculpture? This is the magic that you will find at Vandalia Glassworks and what makes it one of the best things to do in Woodbury.

This independent glass studio was established in 2015 and is an impressively modern facility. Along with their own products, the exhibition space displays work from many other local artists. If you are feeling creative and just a little adventurous, you could enroll in some ‘Blow your own glass’ classes.

15. Padelford Riverboats

What visit to a Minnesota town would be complete without a river cruise? Especially a cruise that brings you back to the traditions of the great paddle boats on the Mississippi. The boats leave from Harriet Island Regional Park in downtown St Paul and have been entertaining visitors since 1984.

Step on board one of the boats for a sightseeing cruise down the river, or sign up for a lunch or dinner cruise. There are also Friday night sightseeing cruises and seasonal cruise specials to entice you.

Lake with Pavillion, grass area, and bike rack

16. Rice Creek Chain of Lakes Park

In a state with more than 10,000 lakes, you just have to take to the water in a kayak or canoe. The Rice Creek Chain of Lakes Park offers the perfect opportunity to take a peaceful paddle along the lake and enjoy the wildlife and peace around you. Stop on the side of the lake for a picnic and possibly a swim in summer.

It’s not only about the water in the park. There are biking and hiking trails and plenty of opportunities for fishing.

17. Clear Waters Outfitting

If you are quite dedicated to exploring the water, then head to Clear Waters Outfitting. The convenience of the store with all you need for activities on or next to the water and the facilities for paddling, fishing, and camping make this the best destination for you.

Exploring the Mississippi, taking a river trip, or kayak fishing is on the agenda. If you feel a bit unsure, then take a few kayaking lessons before heading out and exploring. For fishing tips and suggestions, check out our Minnesota Fishing page.

18. Prestwick Golf Club

For golfers, playing at a different club is like a holiday. If you are visiting Woodbury, then playing at the Prestwick Golf Club will be like a holiday within a vacation. The club offers a daily fee facility, which comes with great service and a beautiful golf course. Take the time to visit this highly rated golf club and tee off happily.

19. Afton Alps

Of course, winters in Minnesota are cold and snow is inevitable, so visiting a resort geared toward winter activities is a must. Afton Alps is just 24 minutes from Woodbury. This is one of Minnesota’s most popular winter destinations. There is a skiable area of 300 acres, which offers spaces for beginner, intermediate and advanced skiers.

If skiing is not your thing, then there is snowboarding, or just sitting and enjoying the view. And, if nature fails, then the snowmaking system kicks in, so you won’t be disappointed.

20. Edgewater Park

Along the banks of Colby Lake, you will find Edgewater Park. This is an extremely friendly park, particularly for families. There are paved trails to stroll along or sports courts and fields to be a bit more competitive. You can also sit and picnic, while the kids play in the playground.

There is a canoe launch and fishing pier on the lake, so you can get into your boat and paddle, or just stay on the dock and wait for the Bluegill, Northern Pike, or Yellow Perch to bite.

Discover the Amazing Things to Do in Woodbury

For a visitor or a resident, Woodbury offers so much to do that you may need more time to experience it all. Make sure you clear that calendar and schedule plenty of time to indulge in all the fun things to do in Woodbury. After your adventure, let us know which activity was your favorite.

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