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10 Facts About Chicken Eggs For Kids

I love my chicks and their Eggs. Since owning a couple of hens I have learned a few fun facts about Chicken Eggs.

1. Hens are born with only so many eggs in their system. They will not lay eggs until they die. They will lay until they run out.

2. If the eggs are not collected in a timely manner the mama hen will eat her egg. She will like it, too and she will continue to eat her eggs.

3. Chicken eggs can be frozen up to 1 year! Whip eggs together lightly, add a pinch of salt and put in a freezer bag.

4. Brown eggs are larger than white eggs or easter eggs.

5. Studies have shown eating an egg a eay makes you smarter.

6. An old egg will float up in a pot of boiling water. Fresher eggs will remain at the bottom of the heated pot.

7. The United States will produce about 75 billion eggs a year, that is about 10% of the world’s supply.

8. Hens can lay eggs without a hard shell. These eggs did not develop correctly and are thrown out.

9. Hens need roughly 1/3 of a pound of chicken feed, 10 ounces of water, 14 – 16 hours of light, and 24 hours to produce just one chicken Egg.

10. If a Hen removes the egg from the nesting box it is more than likely she is aware of an issue that egg may have.


Do You Know What A Chicken Tractor Is?

A chicken tractor is actually a chicken house (coop) that is small and moveable. It allows your backyard chickens to peck around in the grass and hunt for insects. Once an area has been cleaned by the chickens, you simply move the mobile coop to a new spot.