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Backyard Chickens Make Great Pets For Kids

Our Urban Chickens have been a great addition to the family.

A video to show you an average morning in our Urban Chicken Yard.

We don’t play with them much during the winter, but when the Spring season comes around the hens come out to play all day. This year our 3 year old Ruth has been indulging her time with entertaining herself in the coop with Lucy and Lucille.


I am thrilled every time she comes running into the house with an egg. Our brown chicken is an Easter egg layer which means she lays eggs ranging in pale blue to light green hues. We call her Lucy and she is a Araucana hen. I have a hard time chasing her around the yard and she doesn’t really like being away from her hen house.

Ruth has the special touch.


When building our chicken coop we tried to keep in mind that our dog would want to be in the backyard during the day as well, so we wanted to make the coop space large enough for the kids or myself to be able to jump into their home without being cramped. We also put up a chicken wired fence to keep them from having the company of our pet dog.

Lucille is a Strawberry eating chicken!


My sweetie Lucille is the black hen who is a Silver-Laced Wyandotte hen. I think she is beautiful! Her eggs are brown and a touch rounder than our Lucy’s eggs. I like Lucille because she is very friendly. When I go outside I make a chicken sound and say “Hey Ladies!”. Lucille is known for responding well when spoken too. She loves to roam around the backyard with all of us outside, but she also loves to peck the garden away. So, I need to keep my eyes on her when she is out and about.

The Girl’s Eggs.



My hens love their little green coop house. They also love to sleep in their nesting boxes. I have read that you can keep your eggs cleaner if you keep your hens out of their nesting boxes when they are not laying an egg. I thought to myself “Really, like I have time to worry about chickens hanging out in their boxes.” I just wash them with water before cracking them when I want to use an egg. You wouldn’t think it’s that bad if you saw where some of our eggs have been before we buy them at the store.

I love keeping chickens. I will admit I am not always the best chicken keeper, but I do enjoy having them. The kids get a kick out of them, too. I think if you are weighing the pros and cons to keeping chickens the only con is cleaning the coop in the winter!

xoxo Kelly

Let me know if you are a Backyard Chicken Keeper, too!