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8 Places for the Best Sushi in Minneapolis Minnesota

Midwestern states are known for quite a few things. Unfortunately, having the best sushi is not one of them! After quite a bit of trial and error, it’s been discovered that there are some great restaurants in Minnesota that offer high-quality sushi. Whether you are visiting or enjoying a night out, make sure that you check out our list for your sushi fix and discover the best sushi in Minnesota.

Enjoy fresh sushi at a restaurant with the best sushi in Minnesota
Enjoy fresh sushi at a restaurant with the best sushi in Minnesota

1. Kyatchi

Kyatchi is a Japanese-themed restaurant with a focus on a fun, friendly environment for everyone that stops by. There is a focus on appealing to the morals of their customers as well. You’ll discover that they do not believe in tipping, and instead charge customers a hospitality charge so that all employees can earn a fair wage. Their website boasts of their focus on sustainable sushi, too!

Kyatchi has received awards for the best sushi and best Japanese food in the area! Check out their website to book reservations at this impressive Japanese sushi restaurant for authentic cuisine that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s one of the best-beloved sushi spots in northeast Minneapolis!

Address: 3758 Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55409


2. Kado No Mise

Kado No Mise is guaranteed to surpass your expectations. They are so much more than a simple sushi dinner. Instead, Kado No Mise is an experience.

Their website boasts of three unique experiences in one location. Enjoy simple Japanese cuisine and quality sushi at Kado no Mise. Book reservations on a Tuesday for Kaiseki Furukawa, a special style of dining that is based on the belief that every meal is best enjoyed as though it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gather together, much like ancient tea ceremonies were practiced in Japan.

After your dining experience, head across the hall on the second floor to enjoy premium Japanese whiskey at the in-house bar. If you’ve never had Japanese whiskey, you definitely want to add this to your bucket list! Everything from the experiences to the authentic Japanese flavors will impress you at Kado no Mise!

It’s important to note that certain experiences are only available on specific days and times. Reservations may be required. While this is a wonderful restaurant that you will not forget, it’s not the most convenient sushi option. Takeout and delivery are not offered.

Address: 33 North First Avenue, Second Floor, Minneapolis, MN 55401


3. Wakame Sushi & Asian Bistro

Wakame Sushi & Asian Bistro brings the classic flavors of Thai and delicious sushi recipes to a casual atmosphere that is ideal for grabbing brunch with a group of friends. Try various types of sushi at the sushi bar or head over during happy hour to enjoy some of the best hot sake in town! An outdoor patio provides the perfect environment for relaxing with the family!

This restaurant is casual enough for the entire family to enjoy as a convenient sushi option. The selection of sushi is wonderful, and the staff is always friendly. Wakame Sushi & Asian Bistro can quickly become your favorite beloved sushi spot.

Address: 3070 Excelsior Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55416


A Minneapolis restaurant serving some of the best sushi in Minnesota
A Minneapolis restaurant serving some of the best sushi in Minnesota

4. Masu Sushi & Robata

Masu Sushi & Robata pride themselves on following local recommendations when deciding which fish to use to avoid contributing to the extinction of certain breeds of fish, such as the Bluefin Tuna. They strongly believe in serving fish that are farmed ethically and are not on the brink of extinction.

The atmosphere at this restaurant is relaxed and happy. The decor brings positive energy to any meal. Browse among four pages of available drinks, enjoy hot sake and sink your teeth into impressive Asian dishes. You’ll find everything from sushi to the best ramen noodles you’ve ever tasted!

Address: 330 E Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55414


5. Umi Sushi and Hibachi

Umi Sushi and Hibachi is one of the most popular sushi and hibachi restaurants in the area. Make sure that you make reservations to guarantee that you will get a table!

Their cuisine encompasses everything hibachi, a delicious amount of Asian dishes, and, of course, plenty of sushi. Prices are more expensive than casual sushi restaurants, but the inviting atmosphere makes it well worth the additional cost. The portions are large, the staff is known for being friendly and the food is definitely worth the trip!


Address: 10340 Baltimore St NE Suite 100, Blaine, MN 55449

6. SotaRol

SotaRol offers a variety of Asian cuisine, including sushi. Discover the amazing taste of a sushi burrito or enjoy classic Asian flavor combinations as you tease your palette with a poke bowl. They also offer Japanese soda! Dine in with friends and family or use a convenient delivery service, such as DoorDash, to get your food delivered to you.


Address: 5005 Ewing Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55410

A happy couple savoring some of the best sushi in Minnesota
A happy couple savoring some of the best sushi in Minnesota

7. Billy Sushi

Billy Sushi is a wonderful restaurant to enjoy some of the finest sushi in town. Bite into their well-known sushi rolls or head over to the sake bar. Dine in with family and friends, or order some take-out. The prices are great, the food does not disappoint and the portion sizes are generous. There’s a reason that everyone in town loves heading to Billy Sushi when they are in the mood for sushi or sake.


Address: 116 N 1st Ave Minneapolis, MN 55401

8. Haiku Japanese Bistro

haiku Japanese Bistro is one of the best authentic Japanese restaurants in the area. Stop in to satisfy your sushi fix with fresh sushi saily. Their traditional sushi recipes are always hit, but that isn’t all that this delicious restaurant serves. Order up some of your favorite Hibachi meals and finish with a side of fried ice cream. The menu does include smaller portions for children, as well.

They do not offer outdoor dining, delivery, or participate in a lot of delivery services. However, the atmosphere is quiet, making this a great spot for a quick lunch. Customers always enjoy the friendly customer service, too! Staff will happily explain daily sushi special so you know all of the delicious sushi options that you have.


Address: 620 Washington Ave SE Minneapolis, MN 55414

Hot fried sushi roll with salmon and wine
Hot fried sushi roll with salmon and wine

Wrapping Up: The Best Sushi in Minnesota — Minneapolis Area

Finding the perfect sushi restaurant in the Twin Cities isn’t hard if you know where to look! These restaurants offer the best options for sushi, whether you’re craving a sushi bowl or want a wide selection of sushi. These restaurants consistently deliver quality sushi, are known for having friendly staff, and can quickly become your favorite location for the best sushi in Minnesota.

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