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Cut Down Your Own Christmas Tree MN

Happy Christmas Decorating Time!!

I am wondering are you like me? I always go out of my way to look at the Christmas decor at the stores I am shopping in. I love looking at the trees and the ornaments. Although, I try to steer clear of the Christmas toy aisles. The kids take forever and they have a hard time not lusting over all the fancy new gadgets or dolls.

I grew up going to a local tree lot with my parents every year. I remember going while the snow was falling lightly on my face. My Mom would usually leaned towards the white flocked Christmas trees. She would decorate them with red lights with cute red bows all over. My parents would let my brother and I put on the decorations, but in the morning the tree seemed to look a whole lot nicer than the night before. I also recall one year when my Mom’s friend had a BLACK Christmas tree! She used all gold ornaments on the tree.

When I got old enough to have my own tree I tried to go back to that familiar Christmas tree lot I went to as a child, but it was closed. I ended up get one at Fleet Farm. They were cheap and ready to load into the car.

When it was me and just the two kids I got a fake tree from Target. It was lame. I missed the smell of the real pine tree. It’s one of my favorite smells. So, when it came time to get a tree with Ryan we went to a real tree farm. It was so fun we now have cut down our own tree for the past two years.

Our fake tree – Could you tell it was fake?

What do you use as a topper on your Christmas tree?

Once upon a time we had a cat.

As you can see here it is very important to have a working camera! Ruthie in the tummy so, this had to be 2009.

Go Vikings!

Tree farms are the best! Some serve hot chocolate, have sled rides and a warm fire to hang out by. Last year we went to one in Ramsey.

Isaiah in the Belly – I was shocked I could zip my coat!

The nice part is the trunks aren’t too large, so within a few minutes you have your tree cut down. This place had workers bag it and tie it to the cars. Which is also super awesome because I got to sit by the fire drinking apple cider instead of tree work.

Keegan  picked our tree last year.

It was this big…

There goes the living room.

Our presents could get lost under that thing! It didn’t look that big in the tree lot. In fact we still are getting teased about bringing home the forest!

This year we are going to two tree farms. Our friend’s parent’s own one and we are going up there as a group. I also plan on going back to last years tree farm. I will post about them next week. The best way to find a tree farm is to Google Map them.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.