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Cut Your Own Christmas Tree –

hansen christmas tree farm

Almost every year, since we have been married, Ryan and I will venture outdoors in search of the perfect Christmas tree. This year we were invited to Hansen Christmas Tree Farm in Ramsey, MN.

cut down your own christmas tree farm hansen ramsey mn

The kids were excited to run around in the fresh snow, but it was really cold outside. We made sure to have them bundled up tight with the truck running close by. Due to the chill in the air that day we were unable to take a horse drawn sleigh ride. Plus, it was too cold for the tractor pulled wagon ride. There is always next year.

Too Cute In The Cold

where to go to cut down christmas tree

There are so many different types of Christmas trees to choose from and I can never remember which one is my favorite. Jogging up and down the rows upon rows of trees is apart of the fun… right! Even if it is -2*-HA!

Warm Up By The Bon Fire

christmas bon fire pit

I look for a tree that is full, round and as close to straight as I can find. Hansen Christmas Tree Farm never disappoints me. They have 40 acres of trees! You can tell just by walking around the trees are cared for all year round. There isn’t a bad one out there. Maybe they cut those kind down before the rush comes into buy Christmas trees.

The One

hansen christmas tree farm mn review

As you can see I like my Christmas tree bottom heavy!

It’s Beautiful

what to look for in a christmas tree

I should tell you, if you are planning on visiting Hansen Christmas Tree Farm, they provide you with a small saw right when you pull into the lot. If you are lucky enough to run across Dave make sure to say “Hi”. He owns the place with his family. Back in 1952 Hansen Christmas Tree Farm started and was the first farm in Minnesota to plant and grow trees to become Christmas trees. Pretty cool, huh!

The Christmas Tree Man

minnesota christmas tree farm review

The kids and I stand back as Ryan cuts down our Christmas tree. This year we went with the lovely Blue Spruce style. You can tell it has a slight blue tint in the needles compared to the other trees on the farm.

blue sprue christmas tree

After he cuts the tree down, which by the way is very easy, we haul it down to the bagging area.

tree topper on truck

It is so nice to have the team from Hansen Christmas Tree Farm bagging the pines while my family goes to warm up.

Bagging and Tie Down Done For You

christmas tree bagging station

Hansen Christmas Tree Farm has a logged building where they encourage you to shop, eat, drink and be marry. My kids look forward to enjoying a Christmas sausage and hot cup of apple cider. I like to shop for Christmas decor and wreaths.

twin cities christmas tree farm lot mn

Nothin’ Like A Cup Of Cocoa

happy christmas tree farm

Christmas Time Decorations

santa wooden decor review

Don’t Forget To Grab A Wreath

front door wreath for sale mn

Once we get home the real fun begins. Christmas tunes playing in the background, cookies on the table, each kid gets a small can of pop and we work together to decorate the Christmas tree.

The Joy Of Christmas

kids decorate the christmas tree

I got a kick out of watching my little guy, Isaiah, decorating the tree. He took it so seriously. Ruth wanted to have all the lights down low and leave the top natural. Mikaela asked if she could be the one to place the Christmas tree topper on this year. It usually is Ryan’s job, but I let her have the pleasure of finishing the tree this year.

The Finishing Touch

christmas tree topper

I like to take photos of the kids in front of the tree every year. Ruth was hamming it up for the camera…

ruthieo hearts

I also make sure to grab a full family shot while we are out cutting down our Christmas tree. Ruth loved her hot dog so much from Hansen Christmas Tree Farm it made it into our photo!

Merry Christmas

our christmas card 2013

A HUGE Thank you to everyone out at Hansen Christmas Tree Farm. We loved the warm smiles and the memories we made will last forever. If you are looking for a destination to cut your Christmas tree, I highly suggest Hansen Christmas Tree Farm!

xoxo Kelly

Hansen Tree Farm
7440 Alpine Drive NW
Ramsey, MN 55303

This post was sponsored by Hansen Tree Farm.