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23 Amazing Things to Do in Chaska, Minnesota

Chaska is just an ordinary town in Minnesota. Or is it? Once you start exploring the amazing things to do in Chaska, you will realize that it is far from ordinary.

Spend the day fishing in the Minnesota River, or one of the many lakes in the area, while the rest of the family picnics on the lawn, or under a historic gazebo. Heritage and history are important to Chaska, which you will see at practically every turn downtown. From wineries, breweries, and divine eateries to shopping, golfing the relaxing in the great outdoors, come discover all of the amazing things to do in Chaska, Minnesota.

Fishing by the lake is our common passion
Spend the day together while fishing

1. City Square Park

If you are looking for the perfect picnic spot in Chaska, then head to City Square Park. You can choose from the various picnic shelters and tables for your meal. Afterward, just relax, or work off some food with a walk around the park. City Square Park hosts concerts and celebrations throughout the year. The gazebo is a landmark to take note of when you visit the park.

2. Willy McCoys

Willy McCoys is a GastroPub on the Pioneer Trail and is a great place for a quick drink and snack or a full sit-down meal. The décor and approach hark back to the Prohibition era and the ambiance is welcoming. Picture yourself in the midst of the roaring twenties. The menu at Wily McCoys is varied and there is a different special every day, so you will definitely find something to suit your palate.

3. Chaska Historical Society

Chaska has a rich history, from as far back as some of the first settlers in the area, which is celebrated by the Chaska Historical Society. Housed in an old livery stable, dating back to 1890, this is the place to visit if you want to explore the history of the town. The Historical Society stages special displays, which feature aspects of Chaska over the years. One such display you can enjoy is that of Chaska’s involvement in World War 2.

4. Dolce Vita Wine Shop

After a busy day in and around Chaska, you will need to find a place to unwind. Dolce Vita Wine Shop is the place to unwind with your taste in wine, beer, spirits, and mixers. Every week, there is a special offer of two for one on the Wine of the Week. Dolce Vita also hosts special events like wine tastings.

5. Yellow Brick Road

Follow the Yellow Brick Road while you are walking through our list of best things to do in Chaska. If you are looking for the opportunity to buy items for yourself and the home, especially well-priced jewelry and clothing, then head for Yellow Brick Road. You’ll find interesting items for reasonable prices. Do up your home, or just add an unusual feature. Find a new piece of jewelry to match that particular outfit. This is all possible at Yellow Brick Road.

6. Bluff Creek Golf Course

Bluff Creek Golf Course is an immaculately kept course with a rating of 70.8. The slope rating of the eighteen-hole course is 11.9. Enjoy the course on your own, or receive the PGA Instruction on offer. If you are looking for any golf equipment, you can purchase it in-store at the club, or from the online shop.

7. Hazeltine National Golf Club

When Hazeltine National Golf Club was opened in 1962, it had one aim: to provide a perfect location for national golf championships. The result is the home for internationally recognized golf. In fact, Hazeltine is the only club chosen to host the Ryder Cup twice. The club sets high standards for its members and other players, who can enjoy a course designed by Robert Trent Jones, who modified some holes over time to take the course to where it is today.

8. Shop 501 and company

Sometimes, you find exactly the shop you are looking for. And Shop 501 is definitely that shop. From antiques to zinnias, artwork to vintage textile clothing, you will find just about everything amongst the creative and vintage collaboration housed here.

9. Heartbreakers Bar and Grill

Creativity is not necessarily always what you would expect from a Bar and Grill. Wait until you visit Heartbreakers Bar and Grill. Apart from the beer and pizza, which are well-known and highly recommended, there is a full menu from which to choose. You can enjoy a range of salad and burgers for any taste, including the Karl and Mushroom Swiss. Then there are the creative sandwiches. Have you ever tried a Walleye sandwich or a Meatball sub that will keep you satisfied for hours?

10. Artem Haus

Embrase your inner creativity

Artem Haus is a painting studio that is open to all for lessons and step-by-step projects, for which you can unleash creativity you may not know you had. From an enjoyable indoor kids activity to parties and special events, this is the place to be.

11. Lake Bavaria

Lake Bavaria is named after Bavaria in Germany because this was the homeland of the first settlers in the area. The lake lies northwest of Chaska. It is 166 acres and 66 feet deep at its deepest point. The fishing is assured and you will find yourself pulling out a good catch. Expect Bluegill and Pumpkinseed in the mix. Bring your own boat, which you can launch at the state-owned boar access, and enjoy the time on the lake, surrounded by hardwoods.

12. Lake Grace

Lake Grace is a 25-acre lake to the west of Chaska. It was created by building an earthen wall to hold back East Chaska Creek. The Lake Grace Pavilion is one of the oldest buildings in the Jonathan trail system. It has seen different incarnations over the years and is now a lovely picnic shelter with a remarkable view.

13. Brickyard Clayhole

About three miles from Chaska, you will find the Brickyard Clayhole. It is 14 acres in area and 43 feet deep at its deepest. This is the site of some really good fishing.

14. ScreamTown and Haunted Hayride

Some things to do in Chaska are seasonally appropriate. ScreamTown will offer you the best Halloween ever and a terrifying experience you will take with you for the next year at least. The attraction includes the Haunted Hayride, Haunted Corn Maze, Abandoned Drive-Thru, DAK Blood Forest… the list continues. This is the complete interactive experience, with sights, sounds, and smells.

15. Landscape Arboretum

The Landscape Arboretum is the place for a true experience of the natural world surrounding Chaska. The gardens are full of a complete variety of flowers that are native to Minnesota. You can take a walk or a bike ride along a trail that takes you through individual sections of different flowers. Walking through the gardens will fill you with a sense of wonder about what Minnesota has to offer.

The Arboretum hosts events throughout the year, including live music and some festivals, so keep an eye out for the program. For the kids, there is a play space and features such as storytime. For the adults, there are gardening activities to be involved You can attend workshops and classes to learn about plant care.

16. Schram Haus Brewery

Quench your thirst at one of the most refreshing things to do in Chaska, Minnesota
Quench your thirst at one of the most refreshing things to do in Chaska, Minnesota

Chaska has a strong German heritage and a history of brewing. Both of these are reflected strongly at Schram Haus Brewery, where you will enjoy great beer and a strong sense of community. The Brewery was inspired by the idea of an Oktoberfest, which is reflected in the spirit of the place. The strong sense of community that characterizes Schram Haus continues the heritage of the Schnitzelbank Club that used to operate nearby in the early twentieth century. The sense of history permeates the Brewery.

17. Tommy’s Malt Shop

Tommy’s Malt Shop is the perfect mix (both literally and figuratively) the perfect mix of the old-school and the modern. You really do need to try the signature Blue Ribbon Malt, as well as the 1919 Root Beer Floo9at, Super Sundae and Choc Malt. Complement these with some good food, including burgers and vegan options that reflect the modern aspects of the shop.

18. Fishing on the Minnesota River

The Minnesota River flows directly through Chaska and is a feature that needs to be explored. Walk along the banks and enjoy the scenic beauty and peace as the water flows by, or take a fishing pole and try your luck with the fish.

19. Downtown Chaska

In a town like Chaska, with its sense of its past and origins, you can simply take a walk through downtown and admire the historic buildings. The way that the town protects its heritage will shine through.

20. Chaska Curling Centre

Are you one of the hundreds (or thousands?) of people who sit glued to the tv following the Winter Olympics, particularly fascinated by the unusual sport of curling? Now you can indulge your interest in the sport by trying your hand at curling the rock or sweeping its track. This is a great indoor sport when the weather is bad and truly a new experience.

21. Fireman’s Park

Next to the Curling Centre, you will find Fireman’s Park, with the iconic Clayhole bridge, a uniquely curved bridge that spans part of Town Lake. The boardwalk along the lake continues the chance to admire the water its surroundings. Fishing in the lake is a popular activity throughout the year, while paddleboats and paddleboards are popular on the water in summer. There is also a water play fountain for kids of all ages. You can also relax on the beach, or simply have a picnic on the grass.

22. Reid Thorp Gallery

The Reid Thorp Gallery contains a selection of artworks you can enjoy at your leisure. You will recognize the gallery by the huge red mustache on the roadside outside. This is the World’s Largest Mustache, created by the Udermann family, and is now a feature of the gallery.

23. Red Bench Bakery

Cut fresh bread on the tablecloth
Warm, fresh baked bread

For the perfect dessert, or simply a snack on the road, the classic American and French pastries and bread at Red Bench Bakery are what you need. All the sweet offerings are baked on-site at this family-owned bakery. Just to continue the tradition of celebrating the history of Chaska, the bakery is housed in a historic building that has the characteristic Chaska feel. Just sit on the patio and enjoy watching the world go by.

Something Special

With many other fun things to do in Chaska, it will become clear that there really is something special about this town

Imagine being able to indulge your fascination with the ancient Scottish sport of curling in a town in the middle of Minnesota, or enjoying the spirit of Oktoberfest just down the road; delighting in the taste of a special French pastry and exploring the history of some of the first settlers to the area. This, and more, is what you can expect among many other fun things to do in Chaska, Minnesota.

What is your favorite of the the things to do in Chaska? Leave a comment below to let us know.