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9 Fun Things to Do in New Brighton, Minnesota

If you are looking for great attractions and activities to enjoy with your family, friends, or even solo, you will find a ton of fun things to do in New Brighton, Minnesota. From ice skating, golf, and a variety of sports to majestic ice castles, fishing lakes, trampoline fun, and more, this list of great things to do in New Brighton is just scratching the surface of this great town.

Beautiful Ice Castles in Minnesota

Ice Castles Minnesota

First, on our list of fun things to do in New Brighton, is to grab your winter gear, and head out to Ice Castles Minnesota. This is a wondrous winter phenomenon that can be likened to a fairy tale. Here, you have the chance to see hundreds of thousands of icicles and walk through a castle structure. Feel like a prince or princess as you crawl through tunnels, explore ice caverns, slide down ice slides, walk beneath archways and view awe-inspiring chandeliers made of ice.

Besides this, you can reserve a private alcove located in the palace for special occasions such as proposals. You might leave thinking you’ve never seen anything so beautiful in your life. Buying tickets online ensures you get the most affordable deal. Consider experiencing the vast ice castle this winter in January 2022. 

Eagles Nest Indoor Playground

Play indoors at one of the best things to do in New Brighton, Minnesota

All children 12 and under are welcome to come to play at the Eagles Nest Indoor Playground. Kids will have the time of their life by playing on the climbing wall, in the ball pit, foam play area, and other structures. In addition, children three and younger can head to the toddler’s play area. The toddler area is separate and is available to encourage engagement in children.

The entrance fee of $7.00 applies to children and is valid all day, but adults are free. It’s important to remember kids must be supervised at all times. Once you’ve got the rules down, you and your family are free to entertain yourselves.

Learn Karate

Karate is another activity you and your family might enjoy in New Brighton. Kids and adults can learn karate for self-defense or just for fun. As a student, you can begin mastering the basic fundamentals of defense techniques such as blocking, punching, and kicking. Moreover, you can learn the value of self-discipline of the body and mind. The knowledge and skills you and your family gain from learning Karate will likely affect you in a positive way for the rest of your lives.

For more information check out the Youth Activities page within the New Brighton Parks & Rec Department website.

New Brighton Parks & Rec Department

If you’d like to find more specific New Brighton activities by age for the whole family, you can educate yourself by visiting the New Brighton Parks & Rec Department webpage. Here you’ll find options for youth, teens, and adults. For example, ways for youth to spend quality time are ice skating lessons, gymnastics, non-school-day camps, dance, volleyball, tennis, soccer, basketball, martial arts, and others. Further, there are varied ways for adults to spend their day, including dance, cooking class, coffee crew, volleyball, pickleball, education & enrichment workshops, and group fitness class, among others.

Brightwood Hills Golf Course

Play a round of golf; one of the fun things to do in New Brighton

Kids and adults have the opportunity to play an immersive game of golf when visiting Brightwood Hills Golf Course. From raised greens to water, there’s plenty of beauty to see as you putt your way through several holes. You can even take lessons as a group or alone. No matter your skill level or age, you’re welcome to get involved in this challenging game of golf. If you’re ready to schedule a tee time, simply go to their website, Facebook page, or call (651) 638-2150.

Sunny Square Park

Heading to Sunny Square Park with your family or by yourself on a nice day can be a great idea. After all, you can bring the kids along and let them play on the playground. Alternatively, you can pack some food and sit at the table to have a picnic together. Further, take your dog for a walk so he can get some exercise and feel the sunshine on his face. Or you can go solo, sit in the shade and do a quiet activity such as reading a favorite book. Sit back, relax and take in the lush greenery all around you while the stresses of life just melt away.

Zero Gravity Trampoline Park

Have a jumping good time at, the nearby, Zero Gravity Trampoline Park. Flip and dive into the Jump Arena and foam pit area before testing your physical strength and endurance at the climbing wall. Test your Ninja skills on the Ninja Obstacle Course before heading over to the arcade. Next up, play an engaging game of laser tag or dodgeball.

You can plan your visit to Zero Gravity Trampoline Park by making reservations and buying tickets ahead of time on their website.

Meadow Wood Park

Meadow Wood Park can be an outstanding place for dog walking and socializing. There are lots of friendly people and a medium green space. Despite the park’s size, you can find a spot in the sun or shade at any time of day. There’s also a walking path, children’s playground, picnic tables, recycling, half-court basketball, sand volleyball court, and other additions. Since there’s a grocery store you can walk to, you might want to pick up a few items to have a picnic with your family or a couple of friends.

Long Lake Regional Park

Last, but not least on our list of fun things to do in New Brighton, Minnesota is to spend the day, or several, at Long Lake Regional Park. This park offers a super clean beach for some lake swimming and sand fun, and plenty of open space for games of football, volleyball, baseball, or soccer. Bring your kayaks or paddleboard for some lake fun or go for a boat ride for some fishing or to view the splendid scenery.

Additionally, you can walk your dog or throw the Frisbee for her and let your kids run wild on the playgrounds. Long Lake Public Beach is an exceptional place to go for a family outing. Appreciate nature’s beauty, breathe some fresh air and forget about your problems for a while.

girl throwing to her dog in a park

Wrapping Up Fun Things to Do in New Brighton

With all of the fun activities and things to do in New Brighton and nearby, it might be challenging to choose just one. Instead, why not try them all? After trying some of these activities, please let us know which one was your favorite. Also, if we missed an attraction you’d like to see added to our list of fun things to do in New Brighton, please let us know in the comments section.

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