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How To Get Great Photos While Having Fun With Your Kids

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All Photos Taken By Me At

Elm Creek Park, Maple Grove MN

I am not a professional photographer, however I think I do alright in the photo department. It doesn’t really matter if you have a professional (my photographer friends are not going to like this!) take your photos as long as you love them. At least that is my option. In this case today I wanted to show you a few things I did to get great photos without having to pay a photographer. Hate mail can be sent to me at – my delete button works. 🙂

I took my 5 kids out for a photo shoot at Elm Creek Park, Maple Grove in November. I was trying my best to do a set of photos with the fall colors, yet day after day I was unable to get over there. After awhile my new goal turned into “Just Get There Before The Snow Does”. This happens often to my goals – they don’t get finished so I make them into something else! OK, let’s move on with my first tip for you guys:

Tip 1 – Don’t Go For Perfect

tips how to get take great family photos without a professional photographer

I love a photo that showcases real life instead of the plastic smiles. There is nothing cuter than a crying baby photo or a child playing in a sandbox in their diaper. Those are the photos you will look back at and remember their personalities or how much fun you were having that day.

Isaiah has something to say about it


be silly taking family photos tip go pro


Who is it?!

Tip 2 – Use The Sun

jadis sunkissed photo

Use the sunshine to highlight your photos. To do this you should plan on family photo shoots at the time the sun is starting to fade away. You also need to be sure to remember to have the sun behind your subject, so they aren’t fighting to keep their eyes open because the glare from the sun is forcing them to close tight. Those sun kissed photos you see all over Pinterest are planned out in this way. They are my favorite style to go to when we are taking family photos.

how to take photos like a pro photographer tips easy


My beautiful kid


u of mn teen photo shoot elm creek park location senior photo spots

Tip 3 – Get Low

sisters for life

Some of my best shots have been when I get uncomfortable! Getting lower to the ground to frame in your child’s face at their level gives you a new landscape. If you are standing above them taking photos they might turn out looking as though you are a large monster towering over them, which will make your child look as though they have a small body and a big head!

brothers for life


just the boys

Once again I have no professional training in photography, however I believe you don’t have to be a skilled photographer to get great photos. Nor do you need to have top of the line equipment, either. Smart phones today are awesome cameras and using apps like Instagram or go to one of my favorite sites called PicMonkey you can edit your photos to give them the hues and effects you like best. If you still think you aren’t any good after trying these simple tips I encourage you to keep at it. It takes time to figure out what works and if you have a creative eye you will get better with time.

Don’t over stress about the photos, instead enjoy your time with your family and snap a few photos when they are playing around. Have fun!!

xoxo – Kelly


Thursday 19th of March 2015

Hi love the quality on your photos so can u tell me what type of camera you bought and where you got it.


Wednesday 1st of April 2015

We bought a Panasonic - Lumix DMC-FZ1000 from National Camera Exchange, we also use our cell phones and an Olympus Pen ep2.